Old Wooden Ladder Decorating Ideas

It used to be customary to leave a ladder outside when it became unsafe to climb. These unwanted wooden jewels have been repurposed into some entertaining home decor projects in recent years by crafty homeowners.

Decorating using ladders is an effective method to give your home a rustic feel. A vintage ladder that has seen better days is nonetheless full of charm and possibilities and may give your house a cozy, lived-in feel.

But only those who adore the farmhouse style can undertake such constructions. Modern, elegant, and in keeping with a current design aesthetic, new ladder projects.

With these design ideas for an old wooden ladder, you can be motivated to give your home some style and functionality.

3 Tiered A-Line Potting Table

Long planks can be placed over the ladder’s steps to create an inside planter that can hold a large number of pots.

The best part is that it wouldn’t take up much floor area, allowing you to enjoy the tiered flower garden no matter how much space your house has.

Corner Farmhouse Ladder

Once more, a ladder is positioned in a corner to give a space a little flair.

Add Architectural Interest by Using a Ladder as a Beam

A ladder can be hung just about anywhere and look beautiful in a house with a vintage vibe. To better differentiate two rooms, this writer chose to replace a missing ceiling beam with a wooden ladder. Consider suspending a ladder in a wider entryway if your ceilings are high enough.

A Floor to Ceiling Nightstand Alternative

In every room, an old ladder can be found. Since they are rather tall, you might use their height as storage in place of a little nightstand that could only hold a reading lamp.

While taking up the same amount of floor area, the ladder will guarantee at least three levels where you can keep some of your favorite books, a lamp, some pictures, or other decor.

How to Decorate a Farmhouse Ladder

As you will see below, there are countless ways to decorate farmhouse ladders, but there is one approach that works in every situation. Try to match the textures and tones of the items around your ladder when decorating it. The above farmhouse home looks so perfectly put together in part because to this strategy. The additional cause? They definitely have amazing style, in my opinion!

Hang Wire Baskets from Ladder Rungs for Extra Bathroom Storage

The amount of storage that can be added by adding wire baskets to a leaning ladder is increased. Use this method to store toiletries in a bathroom like you see here. Additionally, this solution is easily adaptable to a kitchen or pantry for fresh food.

All Your Nostalgia in One Place

The old wooden painter’s ladder can be utilized as a stand for decorating if it is mounted horizontally on the wall.

Its size makes it ideal for use as wall art on the wall over the sofa.

If your living room is adorned with farmhouse-inspired accessories, leave it worn; otherwise, just paint it to make it blend in with more modern furnishings.

The Wreath Holder

Here, a cupboard is given height thanks to a charming farmhouse ladder. A great place to hang a wreath, a blanket, or anything else you can think of is at the top.

Adhere Some Family Photos Using Twine

Because you may frequently alter the decor and images, vintage ladders that are put directly on the wall are adaptable. The rungs can serve as shelves and support tiny objects of interest if they are thick enough.

If the ladder is thin, stick to basic, lightweight pieces like the various-sized old photographs you can see here. Some individuals leave the interior absolutely empty and put painted ladders on the wall. You have the option.

This application would work well over a sofa because ladders like this are long and narrow.

Another Way to Hang a Wreath

If your home has open areas, you must have thought about how to design the arch to ease the transition from one location to another.

Utilizing corbels is one method to make this unconventional architectural choice seem and feel more natural.

The alternative is to hang a tall ladder that will draw interest. You can use it as a support for ornamentation according on the season.

Old Treasure Turned Farmhouse Blanket Ladder

The warm textures draping over this blanket ladder had me drooling. Try repurposing a gorgeous ladder from a farmhouse as blanket storage if you enjoy home decor items that look great and have a purpose.

Create a Library by Adding Castors to a Wooden Ladder

A home library doesn’t have to take up a full room. All you need is one wall of built-ins, which, when combined with a vintage ladder that has been modified, can quickly become something of a spectacle. Purchase a library ladder kit to transform an outdated ladder into something much more respectable in order to achieve this look.

Awesome A-Line Industrial Shoe Organizer

Are you looking for a shoe organizer that takes up less room? Utilize an old ladder in the basement or get creative with the shape of the ladder.

This storage option is both attractive and reasonably priced, and it will hold all of your most often worn shoes. Decorate it to go in with the interior design of the room in which you plan to put it.

Entryway Farmhouse Ladder

Try this entryway’s strategy and choose a slender ladder if you are concerned that adding a ladder will be too much for the room. The narrow rungs make it look extra stylish, and it won’t take up a lot of space.

Utilize a Vintage Step Ladder as a Plant Stand

This is one of the more inventive garment storage solutions available when closet space is limited. This ladder project is a variant of the shelf unit that can be seen above, but it makes use of two separate ladders rather than one connected ladder.

Clever Ceiling Mounted Coat Rack

Use a portion of a ladder as a coat rack if the entryway is cramped. It should be suspended from the ceiling using metal chains.

Provide little S-hooks to make hanging garments easy.

Short & Stylish

Using a short step ladder, like this entrance, is another choice if you don’t want something too big or overt. It may enhance the entrance without taking center stage thanks to its crisp white finish.

Rustic Garden Plant Holder

Sometimes the most significant things are the simplest. Why not simply place a rustic ladder in your garden and use it to display your plants if you’re seeking for a way to include it into your décor. You have plenty of space on the steps for potted plants, and you can either install hangers or just let your vines climb the ladder.

Create Vertical Interest with Textiles

Make use of the ladder to give your house more vertical appeal.

Lean it against the wall and hang textured fabrics with complementary color and pattern schemes.

A Vintage Bird’s Eye View

The homeowner’s shed was where the ladder was discovered gathering dust. The only thing it is currently gathering are compliments!