Sliding Door Cover Ideas

Window coverings for sliding glass doors can improve the appearance of a space while also offering privacy and a small amount of insulation during the hottest and coldest months of the year. Despite the fact that installation may differ significantly from that of a standard window covering, with a few simple extra precautions (such making sure you can open and close the door), you may easily complete the task yourself.

Are you prepared to get some window covering ideas for your sliding door cover designs? These 20 ideas mix convenience, fashion, and privacy.

Double Duty Curtains

To cover the patio entrance, many people choose hanging one or two curtain drapes. You can slide a sliding curtain to either side to open it, giving you a two-in-one design.

They can offer you a variety of illumination this way throughout the day. They also don’t obstruct your access to the patio because they won’t block it when you’re passing.

Consider Curtains on One Side of the Door

Your sliding doors don’t always need to have curtains on both sides. It’s a terrific idea to cover the door with one panel when it’s not in use to offer privacy and utility.

Designer Nina Grauer of Dekay & Tate says of her designs, “We tend to go toward a single, very long panel drape that can be put at the tail end of the door.” This way, it can be kept out of the way while you use the door every day but can be quickly pulled over for a little extra privacy.

Sheer Curtains

Because they filter light, sheer curtains are a great option if you appreciate the natural light coming in through your patio door but also want to add a little seclusion or color. You can find sheer curtains to match your decor because they come in so many different colors and textures.

The lightweight cloth can start flapping out of control in even medium-level wind, so you may need to leave your door closed on windy days, despite the fact that these curtains appear wonderful and delicate when gently floating around during a mild breeze. With these thin materials, tiebacks and holdbacks come in very handy since they can prevent the curtain panels from flying around, protecting your drapes from harm, and keeping them out of the way.

Matching Wall Curtains

Consider matching your curtains to the wall if you want to bring some harmony into your home. Consider selecting drapes that are precisely the same shade as your walls. If you want neutral hues in your home, this concept works great. They properly incorporate a simple aesthetic while yet performing the function of a curtain.

Prioritze Privacy Needs

The function that your curtains will play in your home will determine the thickness that you select. For instance, privacy is important in a bedroom but less so in a living area.

Designer Angela Amore of Spacejoy says that sheers would enable enough of light to enter if the doors open to a private patio or yard. Blackout curtains or a set of layered sheers would be the best choice if seclusion is required.

Blackout and Insulating Curtains

Blackout curtains can be an excellent solution if you wish to escape the summer sun’s relentlessly intense glare. Blackout curtains, like sheer curtains, are accessible in a variety of hues and textures and can block up to 95% of the sun’s light. Insulated drapes go above and beyond typical blackout curtains, hiding your room from light while also keeping the cool air in the summer and the heat in the winter, making them the most energy-efficient choice. The drawback is that blackout and insulating drapes must either be opened, which reduces privacy, or closed, which prevents any natural light from entering the room.

Use Sheers for Your Patio Door

If you’re looking for patio curtain ideas that give your patio a bit of elegance, sheers are always a good choice. But sheers aren’t just about color and aesthetic appeal.

Sheer curtains are ideal for maintaining privacy in your house while still letting in natural light. Light-colored sheer curtains with a delicately textured fabric are ideal for your patio door.

It’s OK to Go Shorter in Length

Cassidy advises keeping lifestyle in mind when determining the length of window treatments.

Sizing them a little short is acceptable, She says something. “You may want to make sure your window covering material is just a little bit up off the floor—I prefer about a half-inch of clearance—especially if it’s a heavy traffic area because this door will see a lot of dirty shoes coming and going.

Classic Vertical Blinds

Okay, so vertical blinds aren’t the most visually appealing window treatment, but they are the most widely used for sliding glass doors for a variety of reasons. Even for large doors that would typically require numerous rod support brackets for a curtain rod and numerous curtain panels, vertical blinds are reasonably priced.

Vertical blinds are simple to maintain with just a moist cloth, and if a slat becomes stained or damaged, it is simple to replace. You can easily regulate your light intensity and privacy with vertical blinds by simply opening, closing, and rotating the slats. In addition, vinyl vertical blind slats can be painted to change their appearance if you really don’t like it (or, if vinyl is out of the question, you can always choose a fabric vertical blind).

Vertical blinds have some drawbacks in addition to their well-known unpopularity, beginning with the fact that it is practically impossible to completely darken a room with them. Although it is still possible to install them oneself, they are also trickier to install than curtains. Additionally, a lot of individuals find the sound of the slats banging against one another when the blinds are opened or closed to be annoying.

In order to install vertical blinds, you can either use an inside mount, which places them inside the door frame, or an outside mount, which places them above the door frame. Fabric blinds should be ordered at the correct height, which means they should terminate around 1/2 inch above the floor. Vinyl blinds can be cut to the appropriate height. Just like with curtains, hanging the hardware 2 to 4 inches above your door when installing them with an outside mount will make the room appear larger and your door appear larger.

Try Solar Shades

Solar shade curtains will, as their names imply, shield your property from the sweltering sun. They are useful throughout the year, not only in the summer because they keep heat from escaping in the cold.

Without obstructing your view of the outside, these curtains give a vital layer of protection to your door.

Go Tall With Brackets

In light of this, you should consider hanging your curtains high up while making your decision. When in doubt, make your brackets tall.

According to Cassidy, hanging window treatments higher is always advised because it provides the room some height and makes your window appear a little larger.

Sliding Panel Blinds

You can install sliding panel blinds, also known as panel track blinds, for a more contemporary appearance. These are constructed from sizable, side-to-side sliding cloth panels. They cannot be turned, unlike conventional vertical blinds, but on the plus side, because of the size of the panels, they are far more effective at blocking out light and darkening a space.

Although they are available in a wide range of fabrics and colors, textures, patterns, and opacities, the contemporary design of these systems might not match everyone’s environment. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that because some window coverings can’t open as much as others, you won’t be able to let in as much natural light.

Panel blinds are among the simplest window treatments to install, and if they are mounted outside, they should be placed 3 to 6 inches above the entrance, just like curtains. If the door frame has enough room for them, they can also be mounted from the inside. In order to keep them clean and make sure they can be pushed and pulled freely, panels should hang 1/2 to 1 inch above the floor.

Honeycomb Curtain Shades

Try using honeycomb shades for your patio door curtains if you’re seeking for strategies to save your heating and cooling costs.

The curtains are designed in a special way to give your home the much-needed insulation and energy-efficiency while also giving you a sense of flair. Both hot and cold climates benefit from using honeycomb blinds.

Don’t Mount Hardware Directly to a Sliding Door

Hardware for hanging curtains can be hung from the ceiling or the wall. The door’s protruding hardware should be taken into consideration, according to designer Cathy Purple Cherry. That will help you determine how far you should mount the curtain from the wall to prevent it from catching on the door handle.

Designer Tara Miller continues, You shouldn’t mount anything to a sliding glass door since doing so can prevent the door from sliding.

Cellular Shades

Overall, conventional window coverings, such as roller and Roman shades, are not the best choice for doors because they must be fully raised in order to open the door without crouching, which can be tedious and time-consuming. However, vertical cellular (honeycomb) shades are now available that allow you to open and reopen the blinds as needed to enter and exit the door.

Honeycomb blinds are good insulators because of the way their structure traps air in pockets. However, unlike insulating curtains, they can also be light-filtering, making them a great choice if you want something that lets in light while yet maintaining a pleasant temperature in your house. The drawback is that because they are one of the newest and least popular sliding door window treatment alternatives, you should be prepared to pay more for them. Remember that these shades can be challenging to maintain and can even need to be replaced if they become discolored. It’s also important to take into account that they are prone to damage due to their design, especially in houses with children or animals.

Vertical blind installation is quite similar to putting vertical honeycomb shades above a sliding patio door. They come with a valance to conceal the hardware and may be mounted either inside or outside. Although many people prefer the look of cellular shades to vertical blinds, you can choose to cover the valance with your own custom valance, cornice, or drapes if you think it’s an eyesore.

Go for Fabric Slats

Do you want the light to change? Your preferred patio door curtain should be made of fabric. These have detachable solid and sheer panels that you may position wherever you choose.

The fabric slats won’t cause you any issues whether you need to reduce glare or let some light into your space.

Look to the Ceiling

What should you consider while choosing the color of your curtains for your sliding doors? We’re here to walk you through some possibilities, such as painted ceilings, which are currently popular in the design community.

A special possibility for curtains may arise if you decide to paint the ceiling a color that is different from the paint or wallpaper color used on the room’s other four walls. Why not pick a curtain pattern that completely matches the style of your ceiling? This space serves as evidence that this design choice was a sound one.

Layered Window Treatments

Utilizing many layers of window coverings is one of the best concepts for patio doors. With a twin curtain rod, you may layer heavier blackout or insulating drapes on top of sheer, light curtains to completely regulate light while preserving privacy. On windy days, heavier drapes can also aid in reducing the amount of movement that transparent curtains experience.

As an alternative, you can add drapes on top of cellular or vertical blinds to assist conceal the hardware and even to completely conceal the blinds or shades when they are open.

Consider Your Privacy

Sliding doors are excellent for patios, but they’re not the ideal for maintaining the privacy of your home. However, this does not compel you to abandon them.

There are several lovely curtains you may purchase to gain much-needed solitude. Invest in some lovely patio door drapes to block off the glare.

Camouflage Things

Finally, some people will decide to select curtains that exactly match the color of their walls. Instead than making a strong style statement on their own, this can assist curtains more seamlessly integrate into a room and somewhat disappear into the background. This is why many people like to wear white.