Stairway Paint Color Ideas

Ideas for stairway painting can turn a practical requirement into a striking element. The balusters, handrail, newel, stringer, as well as the stair wall, all provide a canvas for paint, giving you the chance to add color and detail that might otherwise come from a carpet or stair runner.

Painting the stairwell gives you the chance to express your creativity as part of your hallway design ideas, or you can just use paint to give the staircase a classy, clean finish. The appropriate paint may also provide a finish that is long-lasting and attractive.

Our collection of stairwell paint color choices will help you establish the style for the rest of your house.

Bold Grandeur

According to Annie Sloan, a paint and color specialist and the developer of Chalk Paint®, the deep brown of Chalk Paint® in Honfleur was a genuine tribute to the wainscot paneling and the regal atmosphere of this stairwell. Emperor’s Silk painted directly on the floor to give a faux runner effect brings out the warm tones in chocolatey Honfleur paint and serves to draw the eye along the floor, really maximizing the grandeur of this fabulous landing. However, too often, “authentic” can be used as an excuse for “dull,” but not on my watch.

Sloan claims that even if your staircase isn’t as grand, you can still achieve this effect in your own home. According to her, having this striking red accent on the stairs would make one feel as though she were stepping out onto the red carpet at Cannes every evening before retiring for the night.

Coastal-Inspired Staircase

Observe your environment for ideas! These steps in Brooklin, Maine, were painted a bright red to match the home’s coastal environment.

Create An Ombré Paint Effect On Your Staircase

Ombre fashion is ideal for painted stairwells. The best results come from starting at the bottom with a darker shade and moving up to a lighter one. To combine the colors in the center, use a sponge.

A Pop of Green

This otherwise monochromatic submission is given a fresh, brilliant flash of color by London-based designer Olivia Outred. The ideal welcome for visitors as they cross the threshold of your home is a deep green in a warm and inviting shade. This attractive area is brought together by an abstract painting at the top of the stairs and lovely architectural elements.

Striped Painted Stair Runner

Unbelievably, the middle of these stairs is painted, not a runner, and is striped. Start painting a broad strip that is approximately three quarters the width of the staircase treads down from the top landing to get the grain sack-inspired appearance. Let three center stripes dry before taping them off and painting them with a different color of your choice.

Make A Statement With A Dark And Dramatic Paint

Choose a dark staircase paint color and patterned hallway carpet if you want to guarantee gloomy drama in your hallway.

The walls and staircase in this hall have been painted with Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue to create a seductive and welcoming scheme. It has a royal appearance when combined with glass chandelier, encaustic tiles, and other decorative elements.

The professional hypnotherapist and coach Susannah Saunders says, “We got rid of the 1980s floor tiles and found these Bert & May concrete beauties.

Then we widened the doorway to the left and put our steel doors in the Crittall style. After we covered the entire room with black paint, it really helped to let in some natural light.

English Brilliance

Sloan describes her own foyer in her Oxford, England home as an example of how quickly and easily you can add funny design flair to areas by painting lines to accentuate or even suggest paneling when there isn’t any. Because Cubans enjoy a good color contrast, I painted the stairs Scandinavian Pink as well. I also sanded down the runners to indicate the romance of rusticity and faded grandeur, and then I coated them with Matt Chalk Paint® Lacquer to protect them.

The wall is painted with Antibes Green Chalk Paint® and Antoinette. Antibes Green is waxed to prevent scuffing from small hands. In order to create a continuous appearance, the wall also has a faint blue line that is painted Aubusson Blue and complements the panels that surround the front door of the house.

Painted Attic Stairway

The owners of this New York farmhouse added ancient book stacks and a gallery wall of artwork to the aged yet cheery painted attic staircase.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Colors That Clash

Look at this green and purple pattern if you want to add some fun to painting stairs. We adore how meticulously the homeowners painted the charming alcove where a colorful cacti vase is displayed. However, we are unsure of how long it will take before the cat pushes it off the brink.

Hannah Bishop and Alex Dennis, Instagram house renovators and account managers of @weeleithcolony, vow that wallpapering the stair risers is still in the long-term plan after receiving a lot of positive feedback about it a few weeks ago .

I just adore the contrast of mint and violet, and I’m happy to see some of our prints hanging on the walls. How do you feel? Will it suffice for now? Since this is the first thing you see when you walk into our upper colony apartment, I’m thrilled with the impression! ‘

You can build a similar hall decor with our gallery wall ideas.

A Bahamian Welcome

It doesn’t get much cozier than designer Matthew Carter’s private Harbour Island getaway in the Bahamas. This foyer includes a false “runner” painted Benjamin Moore’s Maritime Blue, dark brown walls, and a white staircase with fanciful accents.

Painted Stair Treads

Why not try the opposite? Typically, the darker colors are seen on the stair risers, while the treads are left white or unpainted. Emily Henderson used Benjamin Moore’s Big Country Blue to paint these steps in a lighthearted manner.

Match A Painted Stair Runner To The Hallway Furniture

Be as daring with pink as Meg Brackpool, who runs the @littlebristolterrace Instagram account.

The much-anticipated hallway remodel has finally arrived! Since I had been promising to work on this project for months, we ultimately chose to complete it on our week off from work rather than take a vacation. (I no longer recognize myself),” Meg claims.

We underestimated the difficulty of the task, and last week Sam said he’d rather be in jail than carry on, but with the aid of McDelivery and a fridge full of beer, we succeeded!

Use All One Color

You can make your steps stand out and blend in by using only one paint color on them. Then, using furnishings and accessories, you can add more hues and textures.

The stairs and landing are painted a bright white, which unifies the space and promotes relaxation. It is certain to provide a tidy and cohesive appearance to paint your staircase the same color as the floorboards in other adjoining rooms.

To get more color ideas for your stair paint ideas, check out our color wheel guide. Choosing tonal colors will also produce a comparable effect.

Multi-Colored Painted Staircase

When it comes to painting your staircase, there are no rules. The first thing visitors notice when entering Lisa Teague’s New Hampshire house are her steps in a rainbow of colors. “I wanted to create a statement, but a subtle one,” says the homeowner and interior designer.

Create A Relaxing Scheme With A Blue Ombre Effect

Or how about choosing several blue hues to enliven a plain staircase?

According to Justyna Korczynska, color consultant at Crown Paints, “blue is a highly adaptable color that can work anywhere throughout the house”.

It may be readily added to create a welcoming vibe with a dramatic twist or a serene, peaceful look because its various tones have the potential to transmit a multitude of moods, from strong and fun to restful and relaxing. Pair blue with chalky whites and sandy tones to offer warmth while preserving the color’s calming nature.

Use Paint To Create Pattern

It’s not necessary to use a carpet or stair runner to add pattern to a staircase; striking results can also be achieved using paint.

According to Kathryn Lloyd, a color consultant for Crown, “you can paint stripes of different sizes using stencils to make a simple and amusing accent.”

I’d advise using neutral tones as a foundation and adding a splash of color with adaptable hues like greens or blues. Due to its light and feathery appearance, blue in particular will make the entrance to the house feel calm.

Modern Painted Stairs Idea

Leanne Ford of Restored by the Fords, another HGTV star, is responsible for this surprising and artistic stairwell paint job.

Go For A Simple, But Luxurious Monochrome Design

The saying “less is more” really applies to this design, as sometimes the most straightforward staircase paint ideas appear to be the most expensive. A monochromatic flight of steps in this foyer exudes a grandeur reminiscent of a grand piano’s keys.

Blue velvet chairs have been employed by interior designers to soften this black and white living room design idea and provide color and Art Deco emotions.

According to Andy Greenall, head of design at Paint & Paper Library, the color combination of black and white has been utilized for hundreds of years in fashion, architecture, and other areas of our environment. It is a timeless choice that can also be employed in modern designs.

A monochrome design enables individuals to use black with ease and to perceive black in a different light rather than possibly the extremely bold, harsh, and challenging hue it has often been understood to be. While white remains a highly popular color, customers are also getting more daring in their color selections.

Alternate Paint Shades

Are you looking for original yet elegant stair paint ideas? Take a cue from this Benjamin Moore design, which repeats the two gray hues used above and below the dado in the hall on the opposite risers of the staircase.

The use of white for the trim and treads creates a clean transition between the two contemporary colors, which give a conventional hallway a new spin.

Floral Painted Stairs

Flowers placed in odd places, as on stair risers, provide a whimsical touch. Here, the treads’ outer edges have been painted to assist make the ascent less disorienting.