Tiny Small Indoor Pool

You want a pool, but you want it indoors rather than outside. Bravo to you for having the space to do so if you intend to put one inside an existing home and know where it can go.

How are you going to approach it now? To create such a pool, do you need to jackhammer the basement floor, or do you have a room that is so tall that you can just construct a deck around an above-ground pool? Yes, we did consider that possibility as well.

Opt for a Tiny Indoor Pool

If the first floor of your house happens to be empty, another option is to install an indoor pool. Although this option tends to be more expensive due to the design required for an indoor pool, it makes swimming a year-round hobby.

Small Wave Pool

This little pool, which was partially above ground and had a base built around it, quickly gained popularity among swimmers who want a pool but had the space to construct a large structure. You have something to grasp onto when you kick up your feet for a good, watery workout thanks to the bar at the end of this pool.

Industrial Refinement

A large basement or empty floor are not prerequisites for a home indoor pool. To fit a floor plan like this one at the The Bunkers hotel in Belgium, choose a long, slender design that spans from wall to window.

Indoor Pool with Water Features

Even when it’s not being used as an indoor all-weather pool, the RTK Design Group pool is a stunning water feature thanks to its fountains and scuppers.

Sort Of Oval

With its shape, it almost resembles a kidney, although it works for a tiny pool. This should solve the issue if you want something small but not in the dull square or rectangular style.

Museum-Like Mix of High and Low

Greetings from the most hip domestic indoor pool we’ve ever encountered. This subterranean swimming pool area by Leanne Ford Interiors is brimming with elegance and features white painted wood panels on the walls, a brushed cement floor, stone tiles, and lantern installations as lighting and artwork. It only required a little imagination. If you’re wondering how the pool achieved its ominous hue of inky black, it was painted black on the floor.

Indoor Lap Pool

You might not need to dedicate a lot of space to an indoor pool if the main purpose of the pool is exercising. The indoor pool may fulfill your needs while taking up less room or money thanks to its long, narrow design that is suited for lap after lap.

You can swim laps in an above-ground “endless pool” without compromising the building’s structure. With the appropriate pool decking and stairs, you may create a bespoke look even with a premade endless lap pool.


This can be wedged into the ideal space to create an out-of-the-way pool that is very cool. Given that this is a wave pool, you may easily plan for a nice swimming workout.

Modern Meets Prehistoric

As evidenced by this gorgeous indoor swimming area, Deplar Farm on Troll Peninsula, Iceland, is designed with such an exquisitely curated sense of place and taste. The geothermal-heated pool is the perfect place to relax while taking in the otherworldly Aurora Borealis display (the Northern Lights). The indoor swimming pool’s sleek, contemporary design enables us to concentrate on the breathtaking scenery that extends in every direction. Oh, and the tiny roof that descends underground appears to be a doorway to another world.

Indoor Plunge Pool

Indoor plunge pools are well-liked for their therapeutic advantages and are excellent for relaxing or relieving aches and pains. Indoor plunge pools are less expensive to install than full-sized swimming pools since they are significantly smaller and typically shallower. Prefabricated plunge pools, including some that let you utilize mineral water, can help you save even more money.

Pine Lake Indoor Pool

In Pine Lake, close to Detroit, there is a contemporary knife-edge pool with a tightly tucked spa. The indoor pool area, created by DesRosiers Architects, has travertine flooring, Fon-du-Lac stone walls, frameless glass walls, a granite waterfall backdrop, and aluminum sliding panel walls with hidden panel storage. A nearby towel laundry facility, a see-through fireplace, an exercise area, and a changing room are additional amenities.

Architectural Romance

As romantic as it gets is this private pool at Vila Trieris in Santorini, Greece. This honeymoon cave, whose design echoes its cliffside location, is one that we just adore. It’s also a manageable size, so even if you don’t have a lot of room, you may use it as a starting point for your own indoor pool.

Indoor Spa Pool

The essential to a spa pool is a hydrotherapy element that allows the pool to heat, ideally with jets for maximum comfort. The definition of a spa pool may vary from pool to hot tub. An indoor spa pool can be built on concrete and is normally smaller than a lap pool. Prices substantially vary depending on a number of factors, including area and home floor.

Indoor Pool With View of the Woods

The owners of this home sought Bethesda, Maryland-based Rill Architects to design a pool and fitness area that would be enjoyable and give them the impression that they were exercising in the woods. The homeowners may now swim and exercise year-round, and they can open the sliding doors for fresh air in the summer.

A Converted Barn

Try saying that ten times quickly—under water, of course—if you can’t put the pool outside, then bring the outside inside the indoor pool room. The rustic exposed beams and antler wall decor of this Colorado Eleven Experience hotel appear right at home, and the enormous retractable glass door that overlooks the forest makes the swimming pool a peaceful haven.


The way this area was designed to accommodate an above-ground infinite pool is remarkable. It need not be a large space, but when aesthetics are used to make it aesthetically appealing, the experience is enhanced.

Bright German Indoor Pool

Koyer Architekten created an indoor swimming pool in Bremen, Germany, with simple lines, white walls and tiles, floor to ceiling windows, and an orange tile wall to contrast the blue pool.


Our attention is immediately pulled to the enormous artwork at the opposite end of the pool—the light, if you will, at the end of the lap. In addition to reflecting brilliantly on the water, the grid-like floor to ceiling windows flanking the pool make for an excellent design for a domestic swimming pool.

Dual Lane

There is no need to construct something so big because this dual-lane pool also includes a wave element that allows you to swim in one spot. This works in small areas with a straightforward above-ground design.

Scenic Indoor Pool

Focusing on creating elegant custom houses, Baltimore, Maryland-based Vincent Greene Architects created a conventional home with a living space, indoor pool room with a small pool and built-in spa, interesting alcoves for plants, and the focal point, a stunning landscape painting.