Small Bathrooms With Dark Floors

Be Bold

Don’t hold back when choosing floor tiles if you feel like your room needs a little more “oomph.” As the pattern comes together, these larger tiles form a sizable star shape on the floor, their precisely parallel lines opening up the area. If you don’t like black floors, choose a sizable maximalist tile in a hue that complements other decorations in your area.

Matte Black Hexagons

modern, tidy, and fuss-free The design of a hexagon is intriguing, and the color matte black makes an intriguing choice for bathroom flooring. This does not prevent the bathroom floor from displaying the elegance and simplicity of minimalism.

Get The Gloss

Mirrors can help open up any room and quickly make your space look bigger, which is a well-documented fact. The same is true for bathroom mirror design ideas. But choose a reflecting floor surface rather than a mirror.

Going with a glossy tile can also provide the impression of more space because they reflect light throughout the area, according to Louisa Swannell, Head of Creative Design at Walls and Floors(opens in new tab). As a result, the room’s corners appear less obstructed, giving the impression of additional space.

Furthermore, glossy floors are the height of elegance when done properly.

Opt for Dark Colors

Dark hues are typically discouraged in tiny areas, although flooring is an exception. White walls in this bathroom maintain the sensation of brightness while black hexagonal tiles with white grout provide a striking element to the space. A sleek white countertop and natural wood vanity cabinets give the room an enhanced mid-century modern feel.

Chocolate Slabs

For the floors of your bathroom, how about some tidy rows of dark brown tiles? With a playful and decadent twist from the black tiles to the chocolate, this bathroom is as timeless as the black and white color scheme.

Be Bold With Black

There are many possibilities for black flooring, from opulent marble to vinyl, which may create an enduring feeling of refined elegance in a small bathroom.

Black bathroom flooring is a highly sensible and durable option for a tiny bathroom space. It can pretty much mix with any other color, making it simple to pick and choose other colors when decorating to begin with and later on if you want to make adjustments.

Black vinyl flooring, like the “Back to Black Vamp” flooring from Amtico Flooring(opens in new tab) displayed in the image above, is simple to clean and goes well with both classic and modern-styled environments. Black flooring complements white tiles to create a sophisticated, traditional style. It also looks well with other neutral colors and organic materials like marble and wood.

Add a Southwestern Flair

There aren’t enough compliments to give this bathroom, but its tile work is what really sets it apart. When combined with straightforward furnishings and vegetation, large tiles with a diamond pattern have a Southwestern feel. Shower tiles bring out the warm, natural tones of the floor and make a small space appear larger by continuing the tile into an open shower.

Modern Concrete

simple, sane, and contemporary The stark and bare concrete flooring are stylish, current, and sophisticated because of how well the natural grey complements the white walls.

Introduce Some Color

Rubber and linoleum are two examples of natural resources that have been used for a long time to give bathrooms a splash of color.

Next-generation sheet flooring that is even more environmentally friendly, colorfast, and compatible with underfloor heating is called Okofloor. It is made from organic rapeseed and castor oils, has a lightly textured feel, and comes in seven fresh hues.

White and Black for Drama

Although the black hexagon tiles in this grayscale bathroom from Studio McGee are not for the faint of heart, they serve as the ideal anchor for a chic and sophisticated room where the bottom walls are covered in white subway tile. We adore any justification for hanging melancholy flower wallpaper, especially in compact areas. Consider tiling only partway up the wall, as shown above, as floor-to-ceiling tile work can occasionally make a tiny space feel cramped.

Dark Glass Tiles

Interesting colors that sparkle and look spectacular. Glossy glass tiles are inherently beautiful. Select the tile’s color, shape, and size to best suit your bathroom’s decor.

Go Luxe With Natural Stone

The luxury bathroom idea that will give your floor a distinctive pattern and feel is real stone. Stone is sturdy, retains heat well, and has enduring style, but it does require good sealing and some cleaning agents should be avoided. Despite the fact that this is unlikely to be an issue in a small bathroom, be sure the joists can support the additional weight.

James Cherrington, Director of Lapicida, advises looking for a minimum of 20mm thickness when installing stone on a suspended floor to lessen flexing and floor movement beneath (opens in new tab). It’s crucial to do good subfloor preparation.

A variety of natural stones, mosaics, and porcelain tiles that mimic the look are available from Lapicida.

Floor Tiles Extended Into Shower

The designer of this stylish bathroom from Deuce Cities Henhouse extended the floor tiles through the entire space rather than altering the tiles in the shower cubicle. This produces a smooth, uniform design that enhances the space’s visual appeal.

Black Herringbone Tiles

The Herringbone design is used to organize contemporary matte black tiles. The matte black floor contrasts the white subway walls in a subtle, practical, and intriguing way.

Consider Wood-Look Luxury Vinyl Tile

In a bathroom, real wood is an option. Although luxury vinyl can be a better and more useful option for small bathrooms, engineered planks have the resilience to withstand fluctuations in humidity and temperature.

Luxury vinyl tiles come in a variety of wood looks and are made of multiple layers of material compressed at high temperatures to give stability and a durable surface.

Black Floor Tiles for Contrast

White walls might require a dark floor, just as a room with a lot of design on the walls would. Despite being small, Reena Sotropa’s lovely little bathroom doesn’t feel crowded. If the walls were covered in the tiny black mosaic tiles, the room would feel claustrophobic; however, by limiting their use to the floor, the rest of the space feels light and spacious.

Fishscale Cement Tiles

Go for the wacky, unconventional, and fascinating when you’re willing to take a risk and be unusual. The fish scale-shaped tiles produce an alluring pattern and a cutely original appearance.

Create A Cohesive Scheme

Consider how the many components of the bathroom interact as no surface is isolated from the others.

The shower area is separated from the bathing area by a combination of two dark floor tiles, one of which has a wood look and the other plain. It is a subtle effect, but it has a very thoughtful feel to it because it draws attention to the wooden window and vanity frames.

White Tiles to Create Openness

White surfaces open up a room, and bathrooms with tile on the walls and floors are the perfect example of this. Dark gray floor tiles and white subway tiles laid in a traditional stretch-bond pattern give this bathroom by Gray Space Interior Design an unexpectedly roomy appearance.

Modern Grey Slate

calm, stylish, and contemporary. Adopt the modern interiors’ minimalist and bare-bones style. Focus on efficiency, neutral colors, and simple design. The subtle and quiet appearance will be wonderfully complemented by the dark grey slate tile flooring.