Small Pool Cabana Ideas

A permanent or movable covered building next to or close to a pool is known as a pool cabana. Pool cabanas typically include floor-to-ceiling side curtains or complete panels on three sides, with or without windows or screens, to provide shade from the sun, privacy to change clothes, or a place to hang out and relax. The cabana’s front faces the swimming pool.

Guest House Cabana

Since you will need to run plumbing and power to it, building a pool house that serves as a guest house will be more complicated and probably require extra permissions. This is a terrific approach to have a building that serves two purposes—a regular changing area, shower, and lounge area, and a nice cottage for overnight visitors.

Use a Crawl Space for Storage

Your pool house should not only be a comfortable place to relax, but it should also have space for all of those Instagram-worthy pool accessories. Use a crawl space accessible by a ladder to keep it apart from the living area, like this one in a pool home created by Lindsey Lane. Also adding to the architectural appeal is a little window in the “attic.”

Country-Style Pool Cabana Ideas

As you can see, this cabana by the pool has wooden supports and walls. They also provide the yard a welcoming atmosphere. The gray natural stones, meanwhile, illuminate the area.

The corner of the cabana by the pool has a fireplace that gives out immediate warmth. Additionally, a TV is located above it.

The furniture units are also dressed in red and black. In addition to creating a cozy atmosphere, they offer contrast.

Rooftop Cabana

Rooftop patios are typically highly enticing to potential purchasers. Once they settle in, though, they frequently discover that they hardly ever utilize them. You’ll utilize your rooftop patio more if you include a cabana, whether it has a pool or just a spa. Building a rooftop space you’ll actually use requires offering cover from the wind and sun. Make sure no views are blocked by your building. These homeowners used an open-air cabana with retractable blinds to provide stunning views and solitude.

Keep Things Open and Airy

The ideal location to test an indoor/outdoor concept is a pool house. Choose retractable doors or glass doors that open to the ceiling to allow the breeze inside. It will feel dreamy if you hang some sheers or linen curtains, as the designer Lindsey Lane did in this space.

Romantic Poolside Cabana

Even without white curtains, this pool cabana exudes romance. The flowers and rolled towels add an instant air of romance.

The wooden columns and roof give off a cozy vibe. Additionally, the turquoise mattress and accent pillows give off a beachy vibe.

The cabana by the pool is the perfect location to unwind. In order to preserve the appearance of the upholstered mattress, you need also use materials that are water-resistant.

Adjustable Daybeds

Avoid the permits and yet enjoy the adjustable daybeds in the cabanas by the pool like the ones shown here. A solution like this provides all you require without requiring you to construct a structure. You have adjustable beds for sunbathing, resting, reading, and sleeping poolside, as well as drapes for privacy and additional sun protection. This gives off a much more resort-like vibe and makes the perfect seating space for entertaining or spending time with your family.

Opt for Sky-High Ceilings

Your pool house will feel more open and airy and will resemble the great outdoors if the ceilings are exceptionally high. Reclaimed wood exteriors elevate this Malibu space by famous decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard, finding a lovely blend between rustic and formal.

White Pool Cabana Ideas

The pool cabana has an airy feel thanks to the rafters, louvered windows, and bright white roof. They blend well with the light-colored furniture and the soft gray shiplap wall.

The pool looks great with bright white and pale gray. Additionally, they provide a calm mood in the cabana.

The rattan pendant lamp adds a touch of the tropics. The floor is made of gray tile and is non-slip. Last but not least, the plants complement the wicker poufs by creating a natural atmosphere.

Pool Cabana Daybed

Imagine yourself unwinding in a luxurious tropical resort. Stretching out on the spherical chaise for a sleep is encouraged by the Devoko Patio Outdoor Round Daybed cabana ($388), which also features an adjustable waterproof canopy that provides wind and light protection. Stability and longevity are provided by sturdy steel frames.

You may split it into four separate outside chairs for partying or use it as one large bed. There are plush, machine-washable cushions in the cabana’s clamshell design.

Go Rustic

It’s not necessary to have a pool home with all the bells and whistles. As an example? This pool area’s rustic open concept. This pool house transports us to the Tuscan countryside with a wood burning stove, a dining nook, and a contemporary countertop work area.

Elevated Pool Cabana Ideas

Enjoy the summertime atmosphere beside your private pool. The elevated cabana pool will enhance your swimming pool.

The angled roof and stone tiles are attached to the elevated base by the black poles.

Straw was used to make the angled roof, which highlights the homey and natural ambiance. The white drapes give the room a lovely appearance while partially blocking the unwelcome wind. For a cozier area in your backyard, place the mattress on the cabana.

Grow Some Natural Coverage

You may make a natural canopy that will shield you from the elements if you’re making a pool cabana out of a straightforward pergola. You may give the area a rich and opulent feel by hanging plants from the pillars and growing vines (or other vertical garden ideas, such as climbing plants like wisteria and clematis) across the lattice roof.

The pergola in the cabana above provides a glimpse of a leafy green cabana in its early phases, when the vines are just starting to climb up and over the sides of the roof. According to Christopher LaGuardia of LaGuardia Design Group, “This pergola is more of a garden structure that is open and built to have trumpet vine covering it providing shade” (opens in new tab). We put woven willow branches to provide shade for a few years until the trumpet vine provides the necessary shade because it grows slowly.

Provide Some Shade

Your patio is the ideal spot to unwind during the summer thanks to a sizable canopy that extends from your pool house over it. If you want to host a great outdoor dinner party, take inspiration from Lisa McFadden’s Hampton home.

Small Yet Adorable

You don’t need much space to build a charming and comfortable pool cabana. Even a little cabana can be built and look beautiful. Choose the straw roof with the top-mounted carving.

The installation of white curtains highlights the lovely and romantic appearance. The posts used to construct this little cabana are fastened to the concrete block serving as the cabana’s support structure.

If you want to take in the summer breeze, you won’t have to be concerned about being sunburned.

Go All Out With A Permanent Build-Out

The possibilities are virtually endless when creating a cabana from the ground up if construction is within your means. Even if it’s not connected to the main house, your cabana can reinforce the outside aesthetic of the property with comparable architecture that blends in with the main house, which is one approach to generate synergy.

The cabana rises up like a formal dining room in the open-air version seen above. According to Jamie Chioco of Austin’s CHIOCO Design, “the site planning is what makes this design work” (opens in new tab). With cues to the existing mid-century residence, it “provides a visual and practical core to the rear yard.” The white stucco walls and cantilevered roof planes, along with a floating steel credenza, a group of suspended Tom Dixon lights, and a table with an Ipe top, offer the entire area an additional sense of permanency.

Antique Pool Cabana

The angled roof, as you can see, features elaborately carved wooden decorations. They give the pool cabana an aged appearance. Sunny yellow and clean white also create a serene yet joyful atmosphere in the backyard.

A U-shaped seating arrangement is also present. The sofa and soft blue chairs also blend in perfectly with the pool. The wall sconces and lantern pendant light beautify and illuminate the pool cabana.

Simple Scandi Pool Cabana Ideas

Make the most of the area next to your pool by building a pool cabana. It is still possible to make a modest cabana function.

You don’t need a lot of things for your cabana. Think of keeping the cabana as empty as possible to give it a feeling of space.

The pillars and roof should be painted white so they blend with the fencing. In addition, the light color will give the cabana the impression of being larger. Add the wood and rattan accents for a natural touch. Place a hammock over the inviting seating area to expand it.

Cram Your Cabana With The Whole Kit And Caboodle

Why go back inside the house if you don’t have to if the cabana’s main function is to provide shade? The true benefit is being able to spend the entire day by the pool. To that end, landscape architects frequently over-pack cabanas with all the amenities you could possibly need, such as chic outdoor kitchens with filled mini-fridges, outdoor speakers and sound systems, or even nearby bathrooms.

Every desire and requirement was taken into account when designing the fully equipped cabana above. According to Christopher LaGuardia of LaGuardia Design Group, “the main purpose of this cabana was to support the swimming pool area, which is very remote from the home. The cabana provides everything needed to stay by the pool all day and into the evening.” A fun day by the pool is supported by “[an] outdoor kitchen, cabana restrooms, built-in TV, and music.”

Multipurpose Pool Cabana Ideas

This cabana has a kitchen by the pool. Additionally, the angled roof effectively shields it from both rain and sunlight.

The homeowner can prepare meals in the kitchen after swimming. She can also relish her meal while taking in the magnificent sea views.

The color white predominates in the pool cabana’s design. In the meantime, the floor and kitchen start to show exposed brick. The shiplap ceiling is accompanied by the ceiling beams as well. The chic wall sconces provide lighting.