Small Cape Cod House Interior

Make It Monochrome

You may create a chic monochromatic background for your Cape Cod living room ideas by choosing architectural details like windows and fireplaces in black, then pairing them with white walls and ceiling.

Pared-back furnishings, like this stylish sofas and ottoman from King(opens in new tab), maintain the sleek appearance while retaining a touch of softness and easy comfort, which is essential to Cape Cod style. The best way to obtain minimalist living room ideas like these is to either be clutter-free or have excellent storage!

Chic Visual for Your Wall

By making your backsplashes, tile work, and wallpaper as unique as you can, you may increase the visual interest in your Cape Cod kitchen. The murals also honor Cape Cod’s rich historical past. With nautical or oceanic-inspired tile backsplash patterns, you can have fun. Simply said, the image of the ocean serves as a reminder of how the water rises every morning to greet the day.

Paint Fitted Cabinetry In Shades Of Blue

British interior designer Emma Sims-smart-casual Hilditch’s living room (opens in new tab) demonstrates the advantages of built-in cabinetry and living room storage solutions for maximizing a space.

According to Andréa Childs, editor of Country Homes & Interiors, “the unit has been created and sized to fit around the original ceiling beams and to accommodate the couch and artworks flawlessly.”

A traditional Cape Cod color scheme is introduced by selecting a mid-blue tone to establish the look.

A Friendly Cabinet

The closest furniture store has a huge assortment of cabinet-friendly hardware. Choose your cabinets wisely. Whether you choose a conventional or modern design, you can find one that matches your hardware choices.

A Serene Study

Next to the home’s upstairs laundry room, Baird noticed a little area of “dead space” and spotted an opportunity. She converted the room into an office where she edits images and the kids complete their homework by covering the walls with Imprint Wallpaper vinyl covering from Villa Nova in Fondant. The chairs are old and have been reupholstered in Rebecca Wood fabric. The desktop is constructed of cerused (also known as lime-finished) oak.

Add In Antique Pieces

Since New England coastal style is more of a feeling than a precise design formula, you can apply your Cape Cod living room ideas in a totally distinctive and individual approach, such as by using antiques as décor.

According to Georgia Zikas of Georgia Zikas Design, “it is a blend of casual luxury, antique charm, and contemporary elements that create an overall serene and inviting ambiance, evocative of the way people live when near the beach or a body of water” (opens in new tab).

The design is uncomplicated overall, with a focus on livable materials, furnishings, and color schemes. This, combined with the use of antiques or other objects with ties to New England’s past, results in a very distinctive and welcoming style.

Cape Cod Kitchen is Going Skylights

Was your former kitchen space walled off without a clear profit or result? You may correct that by using the Cape Cod style for your kitchen. Give your new Cape Cod kitchen skylights and windows. The sunshine will bring the soil to your kitchen through the light that penetrates your room. By the time your plan for remodeling your kitchen is complete, you will be enjoying your morning mug of tea. It is preferable to include a curtain to block off the sunshine.

Showpiece Sink

In the powder room, a stone trough sink from Lexington, Kentucky’s The Garden Vault hangs off the black shiplap walls. The floor was trimmed in oak to accentuate the Tabarka Studio tiles beneath the feet. The mirror is RH, and the lighting fixture is by Ochre.

Crash Your White to Black

Another beautiful hue for your Car Cod kitchen is black. from dark stains in white to black paint. Black’s ominous tint raises the brightness of white to a new level. For your Cape Cod kitchen cabinets or any furniture frame, you can choose the color black.

Suit Dreams

The first-floor guest room’s four-poster bed, nightstand, and mirror are all by Noir. The rug was discovered at an Anthropologie clearance sale, and the curtains are made of linen from Raoul Textiles. From flea markets to Roman and Williams Guild, Baird declares, “I’ll shop everywhere.” “I adore the rush of the chase.”

Use Coastal Blues

Although Cape Cod houses can be found all across the country, they are particularly prevalent in New England along the sandy beaches.

Stick with a coastal blue and white color scheme if you want your Cape Cod living room to pay homage to its beachy roots without overstuffing the room with sailboat symbols and fake seashells.

Finding the right balance between the two colors when decorating with blue and white requires determining which color will be the focal point of your design.

Cape Cod Goes Casual

Let’s experiment with different hues and accents to make this Cape Cod kitchen more relaxed. The style will be adaptable and natural with wooden floors and beach chairs. This view is particularly excellent for individuals who want to compare small kitchen remodel before and after results but have limited room.

Cozy Up

She recovered Baird’s grandfather’s wing chair in Loch’s room with fabric from Zak+Fox.

Mix And Match

Since Cape Cod houses are recognized for their simplicity, they serve as the ideal blank slate for showcasing your design aesthetic. Take a cue from Kevin Isbell if you don’t want to be satisfied with just one look (opens in new tab).

A wicker couch, a rustic table, living room paneling ideas, and plush, upholstered armchairs are expertly combined in this space by the designer. Isbell sticks with a muted color scheme to keep the space coherent.

Modern Style Never Gets Wrong

People are now more aware of contemporary Cape Cod designs with any door style they may want. Consider cabinets with traditional, elegant doors, or try on those with glass panels and open shelving. Either of these will improve how appealing the design of your kitchen is.

A Window Seat/Bed

The wall color in the girls’ room is Pale Powder by Farrow & Ball. A window seat that may be used as a bed for sleepovers and is covered with Willie Weston cloth is topped with an Aerin lamp. It is a vintage Avalon Yatton dresser.

Try A Preppy Palette

New England is renowned for its preppy aesthetic, from polo shirts to monogram obsession. Why not infuse your Cape Cod living room with that spirit?

This room combines traditional shapes, a lively blue and coral color scheme, and preppy motifs for a modern twist on coastal decor.

Living room paint ideas offers more fashionable ways to use paint and will provide the best paint schemes for your living area.

The Shape is On Point

It will be a terrific idea to design your Cape Cod kitchen as an L-Shaped and U-Shaped room with lots of countertop space. The layout also makes it easier for you to prepare meals for your family’s weekend and holiday gatherings.


The main goal of Cape Cod bathroom design is to evoke a carefree, beachy, coastal atmosphere. Consider light beach yellows and serene sky blues for the bathroom instead of the vivid, aggressive red, white, and blue that dominate Cape Cod homes’ exteriors. When combined with many of the other primarily white characteristics discussed here, either of these pastel colors will give the bathroom a spacious, breezy feeling. However, both will help warm up and offer character to a white bathroom, keeping it from looking and feeling too sterile. Blues in especially will help draw the sky and sea into the area.

Keep It Neutral

You can never go wrong with a completely neutral color scheme, as this Cape Cod living room demonstrates. Neutral living room ideas are the pinnacle of fuss-free styling because they are adaptable and simple to change up with seasonal accessories if you so want.

The living room pays homage to coastal lifestyle with its unmistakably classic color scheme, timeless silhouettes, and cheerful details.