Rainbow Wall Painting Ideas

Your daily lives are often significantly influenced by colors. While some colors can make you feel happier, others can have a detrimental impact on your mood, emotions, and even temperament. When you use rainbow colors in your surroundings, you are sure to experience their positive energies in your own life. Rainbow colors have a particular positivity associated with them.

There are many rainbow wall painting ideas that are subtle yet effective, so don’t worry if you like colors but don’t have a taste in design for bright, loud colors.

In this article, we’ll go over all the different ways you may use rainbow colors in your house, place of business, even public areas like cafes and art galleries. Let’s first learn more about the various shades of the rainbow color.

Sophisticated Designer Wallpaper

Who says that kids shouldn’t see rainbows? This magnificent piece of artwork, created by the gifted designer Shandra Smith, is an adult interpretation of the hues of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet that appear after rain. This Uplifting mural is a simple and effective method to liven up a drab living environment. It looks well on accent walls. It not only draws attention to itself and makes for an easy conversation starter, but it also gives your room a focal point.

The distinctive brush stroke pattern directs the eye inward, to the focal areas of your interior design. This rainbow-colored wallpaper will match the design and infuse the space with enthusiasm, whether you want to highlight a seating area or brighten up your fireplace.

The colors here, like with many works from the Shandra Smith wallpaper series, are striking but not garish. allowing you to have a large enough canvas to incorporate other ornamental elements. Use grey upholstery for a sleek, contemporary design. Alternately, add extra vibrant rainbow décor! Using wonderful rainbow paints, you can have a lot of fun being inventive and upcycling your current furniture and home decor!


This modern multipurpose room features a vibrant geometric painting on one wall. A fun tone is added by a blue shag rug, an arc floor lamp, and floral throw pillows.

Lion Rainbow Colors Wall

Lions are highly revered in many cultures and are frequently depicted in homes all around the world in the form of sculptures, paintings, and figurines. Chinese people view lions as protectors of their homes who keep them safe from accidents and robbery, while Buddhists believe lions bring prosperity and calm into the household. Italians perceive a pair of lions to be a status symbol.

You could decide to paint a lion on one of the walls near your front door. The example in the image above shows how to paint this lion using geometric patterns and rainbow colors to produce a work that people can’t stop complimenting.

Rainbow Wallpaper With A Touch Of Sparkle

It’s really easy to use this rainbow and pastel glitter mural. It creates a lovely wall design for nurseries and children’s bedrooms and appeals to teens and young adults, appealing to all age groups.

Unapologetically feminine, but with a fun and quirky edge, this design is ideal for igniting the imagination. This implies that it also functions admirably for home offices or creative studios, as well as for reading and music rooms. Something as glossy and glittering as this will benefit any room that needs a boost of pizazz! To ensure that the rainbow truly glows, make sure to renovate a wall that receives enough of natural light.

Cheerful Home Gym With Abstract Wallpaper

Visitors are greeted by a wraparound geometric wall covering that is accentuated by the natural light that enters through the windows as they ascend the stairs. The environment feels light, airy, and welcoming because of the colors’ ability to reflect light.

Rainbow Colors Wall for Balcony

A simple yet beautiful concept for painting a rainbow on your balcony wall. Paint the rainbow colors on the balcony walls using a different shade from what is shown in the image above. The room is made more enjoyable and joyful by the vibrant flow of colors.

Create a moss mat in the area and place some potted plants there to create one of your new favorite home corners.

Stained Glass Rainbow Mural

The Rainbow Glass mural is one that instantly adds drama and interest and is intended for dull, lifeless rooms in need of a new lease on life. This tasteful rainbow wallpaper highlights a particular section of the wall while evoking the elegance of a stained glass window. It’s now simpler than ever to get the desired look for less because to the rising popularity of textural wall murals and façade wallpapers, which provide homeowners a less labor-intensive alternative to redecorate.

For feature walls, textures like stone, concrete, marble, trendy terrazzo, and other surfaces that look natural are frequently imitated, providing rooms an instant makeover without the exorbitant cost of restoration. Another option to consider is stained glass if you want vibrant colors over simple, minimalist designs.

Colorful Abstract Removable Wallpaper Mural

This wallpaper mural is the ideal option for you if you want some colorful home décor that takes up some space. There are three sizes available, and each one is wide enough to ensure that nobody will be able to overlook this vibrant pattern. This also has such a beautiful abstract pattern to it, giving you art that is distinctive and complements a variety of themes. Even just as an accent wall, it may enhance the brightness of a room that would otherwise be dull. This wallpaper is available as either pre-pasted or peel-and-stick.

Rainbow Colors Wall with Parrots

According to vastu shastra, parrots are regarded lucky since they are a representation of luck, longevity, and genuine love. As shown in the image above, you can use them into your ideas for rainbow wall paintings.

The background can be painted in rainbow hues, and the parrots can wear their wonderful green feathers. This style of architecture is suitable for outside cafes or even gardens.

Painterly Wallpaper

A dream for interior designers, watercolor wall murals combine subtlety and boldness. This Multi-Coloured Watercolor wallpaper is a simple approach to create drama without crowding the space in ultra-stylized, minimalist modern apartments. This harmonious design is a colorful yet simple way to honor the rainbow.

It’s simple to create a timeless element that never goes out of style because painterly wallpapers are still quite popular in home design. Check out people like Shandra Smith, Carol Robinson, Katy Clemmans, Katy Smeets, Marc Pasternack, Danielle Nelisse, Kathy Shimmield, and Anne Farrall Doyle if you wish to support our featured painters, pattern designers, and artists.

Tile Design For Multi-Coloured Wall

Having a colorful tile accent wall is another way to bring color to your bedroom. It’s an excellent substitute for multicolored wall paint. These vibrant paint ideas have definitely been used in children’s rooms, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t use them as well.

Muted Rainbow Colors for Kids Room

If using a lot of vibrant colors in your home is not to your liking, choose muted or vintage hues from the rainbow to make a room that is cheerful enough without being overpowering or garish.

Use these classic colors on top of a neutral background, as shown in the picture of the kids’ room above. Everyone in the family will enjoy the room if you add some pastel-colored furnishings, such as a jade pillow or cane lights.

Rainbow Art Mural For Trendy Homes

There is a statement that states, “The only way to flee without leaving home is via art.” No matter how involved we are in the art world, we can all relate to this. No of your level of expertise, art is still significant and has the power to completely change a space.

Particularly modern abstract art, which is meant to defy convention, is a fantastic method to spark creativity. It offers a haven of visual delights and invites all forms of color and introspection. An excellent illustration of how abstract lines, textures, patterns, composition, and color may come together to generate emotions nonlinearly is found in the Crazy Rainbow wallpaper by Studio Arterie.

Style with interiors inspired by mid-century modern design and a subdued color scheme for a supremely refined appearance. Alternately, go all out with your color palette to draw attention to your house.

Playful Stripes For Multi-Coloured Wall

Stripes, whether thin or broad, can drastically alter how a room looks. You can use tape to create straight lines while painting stripes on a wall. To give depth, we can paint a large solid color in the centre of a barrier. This magnificent wall has vibrant rainbow stripes on a white background.

Geometric Wall in Rainbow Colors

Wanted to attempt a DIY project at home in the past? Here is a simple, enjoyable, and unique idea for painting a rainbow on your wall. On your wall, use stripes to make a geometric pattern, and use a rainbow color gradient to paint the canvas.

You may use this design in your child’s room, the family room, or even the kitchen. It’s a terrific project to work on with your adolescent.

Textured Rainbow Wall

The fun safari wallpaper trend that has taken up in 2020 served as inspiration for this pastel parrot print mural, which adds texture to a one-dimensional home. Applying feathers and fur will help you achieve a layering aesthetic, whether you’re trying to liven up a bedroom or give depth to a living area.

Numerous bird, tiger, leopard, and other animal wallpapers complement the perennially popular jungle motif. It is an interior design fad that has ruled for a few seasons and isn’t going anywhere. Nature will continue to be our design inspiration as more and more homeowners demonstrate their passion for bringing the outside in.

Decorative Artworks For Multi-Coloured Wall

The general public finds art to be appealing and is appreciated highly. You can opt for ornamental painting by hanging paintings on the walls of landscapes, rural scenes, delicate branches, and other lovely works of art. It will give the space personality and dimension.

Rainbow Colors Stripe Wall for Dining Room

You may make your eating area more vibrant, joyful, and inviting by adding some rainbow-colored stripes. In order to make a design that is both fun and funky, you can use black as the main color on the sides and the rainbow colours in the middle, just as in the image above.

Add some bright accents, such as chair coverings or even place mats, to match the colors on the wall, and finish off the room’s design with one or two plants. A room with lots of natural light would benefit greatly from this color choice.

Calming Rainbow Landscape

Rainbows are stunning to view and calming to the soul. And this Kauai Rainbow mural is the epitome of escape, taking you to Hawaii’s fourth-largest island, where the beaches have been the setting for some of the most well-known Hollywood films. This wallpaper depicts the natural charm of Kauai, also known as the “Garden Island,” bringing nature into the home. Kauai is a nature lover’s dream.

A landscape rainbow mural will provide a calm atmosphere in a simple bedroom. Decorate with natural materials like wicker, rattan, and woven storage baskets and light wood finishes. Photographic landscapes make the ideal workplace backdrop for a home office because they are so upbeat. Decorate with contemporary furniture and use colors that go well with the artwork. Ocean views can also give the impression of movement and spaciousness in a room with strong lighting. Decorate with subdued colors like grey, beige, or ivory to make the wallpaper the main attraction.

A Rainbow Is A Must In The Rainbow Room!

Okay! A rainbow-themed bedroom devoid of a rainbow? Are we insane or what?

There is nothing better than acquiring a piece of rainbow art for your bedroom. A theme can really be made or broken by the walls. Half of your work is finished once they are in place. You require a rainbow on the wall because of this.

Now, having an artwork up there is not required. Even a rainbow can be painted. That is also lovely.

Why not ask your child the colors they would like to see in the rainbow to customize it? That’s interesting right now.