Towel Rack Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Brightroom Over the Door Tiered Towel Rack

Utilize your vertical space to the fullest with this over-the-door towel rack with a Scandinavian flair. It’s excellent for hanging wet towels because it has two hooks and three layers.

Try An Over-The-Door Approach

If your bathroom is tiny, which is an understatement, an over-the-door storage rack will prevent you from having to leave your towel on the floor or, worse yet, on your bed. This one utilizes space that would be largely useless without an expansion like this rack in addition to looking good.

A Repurposed Coatrack for Towels

The doorway is not the only place for this storage option. Coatracks, which have numerous accessible hooks, are great for storing extra towels next to the shower or for hanging wet ones to dry. Take a coatrack from the hallway and utilize it as a chic and functional towel hook in the bathroom.

Anthropologie Primrose Hook Rack

The Primrose bathroom collection from Anthropologie is the ideal way to achieve that vintage-inspired bathroom look, just like the Primrose mirror does. If you like the style, you can also acquire a single hook, toilet paper holder, towel ring, and towel bar in the same design.

Set Up A Ladder Rack

When it comes to storing in little spaces, ladder racks can come in quite handy. They are excellent for slipping into small areas and optimizing vertical space because of the compact frame they offer, like in this Cape Town property.

Towel Rolls

Roll towels and arrange them to fill each cubbyhole in open bathroom cabinets to add style. The rolling approach gives a bath a spa-like sensation in addition to saving space. Don’t forget to hang damp linens on hooks or a rack so they can dry.

Design Steel Wall Mount Towel Storage Rack

Let’s imagine you need to store a lot of bath towels (or wine bottles), and a standard towel bar isn’t going to cut it. In that scenario, we advise purchasing this wall-mounted, six-towel capacity towel rack for small bathrooms from Amazon.

Rethink Your Towel Rack

The charming Dutch home below demonstrates how switching up horizontal bar towel racks for vertical ones can free more room. This also enables you to maximize even the smallest bathroom corners.

Double Towel Racks

Installing two towel bars will save space. This clever idea stores two bars’ worth of towels on the same wall space as one bar. You won’t have to worry about trying to remember whose towel is whose as each restroom visitor will have their own rack.

Crate and Barrel Brushed Steel Wall Mount Towel Rack

With this Crate and Barrel towel rack, you can display your rolled towels in flair, just like in a posh hotel.

Find An Over-The-Shower Towel Rack

You might not know that your shower caddy doubles as a towel rack. A version like this one from Umbra hangs over your shower door, storing your shampoos and body scrubs on one side and a casual hook for your towel on the other.

Towel Storage Within Reach

Make the towel racks you choose for your bathroom dual-purpose. Towels that are used daily can be stored in the bars that were built under this open countertop. They also serve to conceal the sink’s less-than-appealing plumbing.

Design Wall Mounted Towel Rack

Place this compact towel rack on any bathroom wall that is unoccupied. With a wide arm, you can put a couple rolled towels in storage and put your favorite bathroom décor item on the top shelf.

Repurpose A Garment Rack

These incredibly useful organizers serve several applications outside of your bedroom. By putting one of them in the bathroom, you’ll have a small place for a hamper, toiletries, and supplies. And instead of leaving your OOTD on the floor, it gives you space to hang your clothes before taking a shower.

DIY Peg Towel Rack

Hanging towels on pegs is one of the simplest methods to store them. This is a beautiful option that won’t break the bank but will provide you with a place to store your family’s towels discreetly out of the way. This blog post includes a list of all the components you’ll need and a step-by-step tutorial for building and installing such a system if that sounds like something that would work for you.

Holistic Habitat Rotating Hanging Rack Towel Bar

Although the Holistic Habitat towel rack is quite useful—it can hold a lot of towels, fits perfectly in a tiny bathroom, and rotates as needed—we also adore its aesthetic appeal, which makes it a decorative item well worth the money.

Hack Your Cabinets

You can create a place to hang hand towels without taking up any additional space by using an over-cabinet rack like this one from Bed Bath & Beyond.

DIY Custom Bathroom Towel Rack

This writer claims that the old-fashioned design is so straightforward that she doesn’t even want to use the term “DIY.” We believe she is being overly humble, though, because even if it’s not difficult to make, it still looks stunning. DIY projects don’t have to be difficult, and if you agree, you should definitely duplicate this idea.

Pottery Barn Galvanized Wall-Mount Laundry Drying Rack

This laundry drying rack can also be utilized as a towel rack in your bathroom if you’re looking for a multipurpose storage option. When extended, it can be used to dry wet towels or air-dry clothes. When folded up, it can be used to hang extra towels and washcloths.

Make Use Of Wall Space

While taking up very little wall space, a rack like this one from Crate & Barrel can accommodate numerous bath towels (and little towels, too!).