Outdoor Grilling Station Ideas

Anyone who enjoys grilling? If you don’t feel in love with it, your grill station may not be set up properly. And that is just not acceptable, especially since you have access to so many outside grilling stations. If you are unsure about where to start, don’t be concerned.

With this collection of the best outdoor grilling station ideas, we are ready to blow your mind. You can’t go wrong choosing which of these ideas you want to implement because we are confident that each and every one of them will give you the ideal backyard setup.

Choose the Right Grill

Consider carefully which grill best suits your requirements! Although gas and propane barbecues are more expensive up front, they end up being the most economical choice because they have lower utility bills than a charcoal grill. However, if your outdoor kitchen is small, a portable charcoal barbecue or electric grill would be a better choice. Having trouble deciding which grill to use? Why not switch up your barbecue set-up?

Rolling Outdoor Grill

A movable grill will be useful to those of us who have sizable patios or backyards. This eliminates the need for numerous separate journeys to transport all of your materials back and forth to the grill area. For instance, you may roll the cart back to the location of your BBQ after filling it with food and seasonings on your back patio door. The DIY rolling outdoor barbecue designs are available at Pneumatic Addict.

Budget Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Needn’t Look Cheap

The price of an outdoor kitchen may initially appear unaffordable. However, if you’re seeking for suggestions for a covered outdoor kitchen, consider this cost-effective plan. This shaded garden area is the ideal spot to light your gas grill and seek refuge from the sweltering sun.

Set Up a Cooking Station Under a Pergola

When hosting an outdoor event in the sun, a pergola offers just the appropriate amount of shelter to give shade for your guests. You can stay cool while preparing, cooking, and enjoying delectable meals outdoors if you have a covered grilling station!


a barbecue station outside, but dress it up! Grilling may be done in a very minimal fashion (such with a tiny outside propane BBQ), as well as in a very maximal way, which is one of the things we enjoy most about it. This extremely detailed guide from Ana White serves as one illustration of the maximalist approach. The good news is that assembly is much simpler than it appears to be!

Opt For A Grill That Can Be Wheeled Or Stored Inside

The term “meals on wheels” now has a whole new meaning thanks to this grill. Consider a setup that can be moved in and out of the garage and used under cover if you don’t want to commit to a large covered outdoor kitchen design. Or, if you’re handy with DIY, you could add some caster wheels on your existing Barbie (opens in new tab).

Another choice is to spend money on a light, portable grill that can be used and then kept in a building in the backyard. No matter which choice you pick, don’t be afraid to clean your charbroiler. If you put a task out of sight, out of memory, you’ll only hate it when you need to utilize it again.

Combine the Kitchen & Dining Area

Lack of outdoor space? Combining the dining area and kitchen in your backyard can help you make the most of it. Additionally, this makes moving food from the grilling area to the table simpler.

Outdoor Charcoal Grill

Those who don’t want to utilize a propane outside barbeque may find this option useful. Charcoal is used in this straightforward DIY barbecue station from the Online Grill. What’s best? Many various food varieties, like vegetables, actually taste better when they are cooked over charcoal.

Make It Luxe With A Marble Backdrop

Don’t you think this opulent Scandinavian-inspired apartment is dreamy? This white and taupe color palette is contemporary and minimalist if you want clean lines and simplicity. We particularly appreciate the two sink configuration, which enables you to have separate areas for raw and cooked meat. This is fantastic for preparing meals safely and gives you the chance to choose the best kitchen faucets to brighten up your room.

Real marble can be very expensive, so seek for less expensive options like peel-and-stick vinyl contact paper.

Look at Modular Kitchen Setups

In essence, modular outdoor kitchens are an outdoor kitchen equipment that can be mixed and matched. You select the base, countertop materials, and arrangement with this configuration (e.g., It could be U-shaped instead of the standard island layout). Typically, a grill, a refrigerator, and storage space are included. Any other amenities you require, however, like a sink, dishwasher, or warming drawers, can be added.

Cedar Block Grill Station

What if you’re not into woodworking? Fortunately for you, concrete blocks can be used in their place. Concrete blocks are not only a very affordable building material, but they are also quite simple to use. You don’t need many concrete blocks to build a sizable structure that is useful.

Stone Outdoor Kitchen

This entertainment space is fantastic because of its stylish stone fireplace and grill station. Pergolas made of several types of wood offer a variety in texture and more privacy.

Concrete Countertop Outdoor Grill

This Instructables DIY outdoor barbecue is the real deal; it has a metal frame, stucco, and finally a tabletop made of concrete, which is really durable. It requires some effort to execute, but if you can do it, it will serve you well. Because it will appear to have been professionally installed, your guests won’t believe that you did it yourself.

Pallet Grill Station

If there wasn’t a pallet craft on here, this wouldn’t be a DIY ideas article! Pallets can form an excellent grill station construction if they are used properly. Just be sure to always get your pallets from a trustworthy source and confirm that they have not been subjected to the same harmful chemical treatments as certain pallets.

DIY Grill Station

Do you feel ambitious? Utilizing stacked stones and a do-it-yourself wood framework, you can create your own outdoor kitchen area.

Don’t Forget Warming Drawers

Warming drawers that are conveniently placed into your grilling station will keep food hot and ready for visitors. Some warming drawers even have moisture controls so that the food won’t dry out while you’re using them.

Grill With Pergola

What exactly is a pergola, you ask? In essence, it is an outdoor building made of columns and beans. Pergolas are frequently used to house plants, flowers, or even cloth and lights. We adore the way this Instructables DIY backyard barbecue demonstrates how a grill may fit inside a pergola. You get to choose how you want to decorate it!

Summer Entertaining Area

The best spot to host parties is in this Nantucket outdoor kitchen, which features a grill, cooktops, a refrigerator, a sink, and even a pizza oven.

Get More Privacy with a Screen

Want your outdoor kitchen to be more private? Add functional and aesthetically pleasing decorative screens all around your outdoor living space.

Built-In Outdoor Station

If you’re seeking for a more expert outdoor barbecue station, here is another choice for you. To get something that appears to have cost thousands of dollars to install, follow the instructions at Lucky Belly. Of course, if you handle the installation yourself, you won’t be spending this sum of money.