Painting Bathroom Cabinets Color Ideas

One of the cheapest, simplest methods to radically change an old or dull bathroom is to paint the cabinets. Even if you don’t change anything else in the space, it actually makes a difference. It’s a project you can complete on your own in just one weekend.

The vanity in your bathroom is the ideal spot to use more vibrant colors. The color options are almost limitless because bathroom cabinets are much smaller than kitchen cabinets and are also more tucked away out of sight.


Our first cabinet recommendation is a purple replacement that will add charm and color to your bathroom. We advise using purple for your bathroom cabinets if you want them to stand out.

As evidenced by the cabinet knobs and fixtures, we’d also want to point out how well purple and white complement one another.

Purple is a beautiful hue that will stand out in a bathroom cabinet. Make sure your décor complements this color for a pleasing, visually harmonious appearance.

Blue And White Bathroom Makeover

White and blue is a classic color combination. The gorgeous blue and white bathroom was updated on a tight budget, but it doesn’t look it. The gorgeous vanity is painted a vivid blue.

Minty Fresh

Use crisp mint paint to give the bathroom a fresh feel. The bespoke double vanity cabinets from Tim Barber Ltd. are painted an ethereal green to go with the room’s misty gray walls and pearly marble flooring. To achieve the same style, paint the walls or cabinetry in your bathroom Silver Strand by Sherwin-Williams, and complete the stylish look with chrome or polished nickel hardware.


In spa-like bathrooms, brown, like earthy green, may quickly create a peaceful ambiance. Brown, on the other hand, needs to be used carefully if you don’t want it to look dated.

Thankfully, there are many fresh takes on this classic color. Dark brown colors have a rich feel that complements high-end bathrooms.

This effect may be enhanced with the use of gold accents, which offer a striking and downright opulent choice for stepping up bathroom design.

Brown is a great option for accentuating accent colors as well as working wonderfully as the bathroom’s main hue. Although this color has been regularly overshadowed by gray and white in recent years, it is now again earning the recognition it deserves as a great partner option.

High-End Bathroom Vanity DIY With Paint & Hardware

With the help of Deco Art Americana Decor Satin Enamels in Classic Black, this bathroom vanity was given a posh appearance. Against the black, the gold finishes truly stand out.

Energetic Aqua

An aqua vanity will give your kids’ shared bathroom a lively touch. With whimsically speckled walls, a herringbone Carrara backsplash, and upbeat blue cabinetry, designer Kelly Ferm demonstrates how it’s done. Start at home with Behr’s Morning Parlor paint hue.


Fortunately, we have a gorgeously understated beige bathroom cabinet idea. We favor beige since it is easy to personalize and goes well with a variety of wall colors. Beige is a terrific alternative if you’re tired of your white cabinets and want to try something new. Another timeless hue that complements other hues effectively is this one.

Elegant Master Bathroom Remodel

The transformation of the entire bathroom is quite stunning, but the brilliant white vanity is without a doubt the focal point of the space.

Smoky Teal

This melancholy bathroom by designer Tiffany Brooks hits all the right boxes: it’s dark, dreamy, and dramatic. Paint your vanity cabinets, door frames, and trim in a high-gloss, smoky-teal color like Rock Bottom from HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams to take inspiration from this seductive room. Use cement tile backsplashes, brilliant white floors, and matte black or polished nickel hardware to decorate your room.

Mint Green

If you prefer a calmer atmosphere, mint green is a beautiful hue for a bathroom cabinet. Look at the silver mirror and sparkling marble countertop that go with the mint green bathroom cabinet.

This bathroom cabinet transformation is an excellent example of how to take a cabinet from a big-box retailer and give it a creative paint treatment to make it your own. This cabinet was painted with green milk paint, which was followed by an antiquing wax sealant to give it an antique, aged appearance.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Update

The DIY bathroom vanity that is part of this contemporary powder room was created and built by the homeowners. Sherwin Williams used Jasper, a dark, rich green that almost has the appearance of black, to paint it.

Smoky + Sophisticated

Use a single smoky colour to create drama in your bathroom by following Nest Design Group’s example. The walls, ceiling, and cabinetry of this elegant primary bathroom are painted a smoky gray, creating a memorable jewel-box impression. With the Farrow & Ball shade Down Pipe, you may replicate the dreamy appearance in your bathroom at home.

Sky Blue

A classic bathroom hue that acts almost as a neutral is blue. It strikes the perfect balance of serenity, beauty, and modesty.

It can be used to make your bathroom more aesthetically pleasing without detracting from distinctive light fixtures, a stand-alone bathtub, or other standout features.

One of the blue color trends for 2021 is sky blue, a pastel tint that may be used in a range of design schemes. Simply by glancing at this color, you will feel calm and at ease.

Lake House Master Bath Makeover

With new bun feet and a coat of dark gray paint, this enormous bathroom vanity received a playful makeover.

Head-Turning Turquoise

In this fanciful black-and-white powder room, electric turquoise adds vivacious color. Brass hardware enhances the vibrant blue-green color, making it stand out against the room’s other neutral colors. With Benjamin Moore’s Kokopelli Teal, you can create the same eye-catching pattern at home.

Pink Coral

Another gorgeous illustration of a coral bathroom cabinet in a dim area! A coral pink color looks wonderful against black walls. This is a stylish and entertaining combo for a girls’ bathroom. You’ll surely enjoy the unique impression that this creates.

Pink may be a more feminine color, but it’s something to think about if you want to be noticed. It will wow you and your guests because it is vivid and captivating.

DIY Pink Bathroom Vanity

A pink-painted bathroom vanity and lovely floral wallpaper will give your bathroom a gentle, feminine makeover.

Snowy Gray

This modern spa bathroom has a clean backdrop created by hardly noticeable gray paint. The soft shade gives the artwork more depth while maintaining the same clean appearance as pure white. Bonus? With both chilly hues (like turquoise or lavender) and warm yellow or orange tones, this soft gray looks wonderful.


It is advised that you fill your surroundings, including your home decor, with items that bring you joy. After taking a shower, adding a cheerful color like yellow to your bathroom cabinet will make you feel euphoric and in good spirits.

Those who view yellow are motivated to be happy and hopeful by its cheerful hue. Yellow is supposed to make people happier than any other primary color. According to certain theories, yellow has an impact on the left hemisphere, which supports the development of analytical thinking.

Guest Bathroom Makeover Reveal

In this guest bathroom, a little paint and some tiling made a significant difference. Beautiful Benjamin Moore Dark Teal was used to paint the vanity.