Potters Bench Ideas

Potting Bench With Decorative Roof

Why shouldn’t a potting bench look nice? With a charming farmhouse-style roof, ornamental corbels, and lots of display space when you’re not actively using it to repot plants, you can make it the centerpiece of your patio or deck.

DIY Potting Bench

This potting table is incredible. You may spread out your stuff more freely thanks to the additional counter area.

The bench also has storage space above it. That is a fantastic feature because it gives you additional space to store your pots and other gardening accessories after you are done.

Rustic Potting Bench

Recycled wooden pallets were used to create this do-it-yourself garden bench.

Portable Potting Bench

Have a small yard or limited room for a garden? Make this smart folding potting bench out of a recycled drawer and an old tray table.

Potting Bench Perfection

This area with the potting bench truly gives the room a lot of charm. However, the bench itself continues to be quite useful.

It provides amazing storage capacity in addition to having plenty of room for potting. Although the open shelf is highly practical, I really appreciate the cabinet door because it allows you to conceal some of the less appealing essentials without taking up additional space.

Tall Potting Bench

Your back will be saved by this tall potting bench, and you may personalize it with accessories.

Potting Bench Entertainment Center

A lovely multifunctional potting bench that also serves as a gathering place for summer parties? Please, yes!

The Homey Potting Bench

When I think of someone’s garden, I see this potting bench. I adore the traditional style and colors of this bench.

You can easily access any supplies you might need thanks to the open shelf. But I particularly adore the way they displayed items on the top shelf.

Potting Bench with Wheels

For this one, all you need is a few cedar boards, some caster wheels, self-tapping outside deck screws, and exterior wood glue.

Upcycled Pallets Potting Bench

Utilize pallets to create a totally free (and adorable!) potting bench! In addition to hooks for hanging your gardening tools, there is space for storing soil and pots.

The Solid Wood Potting Bench

While not particularly fancy, this one is really useful. This is probably a decent option for you to think about if you don’t care as much about the “glam factor.”

For storage and planting space, this bench has various surfaces. Even the top of the bench includes small compartments for storing all of your pots. This potting bench would undoubtedly help you stay organized.

Pine Board Potting Bench

To build this simple potting bench, all you need are some pine boards and some tools from the garage.

Repurposed Dresser Potting Bench

This practical potting bench can be easily made from a dresser purchased at a yard sale. The original knobs are replaced with mismatched outdoor faucet handles for a sweet finishing touch!

The Smaller Potting Table

The potting table above is scaled down to the size of this one. Additionally, it lacks the planting area made of stainless steel.

It does, however, have an open area for potting items and a narrow shelf at the bottom intended to keep smaller pots. So think about this table if you don’t require a big potting bench.

Very Green Potting Bench!

To create this one, all you need are some wooden planks, screws, and some tools.

Simple Potting Bench

Even if you’re a complete beginner at woodworking, you can do this project in approximately an hour. This solid potting bench is affordable and simple yet lovely. To suit your tastes, stain or paint it.

The Potting Bench With Sink

This is a creative method to reuse a worn-out sink. Instead of leaving the bench’s midsection a level surface, they decided to insert an old sink.

Therefore, if you happen to have an old sink laying around that you’re not sure how to use, don’t throw it away. Just design a special potting bench for yourself.

Repurposed Dresser Turned Potting Bench

For this project, you only need a dresser or table, outside paint, clear polycrylic finishing spray for waterproofing, cabinet hardware, and a few tools.

Potting Bench With Hidden Garbage Can Enclosure

Here’s a clever technique to conceal trash cans while still making a beautiful workplace! There is enough of space for potting and further gardening duties.

The Picket Potting Bench

This potting bench has an extra dash of personality. The bench’s back was made out of an old picket fence.

The fact that it obviously belongs in a garden location makes this artwork special. However, it also has enough of storage space and potting room, making it completely functional.