Storage Ideas For Hats

Go Classic With Ballon Stands

Countless hats will likely be displayed in this way in each vintage millinery you enter. For good reason, balloon stands are a staple: They add style and are understated, so they don’t detract from the hat’s overall look. But maybe most importantly, they keep the hat’s shape and form. These are an excellent choice if you want to display a little collection on your dresser or if you only have a few delicate items that you want to keep in good condition.

Easy DIY Hat Storage

Who doesn’t enjoy donning a hat during a beach party, on a wet day, or any other occasion? Of course they all do! However, the issue at hand is how to manage the numerous hats you have lying around your house. With tools like a hollow pipe, rope, and thick yarn, you can make this hat hanging concept in a matter of minutes to organize hats.


Depending on how many hats you have, hang one or more cords from a wall. Then, using a wooden clothespin, you attach the caps to the cord.

Transform Them Into Art

It’s common for people to acquire lovely hats over their lives, and some of the more ornate designs may easily be considered genuine pieces of art. If that is you, you might consider elevating your collection with a hat storage concept that matches the beauty of your brims. Find a display or wall hanger that keeps your hats on display and accentuates them like the stars they are. Although there are many designs available to fit any style, this selection from Etsy is excellent for a collection that is influenced by bohemian.

Baseball Cap Organizer

Look at this hat rack on a pegboard! It will also make cool wall decor. You can discover step-by-step directions for creating this baseball cap organizer project within. To assemble this hat rack, you will need the following. Cut 1″ x 2″ boards, corner brackets, pegboards, and they will complete the project.


For this one, you have to fasten a section of wire grid to the wall. Then again, all you need to attach your headwear to the grid is a few clothespins or other clips (exactly like in the cord example above).

Utilize the Back of a Door

Utilizing your closet doors to their full potential is a terrific method to quickly double or even treble the amount of storage space you have accessible. While the majority of them aren’t big enough to hold clothes for everyday wear, they make excellent hat storage. Spend money on a large-scale rack if you must, but we like this simple solution that hangs hats from brackets. Not only is it cheap and nearly undetectable when it’s covered in beanies or caps, but due to its modest size, there might still be room on your door to store other things as well.

Simple DIY Hat Rack

Your primary goal should be to build this DIY hat rack given your restricted room and your expanding collections of hats. It would also look great as a wall hanging. Additionally, this hat rack will accommodate all of your headwear. Consequently, the issue of them prowling around the house is resolved!

Zig-Zag Wall Rack

This stunning hat rack on the wall is an excellent example. It is not only useful but also ornamental.

Post Up a Pegboard

Looking to add a versatile and abundant hat storage solution to a mudroom or other sizable area? Think about mounting a pegboard. You may purchase pre-made boards on websites like Etsy or purchase them from your neighborhood hardware store. They can be as DIY-heavy (or light) as you’d like. This individualized storage solution, which comes in a wide range of sizes, is excellent for families.

Cowboy Hat Storage

This project could be useful if you don’t have enough floor space in your flat for hat storage. You may hang up this cowboy hat storage to free up a lot of floor space. It will also allow you to keep your headwear organized. To see how it was made, simply look at the directions.

Wall Clothespins

As seen in this example, you may even affix clothespins directly to the wall. To ensure that all of your hats have the space they require, make sure to measure and spread out the pins before pinning them to the wall.

Hanging Closet Organizer (Great for Baseball Hat Storage)

I used two hanging shoe organizers to store my son’s hats in his closet. I then stuffed all of his headwear into the storage spaces. Each compartment is deep enough to fit two or three hats. Each of the organizers has a capacity of 18 to 20 hats.

Not only can he keep all of his baseball caps in these, but he can also store his bucket hats in them. The hats are kept accessible and these hangers are simple to install. Even if you wear many hats, this method is quite easy to navigate.

One of my very favorite baseball hat storage solutions is this.

Hat Storage Boxes

Why not construct a hat rack rather than stacking your hats on top of one another in a locked closet? Your favorite hat will always be easy to find thanks to these hat storage boxes. Here are some straightforward guidelines that are simple to understand and will enable you to succeed on your own.


Attach hooks to the wall so that your hats can hang there while also serving as a decorative “hat gallery” for a neater appearance. Choose a spot in your house that is both attractive AND convenient.

Individual Hooks for Hat Storage

Try using individual hooks for a solution that is comparable to the hat rack but a little more adaptable. I attached a few of these on my son’s door’s back. They work well for retaining hats that are bulkier or more difficult to fold or stack, like his cowboy hat.

These are fantastic since you can use as many or as few as you require. They can also be positioned anywhere suits you best: on a wall, the inside of a closet, the back of a door, etc.

Standing Hat Rack with Mirror

You are aware that you can don the hat and visit the same location to see how it appears? You can certainly accomplish that in one step by adding a mirror to this standing hat rack. You only need this hat storage solution to create a space that is both beautiful and useful.

Painted Branch

You can decorate a branch and hang it on your wall. The branch should have enough strong twigs to support your headwear. If not, you can fasten your headwear on the branch using ties, ropes, or clips.

Small Plastic Buckets to Store Baseball Hats

A tiny plastic bucket is another method I employ at home. I use these for my headwear, our visors, and the less frequently worn headgear by my spouse. These were $3 each at the dollar store near me. In my hall closet, they are easily located on the top shelf.

These buckets make it simple to access the hats while keeping them confined and out of the way while not in use. Additionally, the buckets don’t take up much room.

Macrame Wall Hanging Hat Hanger

Make this macrame wall hanging hat hanger to organize the mess of your hats. This project’s concept is just the right amount of both old and new. Just barely modern, really. Additionally, it will integrate seamlessly with your room’s decor. Just gather your materials and get going!