Sunroom Curtain Ideas

The best sunroom designs combine the inside and outside. Having a well-designed sunroom enables you to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors while keeping all of the essential creature comforts, regardless of where you live—in the deep south or the Pacific Northwest.

We’ve gathered our greatest sunroom curtain ideas from top design professionals, whether you’re wanting to make a screened-in porch into a four-seasons room, your sunroom is part of a larger home addition ideas, or you’re just looking to squeeze more life out of your existing sunroom.

Home Office + Art Studio

Consider using upholstery materials that will assist hide spills and accidents if your multifunctional space is utilized by both adults and children. The shades of medium gray complement one another well and make a great substitute for beige or tan.

Wooden and Rustic

This sunroom has a beautifully rustic feel thanks to the unfinished wood. A stylish chandelier, plush couches, and lots of light keep the atmosphere cozy. When remodeling your sunroom, skip the varnish for a more modern, farmhouse vibe.

Bamboo Lounge Chairs with Beige Curtains and Stone Floor

The seats that can also be used as beds were preferred for the users to rest and enjoy themselves in the nice sunroom area with wooden carriers constructed on the gray stone floor. To maintain privacy in the area, beige-colored curtains were employed.

Curtains + Swings

This sunroom’s swings, drapes, and two ceiling fans exude casual relaxation.

Create Separate Hangout Zones

When planning a layout for your sunroom, consider creating different “zones” to maximize its functionality and utilization. The most typical delineations are a lounge area and a dining area, but there are other choices as well, as evidenced in this light-filled space created by Lauren Shaver of Bless’er House. You may designate a space for exercising, making art, or even for meditating.

Cozy Beach Style Sunroom Ideas with Nature View

Light wood window frames are favored in the cozy sunroom that is completely surrounded by windows, while dark wood is preferred for the interior furnishings. There is only so much furniture that can fit in this compact sunroom.

A Happy Place

“The light in here is incredible, so it’s a happy place,” says homeowner Meg Stein of her home’s sunroom, which is brightened by yellow rattan chairs.

Play With Nature Motifs

If the view from your sunroom isn’t what you’d prefer, just add your own with wallpaper, a mural, or a large nature painting. Designer Ashley Clark of Skout Interior Motif used Cole & Son’s traditional Nuvole wallpaper, an etched cloud design, to cover the ceiling of the sunroom in this Newport Beach residence with a wink to the outside.

Screened Sunroom with Hammock and Nature View

In the comfortable sunroom, where the outside view is extended inside from every angle, the interior is built as an extension of the outdoor environment. The floor’s usage of wood details and the living area’s preference for wicker details both contribute to the room’s shabby but attractive appearance. The hanging hammock also highlights the welcoming atmosphere of the surroundings.

Poolside Paradise

As in this relaxed pool area, using a variety of colors in various tints and styles may produce a room that seems curated rather than cookie-cutter.

Try A Moody Sunroom Idea Instead

The sunroom can be the ideal location for you to test out a dark hue if you’ve been seeking for a space in your house to do so. If going dark in a place that is all about celebrating light sounds contradictory, have confidence that your sunroom will still seem bright and welcoming even with a dark color on the walls thanks to the abundance of natural lighting.

In this sunroom from Chicago-based designer Summer Thornton’s book Wonderland, there are walls of windows and an overhead skylight, which generate a flood of natural light that allows the intricacies of the deep blue wall color to show through.

With a sunroom that is drenched with light, you may choose a moodier and darker color scheme without having the area feel too dark. We used Benjamin Moore’s Spellbound’s beautiful burlap wall treatment because it added richness to the room, says Thornton. Then, using a deep blue sofa, we experimented with tonalities. The room is always sunny and bright thanks to windows on three sides and a large skylight overhead, but it never seems stuffy or overly sweet. This makes it the ideal location for a home office or a pleasant reading nook.

Beach Style Cozy Sunroom Ideas in Pastel Tones

The cozily decorated sunroom, which is all white, protrudes in harmony with the surroundings. The furniture’s usage of pastel shades of blue and green works well with the warm wood color of the floor.

Fun and Floral

This adorable sunroom has floral drapes, an antique-looking chandelier, and lots of plants to keep it feeling fresh. The ideal place for your plants to receive all the light they require is in your sunroom.

Extend Your Living Space

While some sunrooms are completely furnished bonus rooms with lots of windows, others are simply elevated patio designs—imagine brick pavers with walls and a roof—that lack the finishing touches. If the latter, think about including insulation and flooring that is more typically used indoors.

By doing this, you can transform your sunroom from a seasonally used room into a year-round living space that can add important square footage to your house. What room lends itself more perfectly to a living room than one that is bathed in light?

With the help of a dramatic light fixture and a serene, mild neutral color scheme, Indianapolis-based designer Whittney Parkinson(opens in new tab) transformed her client’s outdated sunroom into a focal point in the house in the photo above.

Cozy Sunroom Ideas in Beige Tones

A tiny wicker coffee table is located in the center of the inviting sunroom, surrounded by a predominance of beige colors. On either side of the triple sofa, two lambeders chosen for their vintage aesthetic were employed. Metal chairs with holes in them altered the energy of the room and gave it a new vibe.


Even though you live far from the ocean, rattan furniture will make your sunroom feel like the beach. The calming effect is enhanced by a rope plant stand and a light-colored knit pouf.

Create A Sunroom Breakfast Nook

Consider turning your sunroom into a breakfast nook if it is on the smaller side. Consider adding built-in banquette seating around the room’s perimeter, a pedestal table in the middle, and a striking light fixture above, as seen in this Hamptons residence by Rachel Halvorson.

As a consequence, you now have a comfortable alternative to a formal dining room where you love to have your morning coffee.

Wall of Windows

If your sunroom or other living area is surrounded by walls of enormous windows, think about placing clusters of high-hung drapery panels at strategic locations throughout the space. Keep them open for uninterrupted vistas or close them for privacy and light control.

Bright and Boho-Inspired

This sunroom’s multi-patterned curtains and straw rug give it a bohemian vibe. The je-ne-sais-quoi atmosphere is further enhanced by rattan furniture and an eye-catching collection of tapestries.

Take Cues From The Outdoors

With indoor/outdoor-inspired sunroom décor, take inspiration from the vista outside the windows.

Designer Paloma Contreras(opens in new tab) claims that when creating the above room for the 2022 Kips Bay Decorator Show House Palm Beach, she “opted for a fresh color scheme of green and white to lure the outdoors in.”

The outside-in atmosphere is enhanced by clean botanical graphics and rattan furniture.