Small Cozy Cabin Living Room

Crafty Quilts

A comfortable quilt or two are a must-have for any cabin-style room! Why not use your imagination when merging these materials into a space? For a distinctive, cozy look, designer Lisa Queen decided to restore a set of chairs using cherished Kantha quilts.

Modern Rustic Cabin Living Room

This living room by @mysticmountainhaus has all the usual cabin features, including a wood plank ceiling, exposed beams, and a stone fireplace. However, the mid-century modern furnishings and light-colored carpets offer a touch of modern that harmonizes the room. Your cabin design will have more levels and appeal if you combine rustic and modern themes.

No Log Burner? Fake A Wood Burner, Instead

Log burners and cabin-style decor go hand in hand, but what if your house isn’t graced with a gorgeous fire that crackles every night? In other words, if you have a TV, you already have a fire. Netflix even offers a variety of options to create a “fireplace” in your house. We appreciate how they went one step further in this newly constructed log cabin by surrounding the “fire” with fabric that has a log impression.

Tons of Texture

The cozy, lived-in appearance that gives cabins their distinctive feel is created by combining several types of textiles. By combining a pillow cover with kilim inspiration with a rustic-looking plaid item that stands out on her sofa, Angela Horwath perfected this arrangement.

Dark and Moody Cabin Décor

What’s not to love about @to dwell here’s somber, contemporary design? The light wood planked ceiling contrasts beautifully with the black walls and beams. A comfortable sitting area is provided with rustic yet modern furniture. Not to mention the all-white deer head, the ideal addition to any cabin’s wall decor.

Go For Alternative Cabin Decor With Lighter Colors

The opposite side of cabin décor is the more modern, airy, and minimalist style, which has gained favor recently. Compared to the entire wood-clad walls and antlers hanging above the mantle (though we do adore that look, too), this style is considerably easier to incorporate into your house.

To recreate this style, use white and cream with hints of wood and greenery as your main colors. Add a wall of paneling as well as lots of pillows and rugs to make it cozier.

If you want more examples of this timeless style, check out our entire portfolio of white living room designs.

Bold Brick

A resounding yes to designing with exposed brick like Louisa Sugden did. A straightforward yet cozy throw rug in a neutral color encourages relaxing and makes the area feel more inviting and laid-back.

Honey Tones And Classic Elements

The organic design gives this living space a manly edge while still radiating classic elegance and sophistication. The correct mood is created in the room with the help of an art print and a few accessories with natural themes on the coffee table and fireplace. An old wooden chest was transformed into a coffee table, which looks fantastic in the space.

Mix Patterns And Textures For A Boho Look

Every aspect of interior design seems to have been influenced by the bohemian style, and cabin décor is no exception. The rustic side of traditional cabin interiors blends beautifully with the cozy eclectic sense of boho, and it’s also a pretty easy design to imitate. It’s all about the layers, just like with most cabin decorating. To give the room a lived-in appearance, layer various textures and patterns and choose furnishings with a worn appearance.

Cabin Living Room Ideas with Exposed Wooden Beams and Log Structure

This is an illustration of a classic, rustic cabin living room.

This living room has inner wall siding, which gives it a man cave-like appearance. But that’s what gives it its coziness, warmth, and coziness.

A stone fireplace is also placed next to the wood wall. Another rustic feature of this living area is the stack of uncut stones that surrounds the fireplace. Additionally, a wood mantel that can be utilized to display decorations is included.

The exposed wooden beams and the trusses made of logs are additional signs of the cabin design.

The homeowner chose to utilize ceiling lights that also emit a mellow yellow light to mimic the warm yellow light that comes from the blazing fire.

The hanging pendant, though, is the room’s most striking ornament. Right over the seating area, there are two matching modern-style hanging pendants.

A sofa, two cushioned armchairs, and an ottoman make up the seating space. In order for the residents to have a cozy evening throughout the winter, the seats are situated directly in front of the fireplace.

Choose Neutrals

Choose natural, neutral furnishings and decor if you enjoy the appeal of a rough-hewn environment but desire a more polished or sophisticated look.

The use of neutral colors results in a more stylish and modern appearance. Choosing organic forms and materials, such as unbleached linen, concrete, and natural wools, keeps the look elevated while still complementing the log-cabin aesthetic.

Plenty Of Faux Fur

Throwing down some fur is a fairly simple cabin decoration concept that you may implement in your home right away. Faux fur will quickly bring warmth and texture to the room no matter where you place it—over the sofa, at the foot of the bed, or on the floor.

Vintage Log Cabin Living Room with a Stone Fireplace

The living room of this classic and ancient cabin is about 175 years old.

Nothing beats curling up in front of a fire in this charming, old-fashioned log cabin on a winter’s eve.

While renovating this antique living room, the owners left the fundamental components alone. The designer’s intent was to preserve the patina on the logs despite their repeated cleaning and scrubbing.

This space is essentially a small living room with a low ceiling. However, that is what makes it more cozy to stay in than any large space.

There is a stone fireplace that is surrounded by a wood mantel and wall. Although the wood and stone in this setting appear to contradict, both materials are stunning in their own right.

To create a rustic cabin living area, the white walls are also combined with logs.

Another crucial component of a room decorated in the cabin style is the exposed beams on the low wooden ceiling.

Only a sofa with a tiny coffee table in front of the fireplace and an armchair with a side table directly over the window are present due to the small area.

Paint The Walls White For A Scandi Feel

There isn’t a hard-and-fast rule that cabin décor must be dark and snug, but it tends to be. Just take a look at the Cedar Point Aframe’s innovative use of colorful wall panels.

The cabin’s angled walls are painted white to provide a more open living space, while the perpendicular walls are left unpainted. Owner Sarah Scott incorporated a Scandinavian aesthetic by selecting a clean-lined sofa and ceiling fan based on the white and wood color scheme. A old chest brings in a light, rustic touch.

Switch Your Dining Chairs For Benches

They are just synonymous with comfortable, farmhouse-style rooms; we’ve spent many a vacation evening seated on a bench, fire blazing, and lively game of Pictionary. Therefore, replacing your dining chairs with a bench or going even further and having a bench built into your room will help to create a cabin-like atmosphere. Additionally, you can include pillows that you can switch out periodically to update the room.

Enclosed Cabin Living Room with Black Painted Cedar Walls

This I-shaped, enclosed living area is decorated in a tidy, comfortable cabin design.

Although the enclosed I-shaped space appears congested and confined in other places, the designer and homeowners were able to make this room appear bright and large.

The high gable ceiling is one factor in the room’s airy appearance.

The beams and ceiling are constructed of cedar with a natural finish. A cabin-style with a rustic appearance is nicely created by the exposed beams and light-toned wood components.

The walls, which are also built of cedar, are painted a dark color to enhance contrast.

It is untypical for cabin living rooms to have wood walls painted in a dark color like this. But when coupled with the light-toned cedar, it looks really lovely.

In the middle of the space sits a stone fireplace. The stone is floor-to-ceiling high, and walls made of dark wood enclose it. The stone in this area is intended to enhance the room’s texture.

This juxtaposition of the stone’s rough surface and cedar’s smooth surface gives the room a variety of textures.

There is a sectional couch and a square-shaped wooden coffee table for the seats. The owners additionally installed a swing chair near to the fireplace to give a dash of contemporary design.

Add Leather (And Antlers)

At Camp Wandawega, this room is a case study in cabin interior design. A pair of leather sofas, some taxidermy mounts, and an antler chandelier make up the most traditional cabin design trio, setting the mood with their deep hues of dark browns, forest green, and blue.

Chic, A-Frame Family Room

This A-frame building method is common in cabins. A terrific backdrop for the cabin-chic design aesthetic with a playful, contemporary update is the wall of windows.

Low Ceiling Cabin Living Room with a Lot of Windows

Another cabin-style living area with a low ceiling may be found here.

The inside has exposed timber trusses that give it a log cabin feel. The floor, window and door frames, and the interior wood cladding all match.

The floor appears to be stained with a clear stain that gives it a glossy appearance. But that’s not what makes this look so alluring.

The corner fireplace serves as both the room’s main point and an eye-catching feature. The fireplace is encircled by natural stones that reach the ceiling and has an arched shape.

This fireplace is finished with a wood mantle that doubles as an open rack to display various items, much like the stone fireplaces that came before it.

This home’s glass panel door and large windows show that the owners want as much natural light as possible in the space. Additionally, those are helpful for taking in the stunning scenery outside without actually being outside.

The couch and armchair in front of the fireplace are comfortable. Due to the placement of a TV in the hearth, those seated there would be able to watch TV in addition to keeping warm.

What a clever technique to make a modest living area more space efficient.

Lakehouse Cabin Chic

Thanks to the decision to use white for the walls and furniture, this living room manages to be both warm and light at the same time. Although it has a farmhouse-style feel, the warm wood floors and exposed beams in the ceiling give it a comfortable cottage feel. The walls are covered in an unusual assortment of art prints with natural themes, and the wicker furniture is a wonderful alternative to the classic cabin decor. Despite being modest, this room is bursting with personality and charm.