Shiplap Half Wall Bathroom

It’s simple and inexpensive to add charm to a bathroom by using shiplap. Conventional horizontal plank walls, vertical shiplap, traditional white shiplap, or even painted shiplap are all options. Completely outfit your bathroom, or just add a half-wall or accent wall. With these lovely shiplap half wall bathroom designs, you’ll be motivated to redecorate your bathroom!

Half-Shiplap Wall Panel

With its paneled design at the bottom, a half-shiplap wall creates the ideal visual balance while keeping the upper half of the vertical area clear for decoration. The white panels in this instance provide the taupe walls and the patterned floor tiles contrast and texture.

Shiplap in a Petite Powder Room

Consider that your bathroom is too small to add personality. Think again. This wonderful “California Casual” Bathroom Makeover by Lauren @ Bless’er House demonstrates how shiplap can transform even the smallest powder room. This place really elevates things with the shiplap wainscoting! The light gray half-wall of vertical shiplap provides character while keeping the small space airy and cheerful.

Enlightened Powder Room with Shiplap Wainscoting

Similar work was done in this bathroom, but the designer proved that using color is not anything to be afraid of. The wallpaper design flawlessly incorporates the ocean blue used in the shiplap, demonstrating that you can play around with color and yet come up with a stunning bathroom.

Log Cabin-Style Shiplap

The inspiration for rustic shiplap can come from more than just traditional farms. Just have a look at this chic bathroom, which mimics the feel of a distant log cabin with shiplap walls.

The shiplap in the log design is undoubtedly a bold choice. The rest of the bathroom’s light, contemporary finishes, however, prevent this area from looking too kitsch.

Shiplap Sidings

The shiplap accent wall in the bathroom extends halfway up the wall, giving the impression that the ceiling is higher and the space is larger. The dark vanity, patterned floor tiles, and light taupe walls are all contrasted just enough by the solid white wood tone.

Coastal Inspired Vertical Shiplap

Planked walls are fantastic since you can change the look by just painting the treatment. Sherwin Williams’ Sea Salt is a gorgeous coastal green-gray-blue color that provides a beachy vibe to this stunning vertical shiplap wall from The House of Hood Blog. To complete the appearance, add oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and artificial plants.

Clean, Full White with Criss-Crossed Lines of Brick Meeting Shiplap

We love how this bathroom’s design uses shiplap in such a distinctive way. You may acquire crisscrossed lines that add flair and produce a breath-taking dynamic by adding shiplap on top and bricked tiles on the bottom. The feature is permitted to blend into the background since they are painted white, so you only see it if you’re looking for it.

Warm Cherry Shiplap

A fairly surprising finish for a shiplap style is the rich cherry wood. However, it boasts the ideal blend of contemporary luxury and rustic appeal in a single material.

The ultra-modern fixtures contribute to this bathroom’s sleek, contemporary appearance. A bathroom design with this shiplap concept and more classic fixtures would be incredibly warm and inviting.

Vertical Shiplap Half-Wall

Installing a vertical half-shiplap wall will make a small toilet room appear larger. The rail for the bathroom window is provided by the height of the panels, visually dividing the lower half for furnishings and appliances from the upper halves for architectural and lighting components.

Vertical Shiplap in Accent Color

Ashley from Cherished Bliss chose a half-wall of Gray Vertical Shiplap for this adorable bathroom renovation, which adds minor visual interest. Without undertaking substantial changes like ripping out the floor tile, the shiplap was able to completely remodel the bathroom.

Deep Blue Shiplap and Chair Rail Pop Off the Wall

Here’s another instance of dark blue shiplap used in conjunction with a chair rail that would delight any homeowner or interior designer. Additionally, it was a smart move to incorporate some white into the bottom while keeping the dark hue of the photo and frame. As a result, the designer was able to break up the solid colors and maintain the flow of their design.

Floral and Feminine

A shiplap bathroom design that makes the most of color is what you’re looking for. Then you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this example!

While still appealing to a more minimalist design inclination, its style is timeless and feminine. This is made possible by the modern, clean fixtures and design.

It is clear that the floral wallpaper and the shiplap paint color were deliberately chosen to complement one another. And the outcome is ideal in every way. If you decide to use this bathroom as inspiration while creating your own, be sure to choose your color scheme carefully.

Non-White Shiplap

There is also the half-wall method, which involves raising the shiplap by around 36 inches (sooo technically not half, Math is not my strong point). This is a terrific style to use for an entire room, and you can just alter the color to stay current with trends!

Farmhouse Bathroom with Antiques

The planked “shiplap” technique complements the collection of antiques because it has a vintage/heritage sense. Here, a half-wall of shiplap, statement flooring, and antique details (like the mirror and salvage trim piece) are used by Tessah (1900stonefarmhouse on Instagram) to infuse a small powder room with personality.

Classic White Brick and Marble with Dark Blue Shiplap and Set-in Farmhouse Windows

The best of everything is this. Stunning floors, a brick bathroom, a clawfoot tub, dark blue shiplap, and lots of windows. We appreciate this bathroom since it was carefully planned to provide maximum coziness and optimum comfort.

Very Vertical

Why not remodel your bathroom as well? When it comes to adding a shiplap accent wall, no area is off limits. Although shiplap walls are typically horizontal, it also looks stunning when hung vertically, as in the room of Chelsee Hood. Additionally, if a border appeals to you more, there’s no need to cover the entire wall.

Greige Half-Shiplap

To warm up your shiplap wall and make it integrate seamlessly with the rustic wood elements of your powder room, use a beige shiplap wall with gray undertones. The panels, which are painted Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams, link the warm wood vanity and flooring to the white walls.

Shiplap Towel Bar

It can seem a little intimidating to DIY shiplap for a whole bathroom, but what about just a little accent wall? Towel hooks are added to Mary’s Vertical Shiplap Half Wall at The Handcrafted Haven to provide a sweet storage area.

Since towels are wet, make sure to choose paint that is approved for use in moist environments, like as bathrooms, when painting the shiplap. This design would probably work best in a guest bathroom or powder room with less daily activity. A painted shiplap wall may begin to deteriorate due to the high dampness of a typical bathroom.

Simple Shiplap Wainscoting

A great technique to give any area a more polished appearance is using wainscoting. Wainscoting may also make bold colors and decor choices feel a little more subdued in a small space like a bathroom.

Modern shiplap wainscoting is a fantastic substitute if elaborate wainscoting panels are not your thing. The look is more contemporary, but the overall impact is the same.

This white shiplap wainscoting can be paired with your own paint color or wallpaper that is suitable for bathrooms. But if you want the shiplap to steal the show, stick with a muted color scheme like this one.

Add Wallpaper, Too

To reproduce the appearance of this charming powder room from Farmhouse on Boone, add fanciful wallpaper and shiplap. We adore how the wallpaper adds a flash of pattern that elevates the bathroom design beyond the simple white countertop and paneling.