Small Living Room Sectional Layout Ideas

Place An L-Shaped Sectional Away From The Walls

While sectional living room designs frequently place it against the walls, there are other placement possibilities to take into account.

A sectional can make the most of unused corners by nestling nicely against the walls of both small and large spaces. This design can help to divide up a larger open space and create a comfortable and adaptable area that promotes easy discussion and relaxation when utilized in the center (or away from the walls) of the room. To complete the zoned space, use a footstool or coffee table (or both), advises George Miller, a home designer at Neptune (opens in new tab).

Breezy Beauty in 750 Square Feet

a luxurious navy sofa. A navy velvet sofa fits in equally well in eclectic, contemporary, and traditional settings while yet being on trend. A huge coffee table can be accommodated by a large sectional, like the one pictured above. Choosing white keeps the piece from being overly bulky.

Sectional Sofa And Storage Complementing Each Other

In living rooms where space isn’t a premium, knowing where to place your new sectional sofa in relation to your other furniture is crucial.

Have you considered your storage demands, for instance? If you choose a lower-profile sofa, you can show off additional built-in wall storage or shelving behind it while still using one of the back portions for a table or console.

Change Sectional Layout Throughout The Day

Flexibility is still possible with minimalist living room ideas, as this tidy area demonstrates.

It’s hardly surprising that boundaries within the home have been increasingly blurred in recent years given the growth of the open plan living trend and the transition to hybrid working, according to Sabina Miller, director of buying at Heal’s (opens in new tab). Flexible furniture can be utilized to divide up your room into several areas and promote a more organized, multipurpose way of life.

Creating a natural boundary between two rooms without obstructing natural light or having a physical barrier that confines the room is easy with a segmented L-shaped arrangement. This preserves some fluidity while segregating the purpose of a room, which can be especially helpful in apartments with limited space, such as those with a shared kitchen, office, and living area.

A modular couch design, like the Lilli Sofa from Heal’s, may be configured to meet your changing lifestyle needs throughout the day for the utmost versatility. Having the flexibility to quickly change the arrangement of your living room is ideal for modern living, according to Sabina Miller, director of buying at Heal’s, whether you need a large space for hosting friends, a cinema-style setup for movie night, or simply want to chase the summer evening sun.

Dutch Apartment

They chose a small sectional because the room is small and needed plenty of seats. Van der Kooij claims, “We managed to squeeze in everything we required without the room seeming crowded or cluttered.”

Living Room Harnessing The Modern Origin Of Sectional Sofas

In fact, sectional couches rose to popularity during the 1950s mid-century modern décor craze.

So why not adopt this fashion throughout?

Pick tan leather or tufted upholstery in warm hues, for instance, and experiment with geometric forms when it comes to patterns and designs. Long designs with short backs that accentuate a horizontal vibe are another good choice (such as your cushions, rugs, and artwork).

Get Cozy In A Snug With A Bespoke Design

The shape of a sectional sofa is perfectly complemented by brown couch living room ideas, and you may unwind in a pleasant living room with drinks nearby.

We created custom cocktail tables that connected to the sectional sofa since the client wanted a comfortable TV nook that was also functional. In order to utilize as trays, we also built bronze inserts into the sofa arms, claims Lucia Caballero, founder and creative director of Caballero.

One That Translates Into A Space-Saving Layout

Always consider your sectional sofa in connection to your coffee table selection, as well as the rest of the space.

For instance, if yours is somewhat tiny, you may choose a coffee table shape that maximizes the space between the two sofa parts, like the rectangular style in this exquisite example, and press one side against the wall.

El Marr Drive

The sectional is a specially designed and made item that assists the family’s needs. The adolescent males can lay on the bench parts of the sectional while watching movies with the rest of the family, or they can sit at the game table and interact with others in the room.

Consider A Sectional Instead Of Two Couches

A sectional can be a solution if you’re looking for living room arrangement ideas for small rooms.

It can be challenging to fit enough comfortable seats for you and your visitors in a tiny sitting room. A corner sofa, like our Lamorna, provides plenty of seating while taking up much less room than two full couches, and when layered with numerous soft velvet cushion covers, can assist to create a pleasant environment, according to Sue Jones, co-founder and creative director of OKA.

Sectional Sofa With A Low Back

Since a low back doesn’t disrupt your visual flow as much as a higher back would, it will make the entire sofa appear longer while retaining the illusion of space surrounding it.

These designs can be strategically used to enhance current elements in your living area. A taller back, for instance, would have ended up covering the bottom of the windows in this situation.

Hampstead Artist’s House

Although it might not seem possible, using a sectional in a small area can actually make it feel much cozier and larger.

Add Color To An All White Scheme

To make your sectional living room ideas even more eye-catching, think about using a hue that stands out. Ideas for blue couches in living rooms look stunning with white walls.

Unbelievably, sectionals may operate away from walls, stand alone to divide a space, or be nestled into a corner to maximize space, as in the case of this sky blue design in a seaside home, according to Melanie Griffiths, editor of Period Living.

Sectional Living Room With An End Table Next To The Sofa

Your new seating space could only require a central coffee table.

But wouldn’t you like to have a place where you can always have a drink or a book nearby? Could use a lamp directly by you to read comfortably and without having to strain your eyes?

Then we unquestionably advise include a useful end table in your new setup plan!

Newport Ocean Front

Compared to the other chairs in the room, a small-scale chair has one fantastic advantage: it is simple to transfer. When and where you want it to go, it will do so willingly, and unless instructed differently, it will remain in that location.

Black & White Modern Living & Dining Room With Oversized Sectional

If you’re a minimalist at heart, this black and white modern living-dining room design plan is ideal for you. With its two-toned color scheme and accent cushions in black, white, and gray, the Gray Marin Terminal Chaise Sectional from West Elm is unquestionably the pièce de résistance of the space.

Create A Reading Corner

In addition to being the ideal spot to catch up with friends or watch TV, your new sectional sofa might also go well with your other interests, like reading.

If so, put it right next to your lovely bookcases and think about getting a model with a chaise on the side so you can sit up or unwind while reading the next page-turner.

Madison Park Residence

A timeless ambiance that honors the home’s age is created by a straightforward color scheme of concrete, wood, metal, and stone.

Modern Living Room With Gray Hues & Gray Sectional Sofa

Gray dominates this contemporary living space, making the sectional stand out brilliantly. Right near the wide window, the Nova Winter Gray Left Sectional Sofa from Article provides an outstanding perspective. White, blue, and black accent pillows give the sectional a lovely splash of color.

Traditional Living Room

I adore how traditional this living room seems! I can tell with certainty that this place is worth every penny after taking a look at the sectional in the living room.