Small Bedroom with Desk Layout

These brilliant small bedroom desk ideas are useful because not all of us have the luxury of a dedicated home office. These suggestions won’t take over your bedroom or prevent it from feeling like a sanctuary, but they are sure to transform the way you work when space is at a premium. Desk solutions must be subtle and discrete if you don’t want to appear to be sleeping in a workplace, according designer Andrew Griffiths of A New Day studio.

We’ve enlisted the aid of top interior designers to offer their professional suggestions and useful tiny bedroom with desk layout ideas to help you get yourself out of, or into, a tight place! Whether you just want to make the most of a challenging nook, or create a built-in solution!

Make It Feel Seamless

It’s vital to avoid having one function dominate the other when creating rooms with multiple purposes. Maintaining quiet and serenity should be a top priority when designing a desk area for a bedroom. The two zones must coexist harmoniously if you don’t want the room to seem cramped. The founder of A New Day, Andrew Griffiths, combines the best of both worlds in this soothing arrangement that nevertheless feels logical.

According to Andrew, “This custom wall-hung piece occupies a small, otherwise unusable corner of a loft bedroom and transforms it into a useable space.” It may also be utilized as a workstation or dressing table. Andrew used the same materials and even backed the room with clever wood paneling to make it feel completely seamless and like a purposeful element of the design.

According to him, “A wall-hung design keeps the floor space open to assist make the room feel more expansive, and doesn’t divert the attention from the rest of the room.” “The final design choice that helped produce a truly seamless look was painting the unit in the same color as the walls,” says the author.

Add A Cloffice (Closet/Office)

The cloffice combines a home office with a closet. Perhaps your bedroom already has a sizable closet. Perhaps you aren’t making full use of it. It’s simple to incorporate a workstation into your closet area. The best part is that when you’re not working, you can conceal it from view.

Loft Bed

A loft bed can provide place for a sofa or a work-from-home desk area in a compact bedroom that is limited in floor space but generous in height. These are particularly useful in little guest bedrooms. Choose a bed with a slender, unnoticeable frame that is light and airy, like this IKEA loft bed in pale-toned pine.

Arcade Leaning/Ladder Desk

The ideal illustration of a bedroom desk idea! This ladder desk is a fantastic space saver because it occupies a lot of vertical space, which is quite useful when you want to utilize every square inch of available space.

Two roomy upper bookcases that may be utilized to store a variety of items are included with this wall-mounted desk. Moreover, there is a larger lower shelf where you may put your laptop or write. The entire ensemble is built of a combination of manufactured wood and steel and measures 70″ H x 30″ W x 20″ D.

A Desk That’s Also A Nightstand

You need to use wise design when creating a modest bedroom. Decorating with multipurpose furniture is one fantastic approach to make the most of the space you have. The desk you use for business during the day might simply double as your nightstand.

They created a floating desk that extends to the bed in this tiny attic bedroom, turning it into a nightstand. It is frequently preferable to have furniture designed specifically for a room with nooks or beams like this one. With the addition of shelves above the desk for additional storage, this workstation now fits well in the limited area.

Fitted Furniture

When you don’t have much floor space, overhead containers are a great method to add more storage. These IKEA storage cabinets are only 42 cm deep, making them ideal for storing books, accessories, additional bedding, or towels without taking up valuable bedroom space. To create the most functional area possible, we adore the concept of putting a little desk underneath.

Take Advantage Of Awkward Space

Making the most of any challenging architectural features is essential if you want to master a compact bedroom plan, and problematic locations can be an excellent place to add a desk. This desk fills a previously ignored space and was created by Marie Soliman, the founder and creative director of Bergman Interiors(opens in new tab).

Marie adds, “There was a small passageway that led into the bedroom; it had a window with lovely views beyond, but the space didn’t really have a purpose.” We constructed the desk into the alcove and opted to have the unit slightly wrap around the walls so that it would feel incredibly elegant and functional because we thought it would be the best use for it as an unusual study.

A tiny bedroom will always feel more spacious if surfaces are kept clear, but Marie also advises making the most of a work area by incorporating some tech management options into the plan. A pop-up computer screen is a great concept, and hidden cable tidying is essential, according to her. When you incorporate these into the design of your desk early on, you can rapidly conceal all of your technology and convert it into a dressing table or console when you aren’t using it.

Add Shelves For Extra Storage Space

Making the most of your available space is the best advice for any type of area. The best approach to achieve that in a bedroom office is to utilize every inch of the room’s vertical space and install wall-mounted cabinets and shelving.

The Swedish String shelves are yet another fantastic system (with shelves) for setting up a home office. The system can be combined in any way you choose. So it’s not just fashionable but also incredibly flexible.

Keep It Minimal

Bright, light colors will assist your little space radiate and enlarge the space. Clean up any clutter, and when selecting furniture, be careful to use light colors like oak or white gloss. Clear flooring and cabinet surfaces can also give the impression that a room is larger.

Rossville Floating Desk with Hutch

The Rossville floating desk is a little bit different from the other ones we’ve seen today, but it still functions really well when you just have a small amount of available area for your workspace. This floating desk is comparable to a small wall-mounted cabinet that opens to show a desk and a number of shelves ideal for storing a wide variety of objects. 59.8″ H x 23.5″ D overall dimension, 32.25″ W x 27″ D desktop size, and 31.07″ H x 23.5″ W x 6.25″ D for the hutch size are a few noteworthy measurements. The foldable desk is composed of plastic and is very simple to install.

Use The Niches In Your Bedroom As Workspace

Perfect niches for setting up a home office. By adding a curtain or sliding door, the workplace will be less obtrusive and you can even conceal it from view.

These houses include built-in bookcases, and you may place a desk in the space between them.

Turn a Closet into a Desk

With a few simple additions, you can transform a modest closet into a cozy workstation. When your day’s work is done, you can close the brilliant blue barn doors on this closet-desk hybrid so you won’t have to keep looking at your desk. Two sconces provide job illumination inside, and a floating desk and shelves offer storage and a writing area. Funky wallpaper gives the “cloffice” flair and makes it the center of attention.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes it pays to keep things simple in a small space because it will keep the space from seeming crowded and bustling, which can actually make it appear smaller. Imperfect Interiors’ Beth Dadswell walks viewers through the design process of this room, which is a brilliant example of minimalism done perfectly.

The walls were painted a gentle, dusky pink to soften the room and provide a sense of peace and openness. The room seems peaceful yet warm thanks to vintage furniture with elegant forms, and the patterned rug underfoot provides interest without taking up any important space.

Beth also discusses the criteria she uses to select a desk for a little bedroom. If you have a little space, look for something that isn’t too deep or overpowering, she advises. A design with drawers for storing your laptop and stationary is always a smart idea. Choose chairs that can be placed straight underneath it to clear the floor space, and you can store them away so they aren’t visible while you’re attempting to fall asleep.

A Floating Desk

You can incorporate a floating desk into your bedroom to create a basic and unobtrusive home office.

Hang Bulletin Boards

Add cork or pushpin boards to a small desk to make it appear larger. You might also look for small pegboards to attach little shelves for pens and pencils, chargers, or paintbrushes and free up valuable desk space. You only really need to have a lamp, laptop, and a few other necessities on top of the desk if you have wall-mounted storage.

Hide It Away

Closet office ideas are the answer if you really want to leave the office at five o’clock in the afternoon. Katie Lion, an interior designer at Kitesgrove, adds that “this design involves complicated carpentry to incorporate a discrete home office hidden in a secret cabinet, so it may be totally out of site when not in use” (opens in new tab).

By designing the custom chair to fold away neatly so you can lock the doors on the complete arrangement, Kitesgrove added to the project’s luxurious appeal while also making it more functional. It’s adaptable and comfortable, making it equally appropriate for a day’s work or as an additional seat for entertaining, according to Katie.

Place The Workspace In Front Of The Window

A view from the office. Place your workstation next to a window if you want to work while watching birds. This won’t work for everyone because you might become sidetracked.

Convert a Small Nook

This compact desk arrangement shows that you can create a workspace almost anywhere, even in a closet that has been transformed. Add wallpaper, a calming paint hue, or a peel-and-stick backsplash to give a workstation area in a small room personality (or even real tile, if budget allows). In order to use them as a desk and a bookcase, hang floating shelves. To make room on your desk, install an overhead light, then settle into a comfortable office chair.

Go For An Antique Bureau

You can often find examples of design history that just plain work by looking to the past, as you do with so many other things. A good example are secretaries’ desks and bureaus. They are not only stunning to look at, but also highly useful.

The co-founders of K&H Design, Katie Glaister and Henry Miller-Robinson, recognized that for this project, antique was the way to go. They say, “We had previously decided to use Edward Bulmer’s Sky Blue paint as the foundation for this bedroom, which is in a Georgian Grade II listed Rectory. “We found this item on an antique sourcing tip and realized it was ideal right away.”

Not only does it fit in with the blue tones of the color scheme to give the impression that the space is larger, but bureaus are frequently more compact and have more storage than desks, making them the ideal choice for small bedrooms.

Rethink Your Bedroom Layout

Once more, the bed’s long side is up against the wall. In the event that you live alone, this is ideal. This bedroom demonstrates yet another important point: you shouldn’t be scared to go big with your workplace setup. One (or two) huge desks can look more attractive than one (or both) little ones.