Simple Birdhouse Painting Ideas

Daisy Roof Birdhouse

If you don’t think you have the ability to hand paint, stenciling is always a fun alternative! Because everyone loves flowers in the spring and summer, floral decorations work well for birdhouses.

Anyone who enjoys daisies will enjoy making this summer project—a birdhouse decorated with flowers. This is an easy method to brighten up your outdoor area.

Dollhouse Birdhouse

This birdhouse has a dollhouse-inspired style. You will also need plywood, paint, wood glue, and screws. You can repurpose an existing dollhouse or buy a new one, depending on the design.

Stencilled Birdhouse Idea?

Use stencils to paint a readymade birdhouse to make a wonderful and enjoyable design. This stenciled birdhouse is lovely and simple to make. If you enjoy creating stencils, you will adore using this concept. Make use of your preferred stencil design. Use a sponge and some diluted paint to lightly cover your birdhouse’s stencil with the sponge. You can transform any readymade birdhouse into a stunning one with stencils.

Mod Podge Paint Chip Birdhouse

Take those outdated paint chips out of the drawer and use them to adorn birdhouses! It will be fascinating to choose the color scheme for your birdhouse based on paint chip samples. Use three candle cups that have been glued together to make the pedestal, and a tiny canvas for the base.

Popsicle Stick Birdhouse

You and your young DIY enthusiasts can try building this birdhouse. Grab some rope, hot glue, and Popsicle sticks. The sticks can be painted to create a unique design.

Kids Painted Birdhouse

Every child enjoys painting! It becomes much more appealing by painting something that they can hang in their backyard. This is very enjoyable and simple to do! Make a vibrant, colorful birdhouse with chalkboard paint and chalk markers by visiting and entering your URL there. If you wish to hang your birdhouse outside, you need use a spray sealant.

Chicken Coop Birdhouse

Use acrylic paint, stencils, and your birdhouse to create a colorful chicken coop. The backyard birds will adore building their nests in this vibrant house.

Cottage Birdhouse

The yellow on this tiny cottage birdhouse is wonderful for luring warblers, hummingbirds, and goldfinches. Different colors attract different species. Many suggestions for luring various species of birds to your yard may be found on the website Gardening Know How.

Painted Gourd Birdhouse

Amazing birdhouses made from gourds! Have you ever used gourds in this way? Simply let them to dry out for a few months until the shell hardens and the interiors are entirely dried out. Then, remove any remaining dirt or mold by cleaning the “guts” and shell, then wash the result with a little bleach water. For the entry, drill a 1 1/2 inch hole.

Prepare to perform the enjoyable part now. Let the kids decorate using spray paint!

Turn a Wood Birdhouse Into a Gnome Birdhouse

Gnomes are creatures of the outdoors, thus it stands to reason that they would transform a typical birdhouse into a gnome birdhouse. Mod Podge Outdoor is finished!

Painted Birdhouse

Try painting a nice pattern on a wooden birdhouse if you know anybody who is artistic. After that, fasten the birdhouse to a post or fence.

Angry Birds Birdhouse

What about a birdhouse from Angry Birds? Will fans of Angry Birds find that entertaining? For a fun activity for youngsters, simply get a pre-made birdhouse, some Mod Podge, some acrylic paint, and some coloring pages of Angry Birds. Use the Mod Podge, which functions as glue, to attach the cut-out image. Before drying, Mod Podge has a milky white appearance, but don’t panic; it will dry clear.

Neon Birdhouses

Birdhouses don’t necessarily need to be totally painted! I think it’s a great idea to add some stripes to birdhouses while letting the natural wood take center stage.

Create the stripes with painter’s tape; don’t you think the neon is fun? Paint candlesticks or candle cups, let them dry, and then attach them to the birdhouses if you need any stands.

Milk Carton Birdhouse

This cardboard carton birdhouse would be a fantastic activity for a rainy day. To make birdhouses, take several empty cardboard boxes from the recycling bin, wash them, and then utilize them. You might need to use a utility knife to cut the cardboard with your children.

Easy Wooden Post Birdhouse

How astonishing is it that this simple birdhouse was constructed without glue or nails? It’s the ideal project for those who avoid doing difficult DIY projects. Similar to the conventional bluebird house, but without screws or nails this time around. All you require is someone to cut the wood for you. (The site provides exact sizes.) The wood has been coloured such that the wood grain is visible. adore it

Birdhouse Makeover Using Mod Podge Ultra

If you haven’t tried it, seal glass can be adhered to a surface with Mod Podge Ultra. such as a birdhouse! After using chalk paint, Ultra, and adding sea glass, Kathy painted the birdhouse. It is watertight.

Decorated Birdhouse

These birdhouses are constructed from items found at garage sales and then embellished with paint, stickers from scrapbooks, and even coins. Visit Glitter and Labradors to learn more about the initiative.

Birdhouse Chandelier

Wouldn’t your garden look wonderful with this birdhouse chandelier? With a few straightforward tools, you may easily update a chandelier body that doesn’t match your interior design. Birdhouses are available at craft supply stores, or you may make a straightforward one yourself.

Grab a vintage chandelier at a charity shop. Prepare to build your own birdhouse chandelier as well.

Terra Cotta Birdhouses

With FolkArt Terra Cotta, you can give your birdhouses a contemporary look and feel. You may give the houses of your backyard birds color and beauty by using this lovely textured paint.

Two-Story Birdhouse

This two-story birdhouse has a false tree and a small footbridge that it sets on a stand. Birds can sit on the extra-large stand, or you can use it to distribute some bird feed.