Small Window Covering Ideas

There will undoubtedly be at least one little window in every home. Smaller windows might seem less attractive by nature and hence more challenging to decorate, yet this couldn’t be further from the reality.

Small windows can actually be adorned in a variety of ways to fit the style and mood of almost any room. There is a little window curtain style for everyone, from regal majesty to rustic farmhouse and all in between.

Having said that, it might be challenging to know where to begin because, as was already noted, there are many options available for small window treatments.

But don’t worry, we’ve made a guide to make choosing curtains easier. Here are 20 suggestions for small window coverings without further ado.

Elegant Tieback Curtains

This delicate yet attractive curtain option is ideal for windows with limited space. You can make the outfit more or less formal depending on the curtain ties. These particular curtains have a distinctive chevron pattern and are a golden brown color. They are components that blend together to produce a style that conveys luxury without being overpowering.

Estate Shutters

In a small window space, custom estate shutters produced by a local window treatment expert would neatly fit, and depending on how you adjust them, they can either maximize the light coming in or entirely block it. They are therefore a flexible option for ventilation, privacy, and temperature control. They are a good option for historic properties because of their timeless appearance.

Rise To The Occasion

The best method to accentuate the profile of your windows is to cover them with full-length curtains if you want to boost the drama and give the focal points of your space some magnificent length.

Contrary to popular belief, install your curtain rod just below the crown molding or ceiling and choose drapes that skim the floor to give the appearance of larger windows.

Use Window Film on Basement Windows

Finally, window film is the simplest, quickest, and likely least expensive way to clothe your basement windows.

Window film can be used on any window where you want privacy or to limit the view but yet want to let light through, so it’s not just for basements.

Farmhouse Aesthetic

A similar set of curtains is the best method to instantly give your house a rural farmhouse feel. The delicate white and flowery pattern give these curtains a lot of rural charm. Allowing the drapes to fall naturally will help you achieve this style without making it appear overly tidy and well-organized.

They cost more than a conventional roller blind or shade because they’re often built to order and frequently contain wood or faux wood.

Light Aesthetic For The Kitchen

Consider setting up a small kitchen window in this manner if you want to create a light and airy atmosphere there. An almost vintage-looking set of light-patterned drapes hangs in this window. If you decide to go with this style, think about only drawing the curtains halfway; doing so lets in some natural light while still giving you a fantastic view of the distinctive curtain pattern.

Mix Your Materials

A terrific approach to give your home a hint of tactile appeal is with seagrass blinds. Although they have a somewhat bohemian and beachy vibe, they are nevertheless fitted and trim enough to keep everything looking put together.

We adore how these blinds’ modest horizontal variations reflect the wall treatment in this room. These windows’ “inside mount” installation allows the architectural window trim to truly shine.

Small Window Curtain Options

Short, sill-length curtains typically work for small windows. They won’t fill the room until they reach the top of the ledge.

Instead, you might choose café curtains. They provide some seclusion while covering the bottom half of the window, enabling light to still penetrate. Café curtains are hung using adjustable height curtain rods that lie inside the window frame and are a common choice for bathrooms or tiny windows that open to a public sidewalk or street.

Long curtains can be hung on small windows to give the illusion that they are larger by utilizing the power of illusion. To achieve this impression, hang the curtains as high and broadly as you can to make the little window appear larger.

Avoid using fringes, tassels, or swags since they might reduce the size of the window and block the light.

Translucent Sheer Curtains

Consider imitating this little window treatment to create a melancholy atmosphere. This window is covered with a thin translucent curtain that perfectly filters the sunshine to provide a distinctive ambience. Additionally, this arrangement is distinctive in that it makes use of a single curtain to cover the entire window rather than using two separate pieces. This configuration gives it a little more permanence.

Go for a Warm Glow

Although we prefer frosted windows in the bathroom, we must agree that the warm glow these shades provide has a certain allure. You wouldn’t want to give it up with a view like this.

Frame A Window To Create A Focal Point

A window treatment with a dramatic edge, or “lambrequin,” is created using a historic design approach. It’s a wonderful way to dress up a window with a blind so that it takes on an almost architectural appearance. In order to give a space structure and gravitas, interior designer Henry Prideaux(opens in new tab) says, “I am always happy when there is an opportunity to employ a lambrequin placed over a Roman blind within a fitting scheme.”

Striped Roman Shades

When it comes to adorning a smaller window, roman shades are always a good option. They offer the most light filtration options while being simple to use. This window is made to stand out by the distinctive striped design on this Roman shade. For a stunning appearance, match the color or pattern to neighboring decor (in this case, flowers).

Channel Your Inner Cafe-Owner

Not just for your favorite coffee shop, cafe curtains, or short curtains mounted halfway down the window, are available. They’re an excellent substitute for frosted windows in the bathroom since they provide some seclusion while still letting light in. They’re also useful in other rooms of the house.

Pick Solar Shades For Bright Rooms

Of course, having a bright room that you spend a lot of time in during the day is wonderful, but if you have noticed that your furnishings are fading, you might want to think about solar shades, which, unlike black-out blinds, allow light in but are made from a material whose weave partially blocks it.

According to interior designer Mary Patton, “Solar blinds now come in elegant and gorgeous designs, and are fantastic investment items for larger spaces like a living room” (opens in new tab). The ability to conserve energy and shield your furnishings from the sun is definitely advantageous.

You should keep in mind that materials with tighter weaves will let in less light, so you can choose the weave to match the level of light control you require. Additionally, motorized solar shades are an option if you can’t access the shades’ mechanisms.

Where does Mary like to buy solar shades? Stoneside(opens in new tab), who gives you a variety of options.

Roman Shades With A Contemporary Aesthetic

A modern-looking Roman shade is seen in this window. The shade’s color and pattern blend flawlessly with the other features of the bedroom to create a balanced, harmonious appearance. Again, these shades are simple to use and may be positioned whatever you like.

Dress A Basement Window With A Custom Blind or Shutters

Custom window coverings can never be wrong. A refined appearance can be added to your room by having something specially built to exactly match your basement windows.

In our previous house, we took care of the basement windows in this manner. I wanted a custom window covering that was made to fit the window’s exact dimensions because the windows had cabinetry underneath them and the walls were paneled. Our cozy, family-friendly basement now has a calm air thanks to this lovely blind.

Channel The Ruffle Trend With A Ruched Blind

Making bathroom windows a focal point with a fabric blind is a genius way to add pattern, color, and personality to what can sometimes feel like cold, sterile interiors. Why not make an homage to the trend with a ruched fabric blind in the “London” style given how popular ruffles are right now?

According to Richard Smith, founder and creative director of Madeaux, “Bathrooms often feel stark and cold, full of hard surfaces and bright white finishes. Adding a large scale floral fabric ruched to create a “London” blind with a contrast or striped trim delivers a touch of whimsy, creating a considered and joyful interior.”

Cool Neutral Color With Layering

Although this method of window treatment is quite straightforward, it nevertheless has some visual appeal. Two blue-gray curtains flank the little window, which is covered by a single sheer curtain. A compelling setting is created by combining a soft white base layer with a neutral outer layer.

Make Basement Windows Look Wider with Blinds and Trim

The people at Frugal Family Times offer a wealth of creative suggestions. They devised this option for additional basement window in addition to proposal #3. Here, bamboo blinds and trim have been used to give the impression that there are three windows above the bed rather than just one. By doing this, the wall becomes more of a feature and the window area gains presence. The room feels cozier thanks to the blinds’ addition of texture and color. What basement owner wouldn’t want that?


For small windows, blinds are a popular alternative since you can customize them to match the window frame. Blinds and shades are both more useful than curtains. Pleated blinds or wooden Venetian blinds with wide slats let in a lot of light, and vertical designs are preferable for tall and thin windows.

You’ll have plenty of options, available in a range of materials and priced to fit any budget.