Rustic Grey And Brown Living Room

Create A Homey Scandi Scheme

We should be able to nest and find refuge in our living rooms, whether we’re tired, stressed out, or just want to spend time with family. The epitome of this is found in Nordic interior design, which features hygge accessories like cozy wraps and light wood furniture.

Grey and brown living rooms may easily combine these textures because Mother Nature has already done the legwork. Design your space using natural elements like a light brown jute rug, rattan furniture, and adorable cane accents.

Industrial Grays

A cool and relaxing aesthetic is industrial. The expansive gray cement walls and the rich hardwood floors make a stunning contrast. Vertical runs of cut firewood up the wall give the room an organic character. The room’s diverse gray hues make sure the decor doesn’t look flat.

Corrugated Metal

The clever ideas for everything rustic, salvaged, and reused are overflowing at this Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, home. A panel of salvaged corrugated metal in the living room serves as the ideal backdrop for the antique Orley woodstove, and a casual mix of framed and unframed family silhouettes, oil paintings, and a vintage deer mount are displayed there on a matte gray-black painted wall. Furniture can be covered with sturdy, pet- and family-friendly slipcovers made from drop cloths, which can be purchased at home improvement stores.

Create A Cocooning Grey-Khaki Living Room

Don’t be scared to explore the dark side while gathering ideas for living rooms that have grey and brown furniture. Instead of muddy and murky, you may make a cozy room that feels delectably decadent by choosing a green-grey color like khaki. Perfect for designers who inquire first about the fashionability of grey paint. This particular color is none other than French Linen by color guru Annie Sloan (opens in new tab).

Combine with lighter tones of sage green to create a tranquil, forested feel. Why not transform a set of tables by painting them green to provide a pop of vivid and lush tones to this dramatic setting.

Rustic Charm

With careful planning, rustic beauty can be incorporated into any space. Rugged, aged shiplap is used on even the accent wall. The gray wall makes the tan and brown accents in the furniture and decor stand out.

Modern Rustic Furnishings

Maintain the straight and narrow if you want to design a rustic living room that is brimming with refinement. The warm natural materials—and attractive checkered fabric—are present in this spacious living area that includes both seating and dining sections, but the furniture pieces all have clean lines and precise shapes; there is no overstuffed upholstery here.

Create A Light And Dark Contrast With Charcoal Grey

Consider all the different hues of grey when looking for the best grey sofas. Including anthracite and darker charcoals.

Try out a light-dark contrast by choosing almost-black furniture and honeyed tones for your living room wall decor. This creative grey and brown living room idea uses framed geometric wall art and a color-blocked rug to add numerous small flashes of color to the space.

Added Plant Life

The inclusion of plants is a surefire way to add color to the living area. You can find a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors in houseplants, so you’re sure to be intrigued. The vivid color looks fantastic in a gray and brown living room scheme as well.

Aged Natural Materials

The effect of being surrounded by old-growth natural materials is unadulterated rustic beauty. Homeowner Ellen Allen used recycled wood planks for the ceiling and walls, an extended stone “baseboard,” and a brick floor to create a rustic look in this lovely window-wrapped sunroom. The area is kept from seeming too dark and weighty by an unexpected Lucite table and a large number of lush indoor plants and trees.

Add Texture With Boucle

Brown and grey living rooms with a biological theme are one thing. However, comfortable, bear-like boucle may truly elevate a woodland-inspired look.

This looped yarn, also referred to as “teddy material,” has the texture that your living area sorely needs. And that enormous indoor plant is the ideal topic of conversation.

Stone Fireplace

Keep an eye on the fireplace in the living room. Use natural brown stone to draw attention to it. Warmth and comfort fill the space as the stone climbs to reach the brown wood paneled ceiling.

Porch-Worthy Furnishings

For the ultimate rustic living room, take inspiration from this screened-in porch in South Carolina. Start with a floor painted rusty red and a large stone fireplace (don’t forget a hand-hewn wood mantle! ), then add a variety of rattan or Old Hickory hoop chairs and a plush braided rug. Finally, swap the sofa for a gorgeous wood bed swing to complete the look. The rustic style is finished off with striped cushions and wrought-iron lamp fittings.

Create A Modern Farmhouse Feel

Is there anything more idyllic than this contemporary rustic living room with its wooden beams, high ceiling, and cozy cassette fireplace? It has all the traditional and well-known components of a lounge area but has been given a modern twist.

To create the ideal location for catching up, place two different styles of sofa furniture across from one another, with a coffee table or ottoman placed in the middle. This arrangement is ideal for both morning cappuccinos and evening espresso martinis.

To create a nice, homey atmosphere, combine neutral walls with beige, oatmeal, and biscuity accents in your soft furnishings. Finish the look with an abundance of throws and rugs made of thick, cozy materials like wool. says Heather Hacket, Christy England’s design manager (opens in new tab).

Warm, Ambient Lighting

Utilizing a lot of natural colors and textures in your living room decor is a terrific way to incorporate gray and brown. All you need to do is bring together the rich hues found in natural stone and wood. The atmosphere in the space is enhanced by warm lighting from floor and table lamps.

Dark Paint Color

Paint the ceiling, trim, and all the walls a rich, dark hue to increase the cozy factor right away (here, Downpipe by Farrow & Ball). Start nesting by pulling a leather club chair up to the fire!

Add Interest With A Palm Grey Wallpaper

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have coastal decor or a warm, tropical environment, but if you want to create the illusion of a balmy grey and brown living room, say hello to charming palm tree themes.

While we might not be living our best lives on the beach, a girl can dream, right? This grey living room wallpaper is perfect for creating the illusion that we are. Macrame and hanging plants will bring the tree setting to life. And brass fixtures are the way to go if you want to give your daydream of Bora Bora a boujie flavor.

Brass and brown decorations have a way of significantly elevating drab living areas. They’re ideal for shabby chic and more glam ensembles since they’re warm and earthy, says Skoczek.

Color Balance

Utilize color harmony to bring out the richness of each shade. Balance is essential for creating both a melancholy and a light atmosphere. The light brown herringbone floor keeps the space feeling airy and light while the dark charcoal wall amplifies the gloom. Accent items in bright colors connect the two concepts.

Warm Wood Surround

Nothing creates a more rural atmosphere than a dark, weathered wood backdrop—the older and more rugged, the better! With the same species and tone of wood, horizontally planked walls and window frames offer architectural interest without becoming distracting. White or off-white upholstery in a grouping will counteract the dark wood.

Opt For Cozy Carpet

Carpet is a family-friendly, reasonably priced alternative for living room carpeting that is smooth to the touch. It looks great in grey and brown living rooms.

Carpet is the ideal material to give your home a pleasant atmosphere, according to Punam Chada, a buyer at Carpetright (opens in new tab).

Underfoot, it feels tactile and cozy, and thanks to its inherent insulating properties, it’s a great choice for use throughout the house. Choose a deep pile to create an opulent and peaceful area if you want to produce the height of luxury.

Platform Seating Nook

Installing a raised platform for a seating nook is one method to genuinely elevate your living space. Install a platform to create a division between the main living area, which includes the couch and TV, and a sitting area. It makes the room a very adaptable area. The pastel blue and yellow room accents go well with the soft gray furniture and walls.