Shared Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Sisters

I done a lot of research, and now I’m sharing 20 shared bedroom ideas for teenage sisters that will make you want to change up your space because shared rooms may be difficult with regard to space and bed configuration. I’m also releasing the bedding that works for any layout (especially for those hard to reach places against the wall).

I’ve been considering all possible room arrangements for this house and the next one as I now have two children of my own and are going to move our infant into sharing big sister’s room (whenever that may be).

Flanking A Window

A smart technique to maintain balance is to place the beds on either side of a window that is in the middle of a wall. A window seat or a bureau can be added in the space between the beds, and the rug can be conveniently positioned in the middle below the window.

For the Bold, Eclectic Teen

Everything in this room, from the strong purple color scheme to the vintage furnishings and fashion-forward materials, will age nicely as a preteen girl develops into a mature adolescent. Accentuate color and pattern rather than themes when updating tween rooms to make good investments.

Privacy Bunks

Although your teen ladies may or may not enjoy sharing a bed, adding privacy curtains, as Marie Flanigan did here, gives each girl the impression that the entire room is theirs. A teen who frequently hosts friends for sleepovers would benefit from a bunk-style room.

Head To Head

The practice of aligning the beds head to head against one wall is growing in popularity in the design community and makes excellent use of available space. This example from BHG below features a built-out wall, which is a fantastic method to partially partition the room for seclusion without enclosing it completely. Because of the wallpaper’s striking pattern, the wall doesn’t feel large or obtrusive, which I enjoy.

Shared-Space Style

Teenagers may find it difficult to share a room, but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant! Designer Kristina Crestin decorated this charming room’s two big beds with identical white ruffled bedding and luxurious fur throws, adding a personalized touch by hanging each girl’s monogram above her bed. A chilly counterpoint to the girly pink ruffled curtains is provided by a shared midcentury contemporary dresser that also functions as a nightstand.

Add Some Fairytale Flavour

This bedroom has a dreamy quality to it. While Little Red Riding Hood curls up on the bed to read her book, Hansel and Gretel are probably playing in the corner, fortunately away from the big, terrible wolf. Twin beds made of wrought iron and simple wall art made of plates give the space an antique feel. When the grandchildren visit Grandma to play, this room would be ideal.

Bunk Bed Against A Wall

Most parents choose bunk beds against a wall for their children’s shared bedrooms, whether they are for boys or girls. I adore how simple the beds below are, as well as how each bunk has a small round sconce lamp and a book shelf.

Fun With Neutrals

A shared bedroom looks fantastic with neutral walls because it allows two teenage ladies to show off their treasured items without making the room appear cluttered. In this chic black-and-white room, framed photos, gymnastics medals, and a stack of books add just the right amount of color.

Symmetrical Bedroom

To make the most of a small bedroom, maintain symmetry in the furniture arrangement. Here, twin beds split one wall and have matching headboards and linen for a unified appearance. Between the two, a dresser that doubles as a nightstand and is crammed with storage is tucked away.

Side By Side

Another common option for a shared room is a set of beds that are placed side by side, and for good reason. The beds really become the center of attention because it leaves one entire side of the room free for a dresser, desk, or shelving. This arrangement is ideal for a large-scale wallpaper on one wall.


Bunk beds are still so much fun no matter your age. With luxurious, mismatched bedding and some lovely, colorful string lights, you may give yours a teen facelift.

Storage Savvy Bedroom

Even in a large place, sharing a bedroom can be challenging. Custom furniture items, like this bed frame with built-in drawers, can add extra storage. Small spaces are perfect for this bunk bed that saves space. The stacking beds conserve floor room for play while the pullout compartments make under-bed storage easier to access.

Loft Bed Above A Full Bed

The latest style of bunk to purchase has a loft bed atop a full bed since it is the ideal design to grow with your children. When they are smaller, it feels like a fort (with a safer alternative to climbing than a ladder), but as they get older and prefer their own view, they also gain additional foot space at the end of the bottom bunk. Another benefit is the built-in desk (or storage) on one side.

Beachin’ It

A beach bum? By adorning your room with furniture and décor in calming tones of blue and green, you may give it a touch of coastal flair.

Identical Bedroom

To make everything equal is the key to small bedroom designs. In order to meet their needs, each child should have an equal amount of room and storage. Make sure your furniture has an even number of drawers so that you can divide everything equally.

At Opposite Ends Of The Room

For tween or teen girls who wish to keep their places a little more separate, placing mattresses at either end of a long, narrow room is ideal. In the center of the space, which is now the shared spaces, you can place a desk, a wardrobe, shelves, and in the example below, even some sliding barn doors!

The Perfect Balance

It can be challenging to design a shared room for two daughters, ages 14 and 7, but Chelius House of Design was up for the task. A solid foundation is provided by the room’s neutral color scheme, and each side of the space has slightly different design characteristics that express each girl’s unique individuality.

Twin-Sized Small Guest Bedroom

In addition, instead of a king-size bed, think about twin beds when designing your guest room. This arrangement ensures that nobody ends up sleeping on the couch because not every visitor will feel comfortable sharing a bed. Between the beds, a desk gives useful workspace for conducting business.

Built-In Bunks

Built-in bunks are currently the pinnacle of custom homes, if you have a decent carpenter or handyperson in your household. Especially if you can incorporate classic components like sconce lamps and a mobile ladder on rails, they are quite hot right now. Because it doesn’t, this shared room option doesn’t require any additional floor space.

A Sophisticated Shared Room

Older teenagers can cohabitate while including advanced design elements. Bright flashes of color are added to this mostly white room through patterned bedding and some striking photo artwork.