Tall Tree Stump Ideas

Gnome Home

This once-powerful oak tree stump has been transformed into a gnome home, and it lends whimsical appeal to a wooded garden. It reaches a height of almost 6 feet. Any self-respecting gnome would be fortunate to call this stump home because it is tucked away in a bed of luscious hostas. A skilled do-it-yourselfer utilized 2x4s to structure the roof supports and wood shims to create the rustic shingles. The windows are made of plywood and have painted-on curtains and cedar details to complete the effect.

Tree Stump Birdhouse

This type of ingenuity is lovely, and I adore finding out about incredible things people are doing in gardens! This is outstanding:)

Stump House

I have the perfect tree stump ideas if your tree stump is sturdy enough to support a moderately heavy building.

This wooden house stump has a ladder to climb it. It is a place of relaxation where you may sit during the day and take in your lovely landscape. Planting creeping flowers around the structure will enhance its looks and privacy.

This is a difficult concept that requires expert assistance because, if not built correctly, it could be harmful.

Turn A Stump Into A Sculpture

A tree stump can be turned into the plot’s attention-grabbing focal point, as demonstrated in this example by chainsaw artist Matthew Crabb(opens in new tab).

Unless you’re a skilled chainsaw operator, we don’t advise trying to duplicate such a feat on your own. However, if you want to transform a discarded tree stump into a piece of art, you should think about hiring a chainsaw artist. You’ll still have a special feature that you and your family will enjoy for many years.

Tree House from a Stump

Oh, that’s awesome! I came upon this a while back and have never forgotten it. I never imagined I’d come across it again. This is so adorable and wonderful.

Stump Pot Stand

Why not utilize your tree stump as a potholder instead of planting something in it? Your outdoor vertical garden design may benefit from this.

Set up hooks all around the stump, then hang your planters from them. To keep the stump from decaying, paint or polish it.

Top With A Treehouse

Got a tree stump that’s exceptionally large? Enjoy the thought of a treehouse? If so, this concept is for you. The chestnut tree trunk was employed by the Squirrel Design team to support this treetop marvel, and we adore the dramatic effect it creates.

A treehouse can be utilized by everyone as a lively area for children to hang out or a tranquil refuge for adults to unwind. We really adore the hanging swing chair that has been added. For many more beautiful examples, see our treehouse ideas.

Tree Stump Mailbox

Impress your neighbors with this incredibly distinctive tree stump mailbox if you have a longer, thinner chunk of tree in your yard!

Mini Cabin from Huge Tree Stump

There’s a chance you may convert the stump in your garden into much more than just a simple decoration if it’s a sequoia or other large tree.

These enormous trees have enough interior capacity to serve as huts, lodges, sheds, or even more useful spaces like toilets, treehouses, or reading rooms.

Undoubtedly, it will require a lot of labor. But nothing is insurmountable if you’re willing to see the amazing outcomes.

Ancient Wise Man

It might be unsightly and challenging to remove an old tree stump from the garden. A better option is to turn that depressing, unsightly stump into something useful, like a piece of art.

The carving of a man’s face significantly changed the appearance of this stump. Make an attempt at making your own. An average chainsaw and a few chisel tools are used by stump wood carvers.

Tree Trunk Crow’s Nest and Slide

This brilliant concept from the wife, mother, and gardener made me swoon. A family slide where the kids can play is fantastic! Her boys’ favorite outdoor play area is currently there!

Tree Stumps Huts for Playgrounds

Why don’t we construct a few play huts for kids using the same concepts? Use big stumps on the field in place of playhouses made of plastic or concrete or outdoor storage.

These cottages will be much simpler to decorate, personalize, and make entertaining enough for kids to play with. There isn’t any drawback because, hey, they’ll even work for adults to have a good time!

Building them will take a ton of labor. But given how much fun they are, the effort is unquestionably worthwhile.

Stumpy Scarecrow

The ability to carve a stump into a funny or unique object is not always necessary. The only materials used to create this inventive invention were a baseball cap and a pair of work gloves.

Grow a Mini Flower Bed Within

You can lay a large tree stump that has previously been removed horizontally and grow a variety of beautiful plants in it. They’ll be secure and kept apart by the building. The guests and visitors to your home are astounded by the metamorphosis of an unsightly tree stump into this lovely, distinctive, and eccentric flower garden.

Colorful Tree Stump Sculpture

Make it ornamental if making it functional is too much work for you. Nothing conveys a person’s personality more effectively than the artwork they choose to hang in their homes. A sculpture made out of a tree stump would be ideal.

Adding color is optional. If it matters to you, dull and colorless. Make it fun in either case. Wooden sculptures are always interesting to look at and offer a fantastic glimpse into anyone’s personality.

For the task, you might need to learn carving techniques. But it will be very enjoyable, so it’s definitely worth a shot. Don’t think twice and give it everything you have.

Birdhouses and Religion

The resting place for multiple log-style birdhouses, this enormous stump is decorated with religious symbols and iconography.

Tree Stump Transformation

This is a simple and attractive idea for individuals who don’t want to do anything. It’s hard effort vs. clever work, so don’t mistake this for the idea of the carved tree stump.

For this, look at the tree stump you have, see what it looks like, and then, without putting any cutting work into it, transform it into whatever you desire.

Easter Island Head in the Woods

How wonderful would it be to have one of the enormous Easter Island stone head statues in your yard? We’ve all heard of them. or at the very least a wooden look-alike that Kate Fromings hand-carved. We adore how this enormous skull is poised majestuously on the rocky, moss-covered stump below. It merely lends a sense of solidity and history.

Hide and Seek

Two further wood carvings of Little Red Riding Hood and the great evil wolf that retell the Grimm’s fairy tale are displayed on a massive stump.

When it comes to using tree stumps to enhance any outdoor or garden location, a little imagination goes a long way. Get motivated to implement one of these suggestions yourself!

Make a Tree Stump Playset

Here is a fantastic idea for any readers with children who have been attempting to motivate their children to play outside and away from electronics. Depending on your preferences, the size of the yard, and the availability of tree stumps, it may have a few too many items. Although it seems like a lot of labor, watching children play on it will be worthwhile. You can also employ a carpenter to complete the task.