Slanted Ceiling Bedroom Paint Ideas

127 Trinidad Drive

This bedroom’s high ceiling gives the impression that the space is larger, and the color scheme gives the space a chic, modern appearance.

Shades of Gray

With in-the-wall drawers, this contemporary interpretation of an attic bedroom makes the most of the small space. Simple calm is evoked by the use of soft gray bedding, walls, and lighting.

Placing Beds Under The Slant Creates A Cozy Nook

Make sure you’re sleeping in a space that feels safe and secure if you want a good night’s rest. Because of this, many people may decide to position their bed precisely beneath the slant when designing a room with slanted ceilings in order to create a cozy corner. You might be able to position your headboard against the lower wall and a smaller nightstand on each side, depending on the height of the eaves. Some people might still decide to position the bed parallel to the overhang, though, if it hangs too low.

According to Today, you are likely to feel more secure in your bedroom if you can’t see your bed from the room’s entry completely since it makes you feel safer against intruders, even subconsciously. The nook beneath the eaves also becomes cozier if you choose to put skylights on the sloped ceilings because you may spend your nights stargazing until you nod off.

Atherton Estate

This San Francisco bedroom’s white ceiling and monochromatic exposed beams make for a striking contrast.

Perfect Symmetry

The bright design of this attic bedroom is what draws people in. A room that may otherwise feel dark and claustrophobic is made brighter by the use of white walls and honey wood floors in this area. Plenty of natural light is also provided by mirroring skylights and a center window, which makes the room feel larger than it actually is.

Measure And Double Measure Before Buying Anything

Slanted ceiling rooms are likely to have odd sizes and perhaps uncomfortable dead space that might not initially appear to be useful. Because of this, before making any final decorating decisions, you’ll need to be especially diligent about measuring your room and all the objects you plan to utilize in it. The size of your room should be measured first, according to Darby Road Home, to prevent any unpleasant shocks. This would include the room’s entry clearance as well as the height and length of each wall. Next, as expected, you must measure the height and width of each piece of furniture.

To make sure it will 1) clear the doorway and 2) fit the area, you must additionally measure the diagonal depth of the object. According to ConfettiStyle, you should leave at least 5 to 9 inches between the top of a piece of furniture and the bottom of the décor. Pay close attention to how you arrange your furniture because this can be particularly challenging in spaces with sloped ceilings.

Brookside Retreat

Although the bed may be the focal point of this Chicago bedroom, the lovely exposed/sloped ceiling gives the room a cozy atmosphere that is both comfortable and opulent.

Under the Stars

For a visitor staying over who enjoys stargazing, this cozy attic bedroom is ideal. The amount of furniture is kept to a minimum in order to compensate for the room’s small size and low ceilings. A bed that is positioned between two skylights allows people to fall asleep under the stars and awaken to a room that is drenched in sunlight.

Use Fun Colors To Create Space

The colors of a room’s walls have a significant impact on how big people perceive it to be overall. A room can feel bigger and brighter with certain colors, whereas a room can feel smaller and more enclosed with other hues. It’s preferable to choose the former as decorating a room with sloped ceilings already makes it feel claustrophobic. Bright white paint always makes a room feel lighter, but to prevent the area from feeling sterile, it should be combined with matching colors in other elements of the room. If you don’t like white, a creamy taupe or a blush pink will still achieve the same result of amplifying any natural light in the room.

If a darker color scheme is more your thing, The House Designers adds, you can still use somber colors in a smaller room, but only if you adhere to a few straightforward rules. The key to making a room appear larger is to combine darker hues with lighter shades of the same hue. To open up the space, paint the room’s woodwork and ceiling a somewhat lighter shade of cobalt if you want to paint your bedroom a deep navy blue. To get the similar result, you could also paint three of the walls navy blue and highlight the fourth wall with a lighter tint.

Huron Village Residence

Why not paint your flooring for a fresh look if they’ve seen a lot of use? A darker shade, like the blue used here, appears cool and welcoming in the summer while white is light and airy.

R&R Room

This attic space offers a distinctive upper retreat from blaring TVs and chirping phones. The daybed is designed for lounging but doubles as a bed for visitors.

Get Cozy

The ideal place to take a nap appears to be in this attic room. The color scheme is straightforward and calming, with layers of gray pillows and blankets. For a small surface area to store items on, slide a slim side table into the corner.

Mill Valley

A private master deck is accessible through French doors. The room is lit naturally by skylights. The closet, which has windows that face the front of the house, is located at the far end.

Contemporary Quarters

The horizontal slats in this room have the exact opposite impact from the wood-panel walls of the 1970s and 1980s, which instantly date a space. The bright blues and greens contrast with the light wood to create a cheerful, modern atmosphere.

Incorporate Color and Plenty of Light

In contrast to the sharp black accessories and pristine white paint in this attic bedroom, the layers and layers of purple truly stand out. Treat it exactly like any other bedroom, but keep in mind that if there are only little skylight windows, you might need to add more overhead lighting.

Montclair Victorian

Excellent wall decor in this white bedroom in New York. The designers did a terrific job maximizing this small area and creating a place that looks straightforward yet is quite cozy.

Pop of Purple

A bold color can easily overwhelm a space, especially one that is small and hidden in the attic. Instead of employing a bland color scheme, this bedroom employs only a hint of purple to stand out against the white walls.

Be Bold

It feels like a genie’s bottle inside this attic bedroom. Take use of the attic if you require a second bedroom; a teenager would love this space.

Sea Cliff

Quietness is one of the best features of an attic area. Move the master bedroom to the top level if you desperately need some peace and quiet and a good night’s sleep in a busy home. Every morning you’ll be glad you made the change.

Bedtime Stories

Small spaces don’t always equate to a lack of storage; you just need to be resourceful about it! This tidy room’s built-in shelving offers plenty of space for books and highlights the window with a deep ledge that also serves as a built-in bedside table.