Pink Bedrooms Ideas For Adults

It is well known that pink can cause controversy. Pink has typically been associated as girly and lovely and has been designated for nurseries. However, designers today are demonstrating that pink can be rethought and portrayed in sophisticated—even rebellious—new ways. Top designers today are particularly fond of using pink in bedrooms. Designers are boldly bringing pink into the bedroom conversation, whether it be through a coastal-inspired refuge bathed in a delicate shade of desert pink or an avant-garde hideaway decorated in an electrifying hue of raspberry.

The key to changing people’s perceptions of pink bedrooms is balance. Designers frequently use dark complimentary colors to offset excessively cloying meanings. For the task, shades of gray and black, as well as heavier shades of blue and green that are on the other end of the color spectrum, are frequently used. Another option is to use a pink that is more vibrant, like fuchsia, for a bedroom. High-wattage tones of pink are ideal for dispelling the myth that pink is a sweet color due to their rock-n-roll associations. However, other designers prefer to temper the girlish glee of pink by adding a touch of irreverence. Pink may be liberated by pairing it with an unusual aspect, whether it’s a supporting cast of traditional antiques or a fleet of postmodern furniture with playground-like forms.

We’ve gathered 20 pink bedrooms ideas for adults to inspire you to update your walls and decor if you’ve been considering getting a pink room but aren’t sure where to begin. With this seductive selection of pink sanctuaries, see how great designers utilize pink to evoke unexpected dynamics and choose whether you’re more team blush or hot pink.

Pretty in Patterns

This colorful space created by Liz Caan & Co. demonstrates how nicely pink blends with pattern. (Or rather, a LOT of pattern.)

Create a Pink Statement Wall

A pink statement wall steals the show in this bohemian bedroom. When combined with rattan furniture and an eye-catching design, the vibrant pink color appears anything from childish (thanks to wallpaper and pillows). To create a design that feels expensive, you can experiment with removable wallpaper or paint simple shapes.

Soft Flamingo Pink Bedroom

It’s remarkable how a few scattered faux fur accents can essentially make any bedroom cozier. We adore the pink feather lighting fixture since it complements the bedroom’s cozy color scheme.

Blush Crush

This exquisite refuge designed by Redmond Aldrich Design highlights the blush walls with low-profile furnishings and a lack of artwork.

Try a Vintage Rug

Pairing pink with old or antique decor is one of the simplest ways to integrate it in a mature approach. A vintage rug adds an elegant touch to the calming and romantic atmosphere of this pale pink bedroom. The room is filled with intricate elements, like a bone-inlay mirror, a glam chandelier, and a scalloped headboard.

Light Pink Accent Wall

Really, not all that much pink is required to create a pleasant bedroom. You can see how well a few pink accents (like window treatments) and a white accent wall may complement the room’s other white furnishings.

Sweet Suite

In this enchanting suite, designer Summer Thornton demonstrates why red and pink are the ideal complement.

Paint Your Ceiling

Take a cue from this area and add pink to a bedroom with a vibrant ceiling. To further spread the color throughout the space, scatter pink accents throughout the space in complementary colors. The space is finished with pink pillows and a rose-colored vase.

Light and Airy Pink Bedroom

The simplicity of this pink bedroom contributes to its charm. As you can see, there is no clutter because the enormous bed with pink and white bedding occupies the room’s center. When performing the morning skincare routine, several pink frames that mix in with the decor may be seen above the vanity.

Pastel Power

The designer Sarah Gilbane Sullivan chose to use a delicate, seashell-inspired shade of pink to combine a coastal setting with a romantic chinoiserie concept.

Make Your Quilt Pink

It’s simple to incorporate the pink color into your space by simply covering your bed with a quilt. A bed covered in a soft pink comforter appears positively heavenly in this roomy bedroom. The room is given depth without competing with the soft-hued linens thanks to a rug with a neutral design and a dresser in warm wood tones.

Pretty Pink Peonies

This pink and gray bedroom might not seem unique, but we can’t help but note how spotless it is. This bedroom has a beautiful set of two pink peonies paintings that lend liveliness to the decor. Based solely on the lines of the furniture, it appears to be a rather modern bedroom.

Speckled Space

This quaint attic retreat created by designer Angie Hranowsky is brimming with charm.

Layer Different Shades Together

Pink is a lovely color to brighten up any space, but using too much of it can look out of place. To avoid things becoming monotonous, try stacking several pink hues. Although fabrics are your best option in this situation (as evidenced by the various shades of pink displayed by the blankets on the bed in the photo above), you can also achieve this look with rugs, wall art, or paint colors.

Calming Bedroom Setup

A pink bedroom, especially one intended for girls, might benefit greatly from the inclusion of a canopy bed. This bed design can be perfect for you if you like the feminine, beautiful vibes.

Top Cabana

This sanctuary with a tropical motif was designed by S.B. Long Interiors, and it is energized by primary pink, yellow, and red tones.

Get Creative With a Mural

Your decor will be important if you want to integrate pink to your area in a way that is distinctly mature. While adding a soft shade of pink color to your wall is wonderful, creating a mural can allow you to express your own personality. We adore the beautiful painted birds that Anne Sage added to this sophisticated yet whimsical bedroom. Another lovely addition is the leather headboard.

Pink Plaids and Turquoise Treatments

This bedroom’s color scheme exemplifies excellent interior design. One of the most delicate rooms we’ve seen today is decorated with the cheery pink plaid rug, a pink bed with an aqua damask bed skirt, a pink Moroccan pouf, and a gray accent table.

Palette Pleaser

Designer Kati Curtis Design chose dramatic curtains and a jaw-dropping Murano chandelier in a deep goldenrod color to balance the overtly girlish undertones of a shared girls’ room drenched in pink tones.

Try Millennial Pink

This color is probably already well-known to millennials. The everyday neutral tone strikes a lovely middle ground between being neither overly bright nor overtly faint. If you love the color a lot but want it to reflect your current stage in life, this is the best option. To add some flair, consider using a quirky geometric print as an accent.