Small Front Porch Bench Ideas

West Elm Knock-Off Bench

Of course, there are some gorgeous outdoor benches you may look at in furniture catalogs, but the cost is typically too exorbitant to justify the purchase. But that shouldn’t prevent you from getting ideas from these designs. View the chic knockoff bench that is shown on homemadebycarmona. At a far lower price, it has an identical appearance to the actual thing.

Modern and Chic Patio Bench

Go modern if you’re looking for the ideal seat but don’t want it to seem like your neighbors’! This bench has unusual angular legs, and it is compact enough to relocate to various spots on your patio in case you need to reorganize your outdoor furniture. It will be the ideal enhancement to your outside area when positioned next to a potted plant.


Wherever you dwell, rustic wooden benches provide a touch of rural appeal. These robust seats are made from a variety of woods, including eucalyptus, oak, and acacia. Designs might be simple or complex. A more complex pattern features intricate carvings, while one of the most basic designs resembles a half-log.

A Minimalist and Modern DIY Outdoor Bench

We advise checking out the diycandy tutorial if you like a minimalist and contemporary DIY outdoor furniture. You will need some 2 x 4 boards, wood glue, bar clamps, stain and sealant, a saw, and a sander to construct such a bench. It could be a good idea to provide the bench adjustable feet if you want to set it up on uneven terrain.

European Countryside Provincial Style Bench

This black painted bench has geometric legs and a European design. It is compact enough to put on a little porch or in a garden tree, but it is incredibly functional. Although it lacks armrests and a back, its straightforward design allows it can blend in with any environment.


A flexible vine called rattan is used to create outdoor furniture, usually with a wicker weave. Given that natural rattan doesn’t hold up well in moist environments, synthetic rattan can be a better option for your front porch. In addition to being more resilient and fade-resistant, the synthetic material comes in a variety of hues to complement any outdoor décor.

DIY Corner Bench with Built-In Table

A small table to pair with an outdoor bench is also helpful, especially if you’re building up a cozy outdoor lounging area or lounge room. Given that, why not combine these two components into a single piece of furniture that you may create on your own? A corner bench would be ideal in this situation. By using the instructions provided on pinspiredtodiy, you can learn what is required to construct one.

Wooden Outdoor Bench Ideas

This simple wooden patio bench from “Ugly Duckling House” has won our hearts. This is quite beautiful, yet it was created out of leftover 2x4s and deck boards! Additionally, we believe it has a fantastic geometric design vibe. Oh, and did we forget to include another beginner-friendly tutorial?


These dependable metal benches have a 50-year lifespan! They are less prone to rusting and fading if they have the correct weather-resistant coating. To personalize your metal bench and to instantly increase comfort, add a vibrant cushion.

A Strong and Sturdy Outdoor Bench

To survive high winds and other elements of nature, an outdoor bench needs to be solid and durable. I would describe this bench, which is shown on cherishedbliss, as being really solid. You can choose any kind of wood you choose and stain it to fit your front door or patio. The bench can be made a little taller than usual and doubles as a table, which is really wonderful.

DIY Modern Outdoor Bench

One of our favorite woodworking experts, “Ana White,” is the source of this DIY modern outdoor bench. It has slats so that water from sprinklers or rain can drain and not pool on top. And it looks awesome. You could choose to use cedar or a more durable wood instead of plain pine that has been dyed. She offers an excellent piece of advice: thoroughly study the directions before you begin! I often regret not doing that.


Your front porch bench swing will keep you there for hours! These benches are often made of wood, metal, or rattan and are suspended from the rafters of your porch by metal chains. Bench swings can also be purchased with a frame if you’d like a more transportable choice. For additional shade, many frames come with a canopy.

A Classic White Outdoor Bench

Speaking of x-shaped bench frames, theidearoom also has a neat concept that got our attention. We adore the weathered aspect and how it has a beautiful, classic aesthetic without particularly being associated with any one style or era. Simple paint and a small amount of sandpaper are all you need to achieve this appearance.

Rope & Wood Garden Bench Idea

It was difficult to choose, but I think I may have a favorite. What a gorgeous outdoor bench made of rope and wood! And some rope and 2x4s were used to make it! Jump on over to “At Charlotte’s House” to obtain all the instructions for constructing this bench design. rope with color?


A few simple motions are required to turn the backrest of a convertible bench into a table. When you need extra seating and dining room for family cookouts on the porch, this sort of bench is perfect. Additionally, the tabletop piece can be used as a surface to arrange flowers or trinkets while still providing a seat.

DIY Plant Bench

Since this is an outdoor bench, we reasoned that you might like to feel near to nature when seated. As a result, we found this fantastic project on monsterscircus that demonstrates how to construct a bench and planter combination. The objective is to make a seat out of pallet wood that fits over two large, robust planters as the bench’s base while allowing room for plants or trees to grow freely in between the slats.

Cinder Block Ideas

The bench made out of cinder blocks is part of the “Hello Daly” project. I adore it since it is cheap, easy for anyone to do, and durable. I also adore how modern it looks. For this garden bench, there are good step-by-step images.


There are shoe benches outside as well. To prevent tracking dirt into your home, place a shoe bench next to your front door to store your muddy gardening boots or soiled workout shoes. Additionally, you’ll always be able to locate your shoes!

A Decorative Outdoor Bench

The Ossu bench is unlike any other we’ve seen so far in terms of design. This bench has a very sculptural appearance, so you could easily use it as outdoor décor by pairing it with a table, leaning it up against a wall, or placing it in the middle of the garden. It features a clean, contemporary style with just a dash of industrial flare and is made of solid wood.

Outdoor Corner Bench

Accessorize and Organize’ provides a brief guide and some step-by-step pictures for this DIY outdoor corner bench. This was constructed using a pallet, so depending on where you get one, it might be practically free!