Rustic Concrete Floors In House

Bright Interiors

In order to include various sorts of finishes, colors, and textures into a cement floor, the installation process is quite straightforward and consists of spreading the concrete mixture on the floor to create a layer that is 7 cm deep. Given that wood plays a prominent part in this area, concrete has been painted a similar color to go with both material coverings. Personalized smooth flooring and a distinctive, light-filled environment are the end results.

Incorporate Them Unexpectedly

Use an industrial material like concrete for the floors to prevent a cabin or lodge from feeling overly rustic and nature-inspired. They offer a hint of urban cool to this NICOLEHOLLIS-designed bedroom without looking out of place.

Combine With Rich Tones

Consider blending poured concrete flooring in your kitchen with luxurious materials for the cabinetry, lighting, and other elements. A dramatic effect is produced by the strong contrast between the warmth of dark wood or golden-hued metals and the chilly metropolitan style of concrete.

There are many colors and finishes to choose from when choosing your floor, so bring your swatches along. Expect to pay starting at about £110 per square meter. We offer a wide variety of 15 common colors, ranging from black to white. If necessary, we can even generate custom colors, said Lazenby’s Ben Young.

Living Room Floor

This area’s polished cement floor, which is as shiny and gorgeous as marble, lends this contemporary dining space a feeling of elegance. The concept of choosing furniture that complements the floor’s color tone demonstrates how some careful preparation can make any place look lovely. This eating area is the ideal fusion of diametrically opposed materials and design.

Paint Them White

Leanne Ford has painted practically every surface in this room white, as is her style. Think about hiring a contractor who can paint the flooring white if you want to go neutral and bright but still adore the idea of polished concrete. It might truly give the impression that the room is floating on a cloud.

Team Tiles With Turquoise

Concrete kitchen floor tiles might be a more convenient solution if pouring concrete requires too much time and money from you, is impractical given your property’s layout or location, or both. Following the installation of your kitchen, these can be laid like regular tiles.

On door fronts, blending cool grey slabs with warmer neutrals works beautifully. Add a vibrant accent color, like turquoise, to liven up a design and keep it from becoming dull. A tiny space, like a kitchen splashback, is the best choice because a strong color won’t overpower here. The tone can then be carried over elsewhere using furnishings or accessories.

Sharp Bathroom

The practical cement floor is easy to clean and maintain because it can withstand any stains and grime buildup. Bathroom designers can create unique combinations with the furniture, walls, and ceiling of the bathroom in scenarios like these thanks to the large range of colors and finishes that are readily available. It has a strikingly avant-garde appearance thanks to the beautiful use of solid hues like white, brown, and gray tones.

Add Color and Tradition

Concrete frequently receives criticism for not giving a space a cozy enough feeling. But leave it to fashion designer Briony Fitzgerald to disprove every skeptic. The concrete framework has a completely new significance when paired with a conventional console table and bright abstract painting. It’s a distinctive, lovely fusion of the ancient and the new, gloomy and cheery.

Extend To The Dining Area

It is preferable to install the same flooring throughout to create a smooth open plan kitchen. Because our eyes don’t divide the floor into tiny regions, it not only makes a space flow but also makes it feel bigger. Make sure the flooring material you choose for your kitchen will also look good in your dining or living spaces.

Repeat colors and materials in places that serve various purposes, such as a kitchen and a dining or seating area. It will appear more unified and feel more cozy that way.

Neutral But Not Dull

The polished cement would remove any chance of the tiles cracking or eventual leaks. Because it has a uniform surface without gaps, solid concrete floors have the benefit of not sacrificing elegance and aesthetics. Due to its chemical makeup, cement makes an excellent flooring material to prevent accidents in locations where water usage cannot be avoided. It is also non-slip and quick to dry.

Create Flow From Inside Out

Concrete is the ideal material for the ground level of a contemporary home with a backyard since it works well in both indoor and outdoor settings. The great room in this modern Robson Rak-designed home spills out into the backyard. This movement is ensured by the stream of the concrete floor, and it is further enhanced by the floor to ceiling glass walls and doors.

Choose Pale Shades

The durability of concrete-effect porcelain tiles is one factor making them a wise choice. So there is no need to worry about them getting soiled or harmed when choosing the lightest colours.

In heavy traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms, porcelain floor tiles are frequently used, according to Jo Oliver, director of The Stone & Ceramic Warehouse. We provide a wide range of concrete-effect tile colors, from light, neutral hues to darker, nearly black hues. Some collections mimic an unfinished poured concrete look for a more industrial atmosphere, while others replicate a soft delicate concrete impression.

Matching Textures

This style of flooring is perfect for adding a designer touch to a room, as it does here, where wood of a similar color tone adds sparkle. Concrete is superior to other flooring materials in that it can absorb any tone that is present depending on the environment.

Take It Outside

An area rug, an upholstered swing bench, and hoop chairs cozy up this outdoor living space created by Arent & Pyke. The boulder and stone wall blend nicely with the bare, natural surroundings, as do the concrete floors. Concrete, therefore, may actually mix in with nature rather easily, while having a modern and artificial appearance.

Consider A Polished Finish

If you’ve made the decision to install a real concrete floor, think about the color and finish. The cabinetry will look fantastic when matched with oiled wood and matt white components in a warm beige color with a satin or polished finish. The flooring’s specks give it personality and movement, and its gentle gloss subtly reflects light.

The maintenance requirements are the same regardless of the finish you select, according to Ben Young.

Polished Cement For Exteriors

This type of cement flooring is frequently used in industries, hospitals, and other locations with heavy foot traffic. Everything appears brand new. While the porch floor and design may be durable and strengthened with stones to withstand harm from weather elements, they are still lovely and adaptable. The correct choice that is resistant to the sun and rain can be made by a skilled floorer.

Cheer Things Up With Color

This space was modernized by Regan Baker Design with bright white walls and a comfortable reading corner. Bring in soft textiles, mix colorful prints, and don’t be afraid to use bright colors if polished concrete floors feel too stark.

Mix With Metallics

Concrete is a flexible material that pairs well with a wide variety of colors and materials, making it an excellent basis for a kitchen design. Here, it complements the cabinetry’s aged, hand-finished solid zinc doors and Caesarstone countertops with a concrete look beautifully.

According to Charlie Smallbone, owner of Ledbury Studio, “the beauty of concrete is that it is a blank canvas that can be colored to complement any scheme” (opens in new tab). In high-traffic areas like a family kitchen, concrete is unsurpassed since it is a durable and low-maintenance material.

Despite this, it is a modern finish that works better in a modern kitchen design than a classic one. Concrete pairs incredibly well with organic materials like wood and rich, burnished metallics for this kind of finish.

Combination Of Rustic And Modern

The combination of modern electrical appliances with sleek cement undertones and rustic brick walls gives this stylish kitchen a sophisticated appearance. Black cabinets, sleek industrial-style seats, and dazzling granite countertops are arranged in a way that complements each other on the polished cement floor.

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Light

Particularly effective are concrete flooring in areas with lots of natural light. The multi-level windows in this open floor plan home by Studio Razavi brighten the area and give it an airy, light, and open atmosphere as opposed to a gloomy, humid basement, which is definitely not the best method to maximize the design possibilities of concrete flooring.