Shiplap Wall Ideas For Living Room

Lovely Living Room

High ceilings and gorgeous wooden beams were already features of Jessica Rayome’s living room, but now that shiplap has been added, the room really shines and has a strong farmhouse vibe. There’s no need to leave a shiplap wall empty after installing it because Rayome added old windows to the panels for more rustic charm.

Sitting Room Accent Wall

A shiplap wall is a simple way to bring comfort to a formal sitting area. Of course, stuffed seats are also helpful.

On Time and On Style Living Space

What a clever idea! With the exception of the stencil of a clock on the wall, this elegant living room appears to belong in a recent issue of a home magazine. Strangely, the clock looks old, but everything else in the room is in fine working order. It’s yet another intentional fusion of the traditional and contemporary.

Dark and Moody

Why not add a little extra flair by painting your shiplap wall? Any color is OK! In order to instantly bring dark emotions to their living area, Chris and Julia Marcum added a deep navy shiplap accent wall.

Coastal Living

Add weathered shiplap walls to your living room arrangement for a nautical feel, whether you’re decorating a beach house or daydreaming about having ocean views from your suburban home. Use the weathered shiplap as an accent wall behind the couch or TV to keep your design from going overboard if full weathered walls are too literal of a nautical interpretation for you.

Add Some Drama With Dark Shiplap

While shiplap boards are typically painted in white and cream tones, you can experiment with other colors. We adore the dramatic contrast between the dark shiplap and the medium-toned wood floors in this Studio McGee room. Everything feels cozy rather than enclosed.

Paint-Free Perfection

You’re not a painter? Neither is blogger Amy, who created a wonderful rustic impression in her home by attaching recycled wooden boards to an empty wall. The finished product warms up the room and offers a nice contrast to her otherwise white walls.

Rustic Living Room/Den

Why not go all out and install entire wood shiplap walls in your living room or den if you adore shiplap for its rustic appearance? For a new spin on the farmhouse motif, pair it with modern furniture and luxurious velvet curtains.

Frame A Fireplace Or Bookshelf With Shiplap

If your house design has a fireplace, you may make a striking shiplap accent wall behind the mantel that looks like this one from Sugar and Cloth. Do not worry if you lack a fireplace. By placing a bookcase or media cabinet in front of the shiplap feature, you may get a comparable look.

Use In High Ceilings

The home’s farmhouse design is complemented by the magnificent cathedral ceilings and white shiplap accent wall for the fireplace.

Beach House Living Room

Shiplap can be mounted vertically but is typically presented horizontally. Shiplap that is vertical will enlarge a space by drawing the attention upward.

Sitting Room

Given the room’s high ceilings, the shiplap’s placement halfway up the wall in this informal sitting area works well. You can also see how the shiplap makes the ideal background for artwork or other decorations, allowing them to stand out.

Vertical Shiplap

Shiplap is also an option for contemporary dwellings. It was mounted vertically here and is used on every wall. Compared to the common shiplap used in farmhouse-style homes, each piece is thinner.

Beach Living Room

Not only is shiplap used in design with a farmhouse theme. This is actually a very adaptable design element that may look amazing in any style of room or decor.

Take a look at Mawr Design’s beach-themed living room, for example. It has a stunning accent wall made of shiplap that beautifully unifies the room. The shiplap’s dark slate blue hue makes me think of the color of the ocean on a rainy day.

Living Room

Shiplap looks fantastic in a larger living room as well. Here, a sliding barn door adds to the rustic feel of the shiplap, which works nicely with the dark hardwood floors.

Accent Fireplace

Consider installing shiplap over a fireplace, as in this living room, if you want to utilize it as an accent wall but aren’t sure where to place it.

Shiplap Reclaimed Look

We adore everything about AMW Design Studio’s shiplap accent wall because it is so adorable. The planks appear to be made of recycled wood, which lends the interior a unique quality.

Distinct planks of wood may have entirely different colors and tones, which gives the shiplap accent wall an eclectic and endearing aspect. This distinguishes reclaimed wood from other natural wood appearances.

Use Shiplap Around Your Fireplace

Have a fireplace that needs to be updated? The Charleston Crafted DIY Shiplap Fireplace is a substantial undertaking, but the end result will be worthwhile. These do-it-yourselfers covered horizontal shiplap in a rich blue-gray paint and installed it around the windows, over the fireplace, and in a bespoke bump-out. Definitely a major impact on design!

Exposed Wood

Another alternative to the typical white paint for shiplap is to leave it unpainted. This shiplap’s wood was left unfinished. But you can also choose to stain it.

White Shiplap Wall

If you want to give the wall some texture and design, shiplap might be a wonderful substitute for wallpaper. It’s less complicated, and some may even argue that it’s more useful and straightforward to install.

For less than $100, some shiplap accent walls can be erected. As an illustration, consider the minimalist décor designed by Chelsea Lauren Interiors.