Shelf Over Washer And Dryer Ideas

Laundry Shelves Over Washer/Dryer

You do not need to put in such large and numerous shelves if your laundry room is little.

Simply installing some basic shelves will be sufficient to store your needs. The floating laundry room shelf is suggested because it takes up less place.

To maximize space savings, think about stacking the shelves. Between the washing machine and the first hanger, you can also add a hanger.

You don’t need additional room because you can just hang there with the hanger.

Display Your Precious Finds

Why not use your floating shelves to display some lovely décor items rather than using them to add more storage space? Chunky wooden shelves in this laundry room carry framed signage, potted plants, and candle holders, making this simply functional area visually attractive.

Custom White Painted Shelf

Create a unique shelf that extends between two walls. Since the support is fitted at both ends, this alternative eliminates the requirement for wall brackets.

Take Floating Shelves into Account

Since we don’t do our activities there frequently, the laundry room typically has a restricted amount of space. However, you still need to finish off the decoration of this little nook in your home.

You can simply install a floating shelf if you have trouble installing a fully covered shelf or are short on space.

Even better, you can install and arrange them in three to five rows. On top of your washing machine, mount the floating shelves.

Give a space between the lowest row of the shelf with the washing machine when it has a top-loading model.

You can do the same in the interim or leave no room for the front-loading washer.

Mount the shelves on one of the stackable washing machine’s sides if you wish to stack it.

Take a Cue From Existing Style

What better way to add beauty to this laundry room with a minimalist design than with sleek shelves? A room that combines basic need with decorative elements is both attractive and functional. The Scandinavian simplicity of the room is complemented by the effortlessly stylish bookcases.

Wood Counter with Mini Shelf

Both renters and owners of front-loading machines will benefit greatly from this wise choice. It doesn’t require wall installation and offers a substantial amount of counter space as well. The little shelf on the back can be shallow for more storage or shallower (like this one, which was built solely to cover the water valves and exit).

Laundry Room Wall Shelves

Laundry supplies are typically stored on laundry room shelves. The majority of people also choose to keep stock at first, which occasionally requires extra space.

One way to increase storage without adding more storage is with a cubby shelving unit. The shelf can be changed.

As a result, make the proper measurement to create ideal cubby shelves.

Additionally, combine the cubby shelf with a different kind of shelf. You won’t need to worry about the laundry again if you do it that way.

Keep it at a Minimal

Your laundry needs will always be nearby if shelves are mounted directly over the washing machine. For small rooms, wall-mounted floating shelves are the best option because they add more storage without taking up valuable floor space. Just a few objects should be kept on show, and the remainder should be kept in closed cabinetry, to avoid the clutter that comes with open shelves.

Dryer Only Stained Wood Shelf

You don’t want a shelf to obstruct the top-load washer lid, do you? No issue. Only the dryer should have a shelf installed. With this option, you can still store more laundry and have access to daily necessities.

Laundry Room Shelf With Hanging Rod

You might use an industrial design for a laundry room to make it more appealing. Iron and wood can be put together.

Use them as hangers or floating shelves as well.

You can still install the standard shelves even though you’re using the industrial theme. Add some finishing touches, such as wood and iron.

Since wood will be used as a material, proper placement must be taken into account.

If you place the wood items on the incorrect side, you will need to take particular care because wood is readily destroyed in the damp.

Focus on Aesthetics

This room’s immaculate design will make you want to do laundry every day! The remaining walls are painted in soothing blues, while the focal wall is covered in an unusual patterned wallpaper. The bamboo baskets, picture frames, pet bed, and artificial pampas grass all have light brown accents that visually open up the room and match the wallpaper.

Wood Counter and Shelf Combo

Changing the laundry room’s decor? I adore the way this wooden shelf cascades down from the dryer’s side onto the wooden countertop next to it. The counter and shelf, which are both stained, give the impression that they are one huge unique piece.

Laundry Shelves Over A Washer

Laundry shelves over a washer are advised for front-loading washing machines. More room will be provided, and it will seem tidy.

There are two ways to install this type of shelving. The first suggestion is to use the area as a tabletop.

The most necessary washing items can be placed there, or you can merely add ornaments.

In addition, turning it will make it into an iron table. You will then find two functions on a single shelf.

The cubby shelves for the second option can be installed right on top. If you rarely require additional space for your laundry products, it will be more effective.

A Neutral Color Palette

Utilize your shelves to incorporate the existing décor style. With its subway tiles, black light fittings, and rustic wood elements, this laundry room already exhibits a modern farmhouse aesthetic. The two floating shelves are painted a brilliant white and filled with some potted plants to soften the sharply contrasted effect because black and white colors are farmhouse classics.

Extra-Long Stained Wood Shelf

This extra-long wood shelf extends past the washer and dryer and fills the entire space. If you want to put some decorative objects on the shelf as well, this is a fantastic alternative. Alternatively, if one end of the counter has a sink, this will also provide storage above the sink.

Aside from that, I like how the dark stain makes the shelf look subtle and lets the decor stand out by blending with the wall.

Grab Extra Organizers

To make your laundry room storage even more useful and attractive, incorporate a variety of organizers.

You can use a variety of organizers, such as woven baskets and attractive boxes, to keep your shelf unit tidy and uncluttered.

Create a Focal Point

Take the focus off your floating shelf with a beautiful wallpaper. This wall combines two different types of treatments to create an eye-catching accent wall: flowery wallpaper and white paneling. For a unified look, the two baskets perched atop the shelves match the wallpaper, wooden shelves, vase, and sign frame.

Rustic, Repurposed Wood Shelf

Find a piece of wood to use as a shelf over the washer and dryer in the laundry room instead of going to the home improvement store. One shelf is all you need, so this is the ideal place for a distinctive, rustic piece of reused wood.

Add Task Lighting To Find Items Easily

When it comes to laundry day, it doesn’t matter if you’re a working parent or a stay-at-home parent. Maintaining control of that bottomless burden can seem like an arduous effort, whether it’s clothes for social events, sports equipment, or uniforms for work and school.

So install a couple of lights above the shelving in your laundry room to make things easy from morning to night. You can locate your products precisely and save the time-consuming, frustrating hunt for fabric cleanser or spot remover by adding more lighting.

Pick a design that works for your laundry room. We adore the glitz these brass fittings give Karrie’s house, also known as @ourlittlefoxhouse(opens in new tab)),

Casual and Dynamic

Make your area feel cozy and welcoming by choosing rich, wooden shelves. To make the golden brown shelves stand out more, choose wall colors that are in stark contrast to one another, like the pristine white shiplap in this modern laundry room. For a less formal yet intriguing appearance, install them asymmetrically.