Short Tree Stump Ideas

Hollow Out To Use As A Planter

Making a tree stump into a unique planter for all of your favorite flowers and foliage is one of the easiest things you can do with it. This is exactly what Carmen of @carmypeach(opens in new tab) has done, giving her garden a stunningly natural appearance.

To replicate the effect, all you need to do is use an axe or mattock to hollow out the center of your stump (carefully, of course). Before planting, add some pebbles or grit to the bottom of the hole to improve drainage (you could even drill a few holes deeper into the trunk). Next, add some potting soil.

The finished product will not only be visually appealing, but the plants will also gain from the tree stump’s nutrients as they organically decompose in the soil. Why not fill with uplifting tulips or daffodils? For suggestions, go to our guide to planting bulbs.

Home For Garden Gnomes

The six-foot-tall oak stump is located amid a lush, forested estate. The estate owners decided to make a gnome home out of it instead of dismantling it, giving it a door, little windows, and a shingled roof. They encircled the gnome dwellings with luxuriant vegetation to complete it.

Amazing Stump Outdoor Light

The guests will be in awe of this concept. In these tree stumps, unique lights have been installed in the cranks. Then, these stumps are positioned thoughtfully around your landscape. These stumps can also be positioned along your driveway.

With this tree stump light guiding you, nights out with pals will take on a new dimension.

Turn Into Hopscotch Stepping Stones

Who would have imagined tree stumps could be so adorable? We adore Shaz Young’s creative idea, where she painted the tips of little stumps to resemble toadstools under the handle @slinkyshaz(opens in new tab).

They provide a delightful game of hopscotch for children and provide an additional element of fantasy to the garden when arranged in the form of a wavy trail of stepping stones.

If you want to experiment on your own, check out our top exterior wood paint.

Adventure Zone

Undoubtedly, tree stumps are kept there for kids to play with. If you don’t think the tree stump can be used for gardening, you can make a tall one into an outdoor play area. It can be transformed into a slide set by adding reused wood slats to the top and a slide. You might also include a side climbing wall similar to this one.

Colorful Stumps Table and Stools

The contrast between this concept and the previous one is in its vibrant simplicity. The table is a huge stump, and the stools are smaller stumps arranged around the table.

This idea pops and grabs everyone’s attention by painting some or all of the stump. This stump can be placed in your garden or even in your outdoor pavilion.

Transform Into Beautiful Furniture

Why not use your tree stump inside your home? The amazing material of eucalyptus has been used to produce this one-of-a-kind table.

After a big tree was removed from a resident’s garden, this stump was reclaimed, according to Kishan Mistry of Tree Soul Store (opens in new tab). “Without the use of wood oil or varnish,” says the manufacturer, “this wood’s inherent pattern and color offers the perfect finish.”

The stump has lovely, consistent rings and little, open pores that add to its charm, says Kishan. It’s incredible to have furniture made from your own materials. Without a doubt, we concur!

Natural Planter

A tree stump is a rare find in a rustic garden. It can be converted into a natural planter where you can grow your cascading plants. It might also be utilized as a vine planter.

In a lush, green lawn, the tree stump planter will appear to be alive. It wouldn’t even need to be surrounded by green spaces similar to this one.

Stump Throne

There wouldn’t be any bloodshed on this throne, despite the fact that it resembles the iron throne from the Game of Thrones movie. You can find the peace you need to read a book or think back on your day in this throne chair in your garden.

It will be even more serene if the tree that shades it is taller.

Enchant The Little Ones With A Fairy House

For kids, the garden can be a tremendous source of wonder and imagination. So why not turn a plain tree stump into a fantastic fairy castle if you want to keep your kids occupied outside?

You’ll quickly captivate them with pebble paths, floral window boxes, and a succulent roof. If you need more ideas, check out some of our other kid-friendly garden activities.

Bird Bath

All you’ll need is a readily accessible dish for the top and a well-shaped, straight trunk. To have the trunk serve as the pedestal, level it somewhat.

Choose a shallow, non-slippery saucer for the top and a smaller one for the base so that ground birds can dip there.

Painted Stumps

The advantages of painting a tree are endless. The tree will be protected from degeneration and will stand out in your garden design as a result. You don’t even need to be a skilled painter to accomplish this.

To decorate the stump, you can create a simple painting, apply patterns, or create a mosaic.

Carve Into Mushrooms For A Magical Feel

Check out these tree stump mushrooms if you want to give your garden an Alice in Wonderland feel. To produce an alien look, each one is skillfully carved.

These would instantly enhance your garden and give it a distinctive air. They are ideal along a fence, around a seating area, or scattered among your flowerbeds. Again, you’d likely need to engage a professional to assist you, but we believe the outcome would be well worth it.

Use For Outdoor Furniture

These tree trunks have been stylishly updated and made into garden chairs. When arranged in a trio, they provide a chic centerpiece that may be surrounded by patio furniture and decorated with lanterns.

To reproduce the effect, you would merely need to sand down tree stumps and then coat with a durable varnish or oil. It has an appearance that is completely in line with our modern outdoor living space designs.

Stained Wood Stump

This stump has been smoothed over, stained, and sanded down. This planter is distinctive and motivational due to the integration of artificial and natural resources.

Make an Aged Moss Stump

You can grow moss on the stump to give it an old-fashioned appearance if it is in a moist, dark, and humid environment.

Side Tub Shampoo Holder

An old tree stump can be stained and used as a shampoo holder on the side of the tub rather than building taller shelf or a steel shampoo rack inside the shower itself.

You can even bring your phone and a portable speaker and just have some relaxing alone time thanks to the space on the surface.

Aged Fungus Feature

An ancient stump covered in moss and fungi is transformed into a distinctive planter that is home to vivid and colorful wildflowers.

Create a Pot Stand

Making a tree stump pot stand will spare you from labor if you don’t want to create a planter. You can varnish or paint that tree stump pot stand if you’re not happy with the way it appears naturally and to keep the wood from deteriorating.