Top Of Kitchen Cabinet Decorating Ideas

Enhance The Visual Interest

Decorate your kitchen with art over cabinets and storage to add a little joie de vivre. We can’t help but agree with those who claim that art belongs in the kitchen just as much as it does in any other room.

Earthy colors and lots of texture are used by interior designer Jessica Summer(opens in new tab) to set the mood here. “The cabinetry is basic and contemporary to balance the classic characteristics like the antique butcher’s block and open shelves while also allowing the materials above to stand out,”

Cattle Collection

Oh my God! Like these Texas homeowners, you may use a themed display to elevate your country-style kitchen.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A brilliant mirror, à la LABLstudio, fills the space above. By replicating their method, you may enlarge the appearance of your kitchen and flood the area with natural light. Make sure the mirror you choose reflects (get it? your style) and harmonizes with your home’s architectural lines.

Fill The Space Above Cabinets With Objects You Love

Brighter hues are being used on walls, cabinets, and even ceilings in colorful kitchen designs, which has been experiencing something of a revival. Emma Bulmer, chief color expert at Edward Bulmer Natural Paint, states (opens in new tab). The usage of colors and color combinations has also increased in creativity and self-assurance.

Make the most of the space between the cabinets and the ceiling. Since there are no upper cabinets, the kitchen is much more open, which allows the dusky pink paint color and the artwork to give the room personality.

Antique Treasures

Even more nostalgia is added to this adorable retro environment by the vintage items perched atop the kitchen cupboards.

Create Killer Contrast

If you have it, show it off. Think of the “awkward gap” in your design as a deliberate, stylistic element. Make Zoe Feldman’s gloomy kitchen your own. Design your muse and paint the void a striking color that contrasts with the color of your existing cabinets or ceiling.

Raise Your Game

When decorating above kitchen cabinets, the sky is the limit—or in this case, the ceiling. SPPARC, an architectural firm, has the drop on maximizing the potential of striking ceilings.

According to Trevor Morriss of SPPARC, “Ceiling ideas including intriguing shapes and materials can be employed to generate an articulation and rhythm with architectural features elsewhere,” in this case, the floating stairs that connect the kitchen to the living areas above (opens in new tab). This striking ceiling, made from stained ash and oak, is sure to get people talking.

Collectible Items

It’s time to display your collection of treasures from flea markets and family antiques! The varied objects that these Hamptons homeowners arranged on their freestanding cabinet are really inspiring.

Create Custom Cubbies

Storage space is the key to remaining sane while living with children. Make the most of the space between your cabinets and ceiling by installing an unique cubby system above. By framing out your cabinet tops to create several sections, you may create a space as dreamlike as this one by Karen B Wolf Interiors. For hidden, accessible storage, add woven baskets to the crown molding on top.

Curate A Smart Display

The space a kitchen backsplash initially occupies might not be worth the value it adds to your kitchen. The marble backsplash in this kitchen belongs to Roddy Murray, the founder of the interior design firm RJ Murray Design(opens in new tab), and it serves as both a shelf for the couple’s favorite dishes and utensils as well as smart cubby-style kitchen storage within.

Basket Display

Why not display your collection of lovely baskets, as in this green kitchen, with a tisket or tasket?

Find Spots for Practical Items

We occasionally run out of room, despite the size of the kitchen and the amount of storage. The additional rolls of paper towels might not have a place to go, and the vintage kitchen scale might not fit in a cupboard or on the countertop. The area above the cabinets can be useful in this situation. Display extra cake stands, trays, and kitchenware while incorporating a few decorative items to add visual interest. For a simplified appearance, stick with a single color scheme.

Light The Way

It can be all too easy to overlook kitchen lights while designing above kitchen cabinets. However, in the kitchen, a few LED strips can go a long way in illuminating shelves and setting a calm atmosphere. When the lights are off, the most complex solutions are completely hidden, necessitating early consultation with your designer.

According to Mark Holloway, managing director of Kitchens By Holloways, “it is crucial to ensure that the LED strips are appropriately fitted into recesses within the shelves or cabinetry” (opens in new tab). The optimum lighting effect is created by angling them 45 degrees backwards toward the wall to avoid glaring reflections or visible fixtures.

Wall Art

This rustic area has ornate signs, a scale, and a clock that give visual appeal.

Fill the Space With Tall Pieces

Finding décor items that are tall enough to occupy the area above the kitchen cabinets and blend in with the rest of your kitchen’s design might be challenging if your ceilings are high. Tall, artistic vases and ceramic artwork that appears to extend upward toward the ceiling fill the space above the cabinets, giving it a contemporary appearance.

Introduce Decorative Elements

The entire point of interior design is to develop colorful room ideas that meet the demands of the inhabitants while artfully expressing their personalities, and that is precisely what Jake Arnold(opens in new tab) has done in this space.

Your current kitchen design ideas might be transformed into a genuinely magnificent ornamental space with careful consideration of the materials and their location. The meticulously picked ornamental items above the kitchen cupboards in this Californian home serve as the focal point of the room’s kitchen. These elements offer interest but don’t compete with or overwhelm the little room.

Farmhouse Flair

This ancient farmhouse makes inventive use of the space above the kitchen cabinets with built-in nooks. However, you could also fill the space with your favorite cookbooks or vases. The homeowners choose to exhibit pretty porcelain.

Create an Indoor Garden

Setting up the area above cabinets to grow an indoor garden is excellent if you have a green thumb and don’t mind going up to water the plants once a week. Just make sure to use plants that don’t need a lot of sunlight. Low-light plants placed above the cupboards give the kitchen a natural, colorful accent. Maintaining a uniform style and color scheme will preserve the appearance sleek and modern.

Install A Gallery Wall

As unexpected as it may seem, we are witnessing an increase in the use of lovely gallery wall designs in kitchens. Even though this may not seem like the ideal location to show off a pricey art collection, done well, it may become your most admired piece.

If you are serious about the cause, we advise putting your gallery wall above the backsplash or perched on a shelf far from the stove or kitchen sink. However, it is essential that you consult a knowledgeable framer beforehand. Owner of Runway Gallery Daniel Syrett warns that appliances you might not even notice, such kettles and toasters, can damage your property. “The artwork needs to be sealed in a specific way if it’s going in a kitchen,” the curator said.

Vintage Vignette

Elegant sconces and well positioned accessories give this kitchen area a hint of sophistication.