Stacked Laundry Closet Ideas

Although it is a room intended for usefulness, the laundry room is sometimes disregarded in terms of interior design. Additionally, it’s much more probable that renovating isn’t high on your priority list if you’re working with a small amount of space.

But as any design-obsessed homeowner is aware, no house is complete until each room has its own unique aesthetic, furnishings, and storage options. This goes for even the smallest, least-used rooms, such as the laundry room, which receives little foot traffic and is rarely used.

We pulled collected 20 stacked laundry closet designs that have a major impact because we want this frequently ignored space to operate well and look even better.

Invest in Smart Tech

The laundry corner in this marigold-hued multipurpose space designed by Stephanie Sabbe for House Beautiful’s Whole Home project includes an LG single unit washer-dryer equipment. Household chores can be completed more quickly thanks to the washer and dryer’s settings being all at eye level and easy to access.

Stack Your Machines

Your washing machine and dryer can be neatly stacked within a built-in to save much-needed room. Enough space should be left to accommodate an open shelf and a small cubby to store items like baskets and drying racks.

Organize the Closet

I’m in awe of this laundry room with a closet! There is just enough room for stacked washers and dryers, as well as side shelving for laundry supplies. excellent use of available space.

Embrace Matching Finishes

Gil Schafer’s timeless English-country style is evident throughout this laundry room’s neutral tones, from the farmhouse sink and exposed hinges to the conventional flush mounts. Although it cannot be seen from the kitchen, the cabinetry matches the kitchen’s to give the entire house a unified appearance.

Keep It Simple

This washing setup is an example of how less can sometimes be more. The small washer and dryer in this flat are framed by minimalist closed cabinets.

Be Mindful Of Your Space

Before putting the heavy objects inside, it’s crucial to gauge the size and layout of your laundry room. We adore how this space makes excellent use of this nook and chose to use a stacked washer and dryer instead of the more conventional side-by-side set. As a result, there will be plenty of space along the side wall for folding, sorting, and hanging laundry without feeling crowded.

You’ll think you’re performing your chores in a French countryside thanks to the addition of wood countertops and a framed scene.

Put Machines Behind Barn Doors

This shabby chic laundry room by Leanne Ford Interiors blends in beautifully thanks to barn doors painted in a crisp white contrast with the cream hardware. Additionally, pocket doors and barn doors make the adjacent spaces more spacious.

Use Your Machine’s Exterior

To make sure you always have what you need close at hand, attach a bin to the side of your stackable machines. Choose a removable, easily-cleanable option like a wire basket with a flat back.

DIY a Hanging Rod

Less can sometimes really be more. With the addition of a slim hanging pole for drying clothes, your little laundry room will maintain a clean appearance. Without a drying rack, this built-in metallic rod looks like it belongs in the room while saving valuable floor space.

Get Creative

Gail Davis filled this tiny laundry room with personality, from the bright wallpaper to the framed art, the blue trim, and the striped penny tile floors. Additionally, you can have additional surfaces for folding without having to create custom cabinets and shelves. Get a lucite side chair and sit down. They practically occupy no visible space.

Designate a Spot to Divide Dirty Laundry

Sort delicates, colors, and whites in drawers (or however else you like to divide up your laundry). The best choice is wire mesh baskets, like the ones in this picture since they allow unclean garments to air out before washing.

Tuck It Away

This practical tip can help you create the ideal washing place if you don’t have a dedicated laundry room: a barn door. Use a barn door to conceal your washing and dryer while you tuck them away out of sight.

Double Your Load

Consider doubling your machine count if you have a large home or family so you can reclaim some of your time. The many blue hues of Mark D. Sikes’ impeccably preppy laundry room serve as a welcome diversion from the extra appliances.

Turn a Closet Into a Laundry Room

No laundry room? No issue. Convert a closet by adding extra rods and shelves, then hang items on the backs of the doors.

Utilize the Space Above Your Door

Organize all of your necessities above your door rather than hiding clutter behind a door. Although the area above your door frame is sometimes ignored, this laundry room serves as evidence that an overhead cabinet system is a much more efficient way to utilize the area.

Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper is ideal for small spaces, such as a closet turned laundry room. This one, created by Cameron Ruppert Interiors, just has space for a hamper and a stack of machines; nonetheless, she gave it some life with vibrant wallpaper and a cheery pendant light. When you are unable to expand, she advises, “Build up.”

Pick a Decorative Hamper

If used properly, a lovely hamper can serve as both organization and decoration. So that everyone in the family knows where to put their dirty clothes, place it somewhere that can be seen.

Try a Dark Color

You’ve undoubtedly heard the urban legend that painting a room a dark color makes it appear smaller. By painting your cabinets black, you may expand a room and give it a more open, airy, and beautiful vibe. Who would want anything less in a laundry room?

Make It Sleek

Have you ever seen a washing room with more modern amenities? This area, created by Arent & Pyke, makes completing chores much more enjoyable. Our eyes are drawn to the lovely marble backsplash since the machines are concealed behind a stylish khaki green closet door.

Stack the Washer & Dryer

When you stack the washer and dryer, it’s astonishing how much you can fit in a small laundry room. An ironing board, laundry baskets, and drawers are all included in this area, which provides enough of storage for the laundry room.