Small Sunroom Ideas on a Budget

Your welfare depends on having a room with lots of natural light and a connection to nature, and with the correct tiny sunroom plan, you can create a place in your house where you can take a break and refocus.

Even if your home doesn’t have a designated sunroom, there are many sunroom ideas to take into account, from small yet wonderfully structured rooms to conversions and even ways to sneak a sunny place into another room.

Georgia Zikas, an interior designer from Connecticut, advises converting an existing space rather than building an entirely new addition. Examples of such conversions include converting a garage or screened-in porch.

We’ve gathered 20 pictures of small sunroom designs to help you get creative and design a place where you can relax and soak up the sun.

Add A Small Glazed Extension As A Sunroom

There are many single-story extension ideas you might attempt when thinking about adding a new little sunroom to your house. While a straightforward structure with lots of windows integrated will surely be the easiest and most economical option, you could want to think about a little glazed addition for a more contemporary twist on the concept.

A bifold door or sliding pocket door would be best for smaller sunrooms so that they can be opened in the warmer months, leaving a clear aperture and allowing the internal and external spaces to be combined, something that this design by Can Architects(opens in new tab) takes into consideration. The choice of door and opening elements can have a big impact on the space.

According to architect Matt Barnes, a glass chamfered door that opens onto an elevated terrace glides into a hidden nook. The project, according to the clients, “has completely changed how they utilize the home, giving them a ground-floor living area that is well connected to the garden come rain or shine.”

Floral Sunroom

All the seats, including the miniature rocker, are adorned with exquisite hand-sewn cushions in the sunroom of this Wisconsin farmhouse, including one made from a tourist handkerchief. The light fixture, which uses a repurposed wicker basket, is also handmade.

Scandinavian Style Sunroom Office with Wicker Pendant

Gray floor tiles were chosen in this modest Scandinavian-style sunroom office to balance out the space’s predominance of white. Due to the limited amount of room, a table and two moveable stools were also used in addition to the fixed sitting area. The pendant made of wicker completes the style.

Build A Small Three Season Room

You might find that the price of adding a sunroom increases dramatically. A three-season room, however, might represent a sensible compromise in some states, particularly when taking into account the idea of a modest sunroom. This kind of sunroom is completely covered, glassed, and yet indoors, but it isn’t insulated, thus it is more susceptible to the weather outside.

The majority of the year, a three-season room lives up to its name by being fully usable, but you might discover that it’s too cold in the winter and possibly too hot in the middle of summer. However, it will be a significantly less expensive addition to your house and still give you the same sunroom experience.

Simple & Pretty Sunroom

We think that a magnificent old table, a piece of delightful wicker furniture, and a soft rug beneath your feet may all be used to complete a sunroom with warmth and unique touches.

Circular Dining Table with Acrylic Chairs and Wicker Pendant

A table with translucent chairs is placed in the small dining room, which is decorated in an eclectic manner, with a circle-shaped carpet and hanging lamps accentuating the area’s center. Without crossing paths with one another, all colors are present in the room. The dining room curtain, which is patterned in blue and white, perfectly completes the style.

Choose A Glazed Ceiling For More Light Throughout The Day

Even while not all sunrooms have glazed roofs, adding glass to single-story expansions is a terrific method to give your sunroom more light throughout the day.

According to Shannon Normoyle of IQ Glass(opens in new tab), structural glass roofs are a need when adding a sunroom to a house since they make it simple to maximize the flow of natural light. A single pane can be utilized in smaller sunrooms without supporting it.

You could want to add window treatments in your ideas for a mostly glass construction so that your sunroom can be used at various times of the day without necessarily being overlooked.

Playful Patterned Sunroom

A sunroom can stand on its own with individual furnishings because it isn’t officially a part of the rest of your decor. One method to achieve this is by combining different designs and materials.

Small Sunroom Ideas with Eclectic Style

The wooden components of the sitting chair are favored in red tones on the floor covering that is desired in redwood hue. The room has been decorated in an unconventional manner.

Emphasize Ceiling Height

For a small sunroom, take into account your ceiling height, advises interior designer Georgia Zikas. If you can create a vaulted ceiling or elevate the ceiling in some other way, that might add a lot of wonderful design impact and give the impression that the area is larger.

Consider strategies to move the eye up and visual cues to make your sunroom appear taller in existing rooms. You can achieve this with some creative ceiling decoration ideas, such as painting it the same color as the walls to lessen the ceiling’s visible edge.

Pink & Vintage-Inspired Sunroom

A hanging swing, pink pillows, and framed vintage pictures of birds can create a lovely, just-back-from-the-flea-market vibe in your sunroom.

Country-Style Small Sunroom Ideas

The predominant color scheme in this small sunroom decorated in country style is beige and white. The design is strengthened by the use of colorful pillows in the living room and the carpet on the floor. Additionally, the utilization of the plants in the corner has finished the area.


Sunrooms, which are flooded with natural light, are excellent places for reading and taking naps, particularly if they have a wraparound bench.

Scandinavian Sunroom

Consider adding a modern chair, contemporary lighting, and lots of greenery to the room for a contemporary, Scandinavian spin on a sunroom. We can definitely picture oneself relaxing here for an afternoon while reading.

Small Sunroom Ideas in Light Shades

Only one piece of seating was used in this sunroom’s extremely constrained design. Completely light tones are preferred for the hues, which also refreshes the room.

Simple + Sophisticated

In this simple sunroom, two camel-colored buttery leather seats make a welcoming reading nook. The jute rug, chairs, and basket on the wall add warmth to the all-white room by using brown tones.

Cozy Sunroom

Include warm elements that you and your family will appreciate all year long in your sunroom, such as a fireplace, heaps of blankets and cushions, and a basket filled with books to pass the time.

Attic Room Design with Skylights and Cozy Couches

Wood tones are employed on the floor and coffee table in the little sunroom area, which is decorated in white and beige colors. The area is made to appear bigger and taller than it is by using beige and white in the other colors.

A Happy Place

“The light in here is incredible, so it’s a happy place,” says homeowner Meg Stein of her home’s sunroom, which is brightened by yellow rattan chairs.

Mid-Century Sunroom

Look for furniture with linear designs, area rugs with geometric patterns, and an antique coffee table to give your sunroom a mid-century atmosphere.