Organized Garages Ideas

Sincerity demanded: Does your garage resemble a junkyard? If it does, don’t be ashamed; you most certainly are not alone. The majority of people desire garages as a feature of their homes, but over time, they frequently end up being used as storage facilities for trinkets, tools, gardening supplies, and other items that you don’t want inside your house. And frequently, instead of being a tidy place to park your car, they end up becoming a cluttered disaster over time. They don’t have to be, though. The secret is to make a few DIYs and investments in organized supplies.

You may organize your garage by adding things like cabinets, personalized tool walls, bins, and displaying your sporting equipment on your walls, to name a few ideas. In order to use bookcases as storage shelves for objects so they look nice and are most importantly—up off of the floor—you can locate products in stores or even upcycle things like bookcases. There are many ways to clean up your garage, so it doesn’t matter if you want to spend a lot of money giving it a total makeover or you want to find ways to make the most of a limited budget by creating your own custom storage solutions.

For some ideas, see the 20 organized garages ideas below. The appearance of your garage and the quantity of free space you have will change significantly even with the addition of only a few of them. We promise that if you do, your place will look better than before.

Ultimate Organization

The two-tone walls in this completely insulated garage steal the show at first glance. The well organized workbench that is tucked into the recessed wall, however, is the real show-stopper. This garage is a craftsman’s paradise with plastic bins filled with supplies for home improvement projects and a neatly set up shelving system above.

Make A Ceiling Storage System

For garage organizing, overhead storage is essential. It will spare you from using up all of your floor space and serve as the ideal storage solution for your holiday decorations that you don’t use frequently throughout the year.

Add a “Floating” Shelf

There is only so much floor space available in your garage, especially if you also store cars there. Because of this, Clean House expert organizer Tink Fisher installed ceiling storage space to the garage. Items like shop vacs and folding picnic tables are kept on a sturdy metal shelf that hangs from the ceiling.

Cleaning Tool Hanger

Making use of scrap wood and pipe straps, you can create a useful organizer that keeps brooms, mops, and dustpans off the floor and out of the way. This cleaning tool holder hangs on the wall, taking up considerably less room than a conventional storage container.

Store Things Away In Cabinets

Invisibility is bliss! Installing a wall of floor-to-ceiling cabinets will accomplish that exact goal. Your garage will appear spotless, and you’ll be able to organizely keep all of your trinkets inside of them.

Create a Rake Rack

You are aware of how useful a coat and hat rack can be in your mudroom, don’t you? So why not use the same logic in your garage? As Allison Fisher of Bee Organized has shown in this garage, tools like rakes, shovels, and brooms are perfect candidates for this storage strategy. There is a space for each dustpan, shovel, and Swiffer with this garage organization plan in place.

Clutter-Hiding Cabinets

When strategically placed all around a garage workspace, cabinets are transformative. When materials and tools are nearby, projects run more smoothly and the mess is hidden and out of sight. Clutter in the garage can be contained in the drawers below.

Make A Mudroom Space

Create a DIY wall with shelves, cupboards, and hooks to give your garage a more homey appearance. Use baskets to hold things instead of bins after painting the surface. It will turn your garage into a mudroom.

Streamline Your Containers

It’s a simple truth of life that everything appears better when it’s packaged in complementary containers. The ideal illustration? This Madeline Wood garage is incredibly organized. To create an eye-catching display in a client’s garage, the Form and Function Organizing expert put everything into identical blue plastic tubs, including holiday decorations, children’s costumes, camp gear, and lawn supplies.

Rolling Storage Shelves

It can be simpler than it looks to keep a garage clean and organized. It only requires some self-control and, most crucially, the appropriate shelves. The storage solution you’ve been looking for at a fraction of the price of retail solutions is these DIY rolling shelf units.

Outside Toy Racks

It goes without saying that your child’s outdoor toys might take up a lot of room. Go to the Dollar Store and gather a few inexpensive storage bins to help confine them. After that, place them on low shelves so that your children can access all of their favorite toys and put them away when they are finished playing with them.

Create a Mini Locker Room

If your family enjoys sports, there’s a good possibility that you have a lot of equipment to manage. Create a small locker room in the corner of your garage, as Gladiator does above, rather than having it float around the entire garage (and your house). Athletes of all sizes will feel like complete pros thanks to features like a useful slat board where you can hang skates, gym bags, and helmets, as well as a storage bench that serves as the ideal spot to prepare for practice.

Parking Spaces

To simply tuck lawnmowers or wheelbarrows away and out of the way, remove the bottom section of a shelving unit. Kids’ tricycles and wagons also benefit greatly from this tactic.

Add Open Upper Cabinets

You may dramatically change the appearance of your garage by installing some higher cabinets. Each cabinet won’t have a door, allowing you to view what’s within each one for simple access.

Add Dynamic Built-Ins

Families of all sizes require effective organizational methods to maintain daily operations. The Indiana-based organizing company behind Seamless Spaces Professional Organizers included fake built-ins with an area for each family member if you have the room. Each youngster has hanging space for their coats and backpacks, a top cabinet for supplies, and a lower basket for their outdoor gear thanks to the modular cubbies. You won’t accidentally run over a stray scooter or basketball every time you try to pull into the garage if you put this garage organization tip into practice.

A Place for Plants

A garden workstation is surrounded by two freestanding storage cabinets that provide organization and room for a variety of home and garden operations. To minimize clutter and increase usable space, hooks on the wall are used to hang outside hats and tools.

Group Items By Themes

Arranging items by category is one method to make your garage appear (and feel!) more organized. Have three walls: one to house all of your tools, one to hold bins, and one to exhibit mounted winter clothing.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

Don’t you believe that if you enjoy doing things yourself, you should have a workspace that is both functional and organized? Us too. Set yourself up for success by designating a portion of your garage as your “shop,” as opposed to dispersing your tools across the space and erecting a workstation wherever there is space. By converting their garage into a workspace for their numerous DIY projects, Chris and Julia Marcum, the husband and wife team behind the well-known interiors blog Chris Loves Julia, demonstrate the transformational power of a few cupboards and butcher block counters.

Neat and Tidy

When lined up, plastic storage containers appear orderly and tidy. You can be certain of the contents of each bin by labeling it. Cubbies are a terrific method to keep every member of the family organized if you have the space.

Create A Show Wall

Install hooks in your wall so that each shoe can be hung up instead of taking off your shoes and leaving them by the door in your garage. You’ll be astonished at how nice and organized they appear when put on display. It’s a quick and profitable DIY project.