Small Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Patio and Pergola

By including a grill, cozy seats, and a pergola with some climbing vines to assist give cooling shade and protection from the elements, you can transform your patio space into a sizable outdoor kitchen.

One of the most crucial building advice for an outdoor kitchen should not be overlooked if you intend to build everything yourself: Before laying any pavers or installing grills, cabinets, or appliances in the area, make sure the foundation is level.

Create a Space for Modern Outdoor Living

The beautiful combination of tile and wood in this contemporary outdoor kitchen draws the eye up, and the clean lines and tall ceiling give the impression that the space is much larger. When you’re ready to start grilling, you won’t need to keep running inside because the kitchen has enough of workspace adjacent to the stainless steel grill and the fridge and beverage station make sure that you won’t need to. This kind of outdoor area makes it easy to link your outdoor kitchen to your home.

Retractable Canopy On Outdoor Kitchen

On hot days, a retractable canopy provides shade; on starry nights, it opens to reveal the sky. With its tidy dark wood and white counters, this kitchen has a more traditional appearance. Brick gives the gallery kitchen a cozier feel, and stainless steel gives it a touch of elegance.

Pool-Side Haven

With an outdoor kitchen and pool house with a built-in fireplace, you can elevate outdoor cooking and entertainment. This example from Texas Custom Patios should give you lots of ideas if your covered outdoor kitchen designs include granite countertops, a built-in grill, refrigerator, drawers, cupboards, and a bar. The wood and stone columns, gabled roof, vaulted ceiling, and double-sided fireplace of the freestanding building give the area a touch of opulence.

Work With Your Home’s Style

Draw design ideas for your outdoor kitchen from the interior of your house. The black accents on this gorgeous covered porch and kitchen give the impression that they are an extension of the house rather than a distinct room.

The furnishings and color scheme unify the room and highlight the home’s outside. The spacious table in the middle begs for some real outdoor partying, and it has a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.

Stone Space With Fire Pit And Grill Station

With this layout, you may create a grill area on the formal stone and let guests warm themselves by the fire pit after swimming.

It has stainless steel grill, which is a great addition to the design, and wood with an oaky tone. The stonework also features a fundamental geometric pattern that harmonizes with the rough-cut stone surfaces. To guarantee that the artwork is viewable, keep the space from being overly decorated.

Grilling Headquarters

Looking for easy outdoor kitchen ideas? You would need the Backyard Discover Saxony XL Grill Gazebo for any non-charcoal grill. You can grill outside in almost any weather because it is constructed with a steel roof that resists corrosion. Additionally, the steel roof contributes to a 20 degree reduction in heat transfer, making outside cooking more enjoyable and comfortable.

The gazebo has 10 accessory hooks to keep all your favorite grilling tools close at hand and is big enough to fit two grills, griddles, or smokers. It also has two built-in counters for meal preparation and serving.

Mix Materials

When selecting materials for your outdoor environment, take inspiration from nature. Select various wood and stone species and hues in the same way that you would mix and match patterns when decorating an interior space. Go for a striking, natural style when it comes to the surfaces of your outdoor kitchen by combining a variety of materials, hues, and textures.

Under a white pergola ceiling, this outdoor kitchen has a dark granite countertop with brick and stone accents and stainless steel appliances.

A Patio Kitchen With Island

A smoker, grill, sink, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all components of an outdoor kitchen. Granite countertops offer a gourmet touch, and the stonework gives the room a distinctive appeal.

Watching the game on the flat-screen TV above the focal point will allow your guests to unwind. A diamond-patterned tile covers the bottom part of the backsplash, and lighting completes the design.

Outdoor Retreat

If your backyard is large enough, think about installing a Trex outdoor kitchen like this one to turn it into a cooking hideaway. You might discover that your outdoor kitchen is equally as useful as your indoor kitchen if it has space for a sizable grill, a smoker, a kitchen sink, a refrigerator, or other outside appliances. Additionally, a Trex outdoor kitchen is made to be strong, long-lasting, and require little upkeep.

Remember to Light Your Outdoor Kitchen

You may enjoy outdoor living much more all year round if your outdoor kitchen is covered. But if your area isn’t adequately lit, you’ll lose out on the fun when it gets dark. Consider using a ceiling fan with a bright light or a central light if you want to go vertical with your lighting.

Add underlights to your counters and cabinets to create task lighting, and place string lights around your outdoor space or step lighting going up to your kitchen to create ambience.

Outdoor Kitchen With Retractable Windows

On sunny days, this design enables the windows to open to the outdoor area, providing visitors with a relaxing and lovely outdoor experience.

As a result, you can close the windows anytime it’s chilly or windy. The room has a rustic atmosphere thanks to the natural materials and neutral stone countertop.

Stately Outdoor Kitchen

A genuinely opulent and upmarket outdoor kitchen can be made with the correct materials, and this design by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens includes a sizable bar area with seating for four. With its white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, stone worktops, and gorgeous wooden columns, this kitchen might end up becoming your visitors’ new favorite hangout.

Barbeque Grill and Prep Station

Classic masonry in the adobe style is given beauty and sophistication by a dark wood pergola. The orange tones of this kitchen are reminiscent of the desert, and the stainless steel provides a stark contrast. The countertops are made of a darker red tile, and you’ll notice that brilliantly colored tiles add an unexpected splash of color. You may complete your kitchen arrangement by including an outdoor griddle and sink.

DIY Pergola

The outdoor living room and the outdoor kitchen or eating area are the two areas of the outdoor room mentioned above. Sadly, there wasn’t enough room on the patio to fit both the outdoor living area and the outdoor kitchen.

However, since grilling produces smoke and leaves stains on the ceiling, the designers opted to move the barbeque to the backyard. It has a beautiful open design and is among the best pergola concepts. The garden’s plant life is well complemented by earthy tones and stone.

Weathered Teak Cabinets

Utilizing the modular cabinets from this Isola Outdoor Kitchen, you may design the arrangement of your covered outdoor kitchen. Each cabinet has an all-weather wicker door front and is made of beautiful, long-lasting teak wood. To make your ideal outdoor space a reality, including a barbecue, refrigerator, sink, and other utilities. You can prepare food and host guests in practically any weather if you put everything under a canopy or pergola.

Food Prep Station with Pergola

This full kitchen arrangement is enclosed by an open pergola, which gives it a formal appearance. The off-white base and black countertops are a great match for light wood beams. The use of stainless steel equipment adds a touch of luxury to these understated hues, and the overall arrangement is well-balanced and slightly classic.

Rustic Wood Outdoor Kitchen

Due to the grey wood, the kitchen has a farmhouse feel. There aren’t many decorations, but a few tiny shelves have been carved out of the rock wall so you can store some of your favorite things there.

Traditional barn door-style cabinets with open shelves on each side give visual flair and balance without seeming crowded. This design, which is among the greatest covered outdoor kitchen ideas, is finished with a charming tin roof.

Sleek and Stylish

With a covered kitchen like this one, you can improve your outdoor living space. The area has a sizable grill with an exhaust hood, two sinks, prep counters, and a sizable island for cooking or serving food. The space has an upscale modern vibe thanks to the slick stainless steel grill and sinks, neutral counters, and a marbled back wall.

Country Chic Outdoor Kitchen with Cupboards

Modern country music like this. Darker wood gives it a more glitzy feel, but the rope cabinet handles and barn-style lighting add a hint of rustic charm. Blonde wood counters create harmony, and only a small amount of plant life is used as ornamentation to keep everything looking tidy.