Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas

Particularly if you are in a smaller home or apartment, bathrooms never seem to have enough storage space. The frequently small under-the-sink cupboard just can’t handle everything when it comes to storing toiletries, towels, bathroom tissue, and more! Not to mention making an effort to decorate to make your bathroom feel cozier. To make the most of your space, we have gathered 20 incredibly clever over-the-toilet decoration ideas.

Go 3-D

When a piece of art simply isn’t cutting it, be creative by hanging a surprising three-dimensional object, like this lovely piece of driftwood.

Stick With the Classics

For good reason, wood floating shelves are a tried-and-true staple: they go with almost every decor style, they have a pleasant appearance, and they are strong. When you want storage that enhances rather than detracts from current design, use them for over-the-toilet storage.

Stylish Hats

As you get dressed for the day, keep your favorite headgear in a convenient location.

Above the Toilet Cabinet

This above-the-toilet storage idea is lovely! It provides a cozy, rustic toughness and a ton of storage space. Your eyes will be drawn in when the cabinet and countertop are the same color. Because you can fit so many rolled-up towels in a compact space, they are all the rage. Also, they look fantastic. But them alongside the towel-folded arrangement to create harmony.

This cabinet’s drawer is a perfect storage space for covert toiletries.

Themed Artwork

Keep the aesthetic consistent and choose artwork that complements the room’s theme. This quirky wallpaper with a robot pattern goes great with framed prints of bright robots.

Go for Glass

Use glass shelves to create over-the-toilet storage that takes up the least amount of visible area. These transparent shelves not only blend in with most decors but also cast fascinating shadows and reflections.

Abstract Art

With a vertical piece of art, draw attention to the high ceilings. Add some color to a predominantly white region to give the design some life.

Creative Storage Space

Such a smart thought, I say! Don’t you adore things that deviate slightly from the usual while yet looking fantastic? The ideal solution is these wicker baskets that have been mounted on the wall and turned on their sides. Additionally, the color of the towels is still visible in the mesh on the outside. We adore how the shelf-mounted caddy complements the baskets. These are all excellent strategies for breaking up the heavier impression that solid shelving occasionally gives off. An over the toilet space might look more distinctive and individualized with a certain amount of separation. Have you noticed the jute used to bind the shelf? I adore that too! That looks fantastic!

Through the Looking Glass

Add framed mirrors to the walls of a small bathroom room to make it appear much larger.

Consider Classic Black

Nearly everywhere in the house, but especially in the bathroom, black accents are a perfect finishing touch. Along with black bathroom hardware and faucets, narrow matte black storage works well above the toilet. Additionally, this iconic color’s striking appearance gives a tiny space tremendous linear visual interest.

Vintage Art

In this white bathroom room, a lovely focal point is created by a group of framed old keys.

Above the Toilet Storage Ideas

Recessed storage may be possible behind the toilet, depending on how your room is set up. This frees up a ton of storage space that would otherwise be lost. Decorate with towels, baskets, photographs, and trios of toilet paper. However, if you intend to accomplish this, you will need to shift the toilet’s plumbing to the side.

Tiny Plants

Utilize a window and the small amount of available decoration space. Keep it simple by adding a tiny trio of plants on the window seal.

Use a Ladder (Shelf)

For easy storage in the area above your toilet, a ladder shelf can be the ideal choice. Place the ladder over your toilet; no holes need to be drilled in advance, and shelves don’t need to be leveled.

Animal Wall Decor

Combine understated decor with walls painted in bright colors. Here, mounted horns, a wooden animal skull, and two old horse photos help soften the room and add a touch of masculinity to the decor.

Cheerful Color

Displaying your child’s artwork will provide some joy to the restroom. To brighten up a plain environment, choose lively, interesting colors.

Don’t Forget Baskets

Baskets are your buddy when it comes to storage for over the toilet. They provide organization, are portable, and add flair to a frequently overlooked location. For toilet paper, more linens, or other toiletries, place baskets atop shelves or the toilet.


Add a few genuine or fake succulents on the toilet lid to complete the design before adding a framed print of a succulent. It’s an easy, stylish method to update the area.

Cubby Storage Ideas

Make storage cubbies out of a huge frame. What a fantastic concept for a children’s or visitor’s restroom. Keep the restroom spray close at reach and decorate with your favorite ornaments! If you wanted to, you could easily paint this frame and alter the entire appearance!


Recessed-panel wainscot paneling added along the lower half of the room will give it a punch of traditional character.