Tiled Shower Stall Ideas

There is no area in the house where tiling more clearly demonstrates how it can build or break the ambiance than the bathroom. If your bathroom needs updating, tiling is the best place to start. Older generation homes frequently had beautiful bathrooms that put more contemporary homes to shame.

Earth Toned Sonoma Tile Scheme

Using different tile sizes and colors together is a great way to add depth to your room. By using cool-hued tiles on the floor and warm-hued tiles on the walls, this design makes the shower appear larger. The appearance of a huge scale is produced by the contrast between little and large tiles. As may be seen above, another technique for emphasizing a feature is to sparingly use smaller tiles. The inset shelf is highlighted by the little tiles at eye level without becoming overpowering. The choice of a neutral color scheme, like this one, is a sensible move to prevent your bathroom from looking antiquated because tile is a long-term investment.

Create Drama And Play With Proportion

Using all the visual tricks you can will make a small bathroom look bigger, according to Lucy Searle, Editor in Chief of Homes & Gardens, whether you are designing for walk-in shower ideas or seeking for small bathroom shower tile ideas.

One approach to achieve this is by using stripes; diagonal lines attract the eye upwards and outwards, which can deceive the eye into thinking a space is both broader and taller at once.

Make A Statement With Patterned Shower Tiles

Use a particular design everywhere if you adore it! With the use of a star-patterned tile in the shower area and on the floor, this tiny shower room now has that wow factor.

The tiny windowsill is excellent for holding toiletries but is far enough from the shower to prevent flooding. Towels in black and white would be the ideal finishing touch. When you exit the shower, you may quickly reach the heated towel rail.

Tunisian Kasbah Blue Shower Tiles

Tunisian tiles have a striking cobalt blue color scheme with patterns based on stars that combine aspects from Turkish and Spanish style. Using Tunisian-style tiles with the appropriate accessories can turn your shower into an exotic getaway. In this instance, bronze hardware gives the shower a historic and global feel. This method can look amazing with a bohemian style because there is a wide range of designs and the tiles appear to be set in no particular sequence. A clear color scheme of blue and white complements a wide range of other bathroom decorations. To make the Tunisian tile the image’s focal point, the shower walls in this picture are just white.

Go For All-Over Color With Shower Tiles

If bathroom ceiling and wall ideas are used with shower tile ideas, a striking effect may be achieved. Though you can choose other waterproof or water-resistant surfaces like Tadelakt(opens in new tab), which imitates traditional Moroccan plasterwork and can come in a variety of colors, you can easily match the color of your bathroom paint ideas to the color of the tiles. Even the smallest shower rooms can have a significant impression when used in conjunction with matte or low-sheen tiles.

Maximise A Small Space

Make a wet room out of a space with an odd shape, like this one under the eaves. In particular on an upper floor like this with bedrooms below, place the shower head on the wall with the maximum head height and utilize large size tiles on the floor, making sure you have sufficient drainage for the water.

To make a room appear larger, use longer, white Metro tiles in a traditional pattern to tile the entire space in that color. Look at space-saving, tiny storage options that might fit neatly into a corner.

Multi-Color Mosaic Tile Squares

Any shower can feel like it is right out of a novel with the help of shimmering iridescent mosaic tile. Blushing pink, lush green, and enigmatic blue tones combine to create an atmosphere that can only be described as enchanting. Although this reflective tile makes a dramatic statement, the other pieces you choose to mix with it can drastically alter the final result. Decorate your walk-in shower with pink and gold accents to make it appropriate for a princess from a fairy tale. This tile can be used in conjunction with a matte black color scheme to create a more upscale appearance. The final wonderful atmosphere is also significantly influenced by shower heads.

Bookmatch Marble For Drama

Add marble to your wet room ideas if you’re wanting to create a posh atmosphere. Marble bathroom ideas may be a very dramatic material to use for shower tile ideas, and bookmatching it creates added impact and a feeling of balance that’s crucial in enhancing a small area.

We frequently employ natural stone in slab, tile, and mosaic form, says Charu Gandhi, owner of the interior design firm Elicyon (opens in new tab). Marble may be bookmatched to great effect and quickly conveys classic elegance and something distinctive.

Karen Howes, the founder of the opulent interior design firm Taylor Howe(opens in new tab), continues, “Luxurious real marble and robust, carefree marble-effect porcelain always imply serenity and a connection to nature. I advise utilizing larger-format tiles in the shower and mosaics on the floor.

Go For Colour

These gorgeous deep emerald green tiles in the shower room have a mottled surface that gives them a realistic, undulating appearance. They were also utilized on the floor to create a peaceful showering experience. The same color chevron tiles are used on the basin wall along with black and white to create contrast. Mirror in the desired shape adds the ideal finishing touch.

Modern Nautilus Abstract Turquoise Design

This walk-in shower’s abstract circular pattern of rippling turquoise streaks almost evokes the ocean. A gray tile floor provides a neutral backdrop for this cheery bathroom, which is elevated by soaring whites and a dash of flora. Lighting affects how the tiles look in any shower. This picture demonstrates how a skylight can enlighten a shower. The inherent dimension in these delicate turquoise, gray, and white tiles is highlighted by all that light. The lavish blue tiles are balanced by the plain white subway tiles. Replace the vegetation in this photo with houseplants that resemble palm trees if you want to create a beachy atmosphere in your bathroom.

Use Mosaics To Make The Most Of Curves

Mosaics make it possible to design adaptable shower tile ideas, and they’re particularly helpful for designing shower benches that are both functional and devoid of sharp edges.

According to H&G Editor in Chief Lucy Searle, putting shower benches in cubicles and wet rooms is currently a popular trend. They can be tiled to create an eye-catching feature. They were largely inspired by the urge to make spa baths at home following the epidemic.

Introduce Subtle Colour

This bathroom’s tile layout is determined by the window. Grey Metro tiles were utilized in a brick pattern in the shower area and on the window wall up to just above half height. They were then continued on the far wall.

With vintage-style bathroom fixtures and a wooden floor, grey is the ideal color for a period look. Add pops of color with a yellow stool, towel, and other accessories.

Woodland Wonderland Differing Duo Tiling

A pleasant feeling comparable to taking a walk in the woods is provided by a rainfall shower head and wood-inspired tile. A tile that resembles wood is a more practical alternative because wood is not known for longevity in humid, shower-like environments. This walk-in shower is decorated with square glass tiles in colours of champagne, cream, and gray-green that also add sylvan beauty. They also maintain the contemporary vibe of the shower. Instead of using a large shower caddy, shelves built into the shower allow you to display the glass tiles in another way. Do not be afraid to use more vivid glass tiles if you favor lusher woodlands.

Create A Feature Wall With Shower Tiles

Making room for a sizable shower area and highlighting it with a feature wall of vibrantly patterned tiles are two ways to give a space a posh appearance.

When it comes to pattern, I prefer to keep things bold but basic because it gives a room a more modern appearance than a busy mix. Eva Sonaike, an interior and textile designer, advises choosing a pattern genre and sticking with it. She suggests pairing two graphic patterns rather than adding a floral.

Tile In Two Tones

Why not use contrasting colors and a geometric-patterned tile in a totally tiled bathing area? These square, porcelain tiles are available in a variety of colors; the black and white and pink and white combinations provide a dramatic yet practical pattern.

Sunny In Palm Springs Tile Layout

Textured tile produces dramatic depth and character even in plain white. Cool breezes or calm ocean waves are conjured up by wavy patterns. Beyond giving this walk-in shower an organic flow, the texture also softens the edges that the shiny multidirectional shower jets’ harsh edges generate. Bright yellow and vivid turquoise are sprinkled over the shower floor by small mosaic tiles. You may totally alter how this Palm Springs-inspired shower feels by using different colors. Imagine creating an underwater appearance with the same wavy white wall tiles and sparkling blues, greens, and silvers in the floor. Creams, browns, and greens, on the other hand, might make you feel closer to nature.

Keep It Neutral (For Now)

According to Isabel Fernandez, Director of Quorn Stone, “the tiles in a bathroom are an integral element of the room and often span both the wall and the floor” (opens in new tab). Given that accessories, tap finishes, and painted vanity units can give splashes of color, we find that neutral colors work well for the tiles.

This room features a stunning solo shower cubicle made of white and gray marble, and the wall is covered with a sizable piece of multicolored bathroom art.

Go For A Stone Effect

Porcelain tiles are a good, less expensive alternative to natural stone because they are so simple to deal with and are not as heavy, especially if utilized upstairs. They resemble the real thing and, because to their thinner construction, perform better with underfloor heating.

To make the most of the available space, this bathroom has been separated into two sections, with the shower on one side and the toilet and basins on the other side of a partition wall. The walls and floor are tiled with the same tiles, although the floor tiles are a little darker hue. Also, look at that basin!

Uptown Savvy Retro Style Studio Tiling

Even though this walk-in shower is made entirely of white tile and dark grout, it exudes an immensely graphic quality and appears to have been taken straight out of a comic book. Although the built-in shelf is unquestionably the main point, the majority of the tile work is laid out in a modified herringbone pattern. The round tiles inside and the framed shelf both contribute to the depth and dimension that the monochromatic palette creates. The other facets of this shelf are made up of tiny, round tiles, while the base is a solid tile. The bathroom is brought together by an art deco shower curtain.

Get Geometric With Your Marble

Marble’s natural theme may be fully appreciated on large panels, but when it’s used sparingly, the focus is on the finer points. The uneven strata of the stone in this shower contrast sharply with the patterned tessellation’s bold geometric lines, creating an effect that is both immediately striking and inexhaustibly captivating.