Two Tone Painting Ideas With Chair Rail

Blush Pink and Black

Black is a versatile color that complements a variety of interior design trends, such as this kitchen with Scandinavian influences that can be seen on Neptune. As a warm substitute for more conventional high-contrast combinations like black and white, combine it with blush pink for a finish that is both graceful and feminine while maintaining a solid basis.

Contemporary Two-Toned Painting Ideas

This room’s neutral colors appear so inviting. The oak flooring serves as the ideal foundation for this room. The gradient of the brown colors gives the room a fantastic atmosphere. As you can see, the chocolate color lightens as it rises.

It starts on the floor in a dark brown hue and ends up on the white ceiling. The off-white hues are a wonderful counterbalance to the tones. Neutral-toned painting is a surefire winning strategy. Any color will look good with it. It may increase the space’s openness and brightness.

Make The Most Of Original Features

The chair rail and wainscoting in this room were part of the 1911 historic home’s original design, so we decided to leave them in despite the room’s modernization. To keep the room seeming classic but not too dark or conventional, we kept the paint color light and neutral.

The addition of the wall covering above the chair rail in a comparable light neutral was the most important design decision. Although the wallpaper is moody and modern, it yet works well with the antique paneling below. It provided the ideal balance of vintage and modern for the room. According to Mindy O’Connor, principle designer of Melinda Kelson O’Connor Architecture & Interiors, it adds a delicate touch of visual intrigue while maintaining the design’s overall timelessness (opens in new tab).

Mint Green and Yellow

Instead of painting a color above (or below) your chair rail, you might want to think about wallpaper if you want a bolder look. Sabbe Interior Design’s gender-neutral nursery features a bright lemon theme atop a mint green chair rail and lower wall. As a consequence, you have a space that transitions seamlessly from nursery to bedroom and is ageless and age-appropriate.

J Kathryn Interiors’ principal, Jessica Kain Barton, concurs and says, “Of course, if you’re like me, there isn’t anything more appropriate than wallpapering the upper wall and painting the chair rail, bottom wall, baseboards, and crown [molding] the same color. Any of these make a small architectural trim feature that many might otherwise overlook into a significant moment.”

Chair Rail and Dark Hardwood in Two-Tone Walls

This area would be ideal for a dining room. The white line in this room significantly improves the space’s pleasing structural feel.

Perfect regard should be given to the rail’s position. The space would feel cramped if the chair line is too high. When in doubt, it is therefore preferable to go lower.
The two wall paint colors are separated by the chair line. It’s somewhat consoling to see the neutral colors used within this property. The lower wall’s grey tint blends well with the dark hardwood flooring. An intriguing focus point is the ceiling-mounted light fixture.

Paint Your Chair Rail The Same Color As Your Floor

Painting your chair rail and the area below it the same color as the floor is a terrific interior design hack to utilize if you want to lengthen your walls and create a feature. The wall art’s colors match both of the paint colors, which is a little but crucial element that elevates a design.

White and Forest Green

Due to their peaceful and meditative qualities, white and green are popular colors for bedrooms. The Anvil Hotel’s guest room gives the pair a distinctive twist by first covering the walls in floor to ceiling beadboard that is evenly split by the addition of a chair rail. The room has a crisp, deep appearance thanks to the two-tone wall.

Bedroom with Grayish Two-Toned Painting

The wall color in this modern bedroom is a sophisticated blend of gray tones. That gives the sleeping area such a classic vibe. With the style of the bed sheets and pillows, grey becomes the ideal choice for paint in this room.

The bedroom’s mood is controlled by the bed itself. In place of white, the color yellow brings more life to the space. It makes for a pretty combo. The component that promotes sleep is the most crucial for a sleeping area.

Use Wainscoting To Balance A Bold Floral Wallpaper

Wainscoting and a chair rail painted a bright white provide contrast to a wallpaper pattern with a strong floral pattern. With this charming innovative feature, the wallpaper is held in check when it could easily become overwhelming.

Beige and Peach

Another chance to use a vibrant color without overpowering your area is through chair rails. Consider Heidi Caillier’s elevated living room as an illustration. If the entire wall were painted a vivid peach color, it would clash with the other lovely features of the space. But because it only covers the bottom third of the wall and is combined with white, it highlights specific architectural details and provides a welcome contrast.

Gorgeous Light Blue and Taupe Wall

Look at the stunning color scheme on the wall. Even though they are very different from one another, they work well together. Due to the strong chair rail effect, such is the case. It appears that the white line is the one that makes interior design successful.

The flooring pattern selection is perfect in every way. It has such a fantastic texture that it enhances the home design’s personality. The ideal color to choose would be the brown accent found on wooden furniture.

Turn Your Chair Rail Into Storage

So how would one use a chair rail in a more modern environment? This living room, designed by California-based Lindye Galloway(opens in new tab), demonstrates how the walls are smartly protected from any chairs that might be put along the wall, as well as everyday snags, while also affording storage space. In our opinion, this is a win-win design element!

White and Black

Decorative molding and patterned wallpaper can help the dining area feel like its own special space. A wallpaper with black and gray stripes that flow counterclockwise covers the ceiling and upper portion of the wall in this Zo Feldman residence. The chair rail, lower part of the wall, crown molding, and trim all display a calm white color to counteract the chaotic design.

Gray and Purple Two-Toned Room Ideas

The wall in this living room is painted in a variety of gray tones. It certainly draws emphasis to the room’s moldings. The white trim serves as such a striking accent.

With those chic drapes and seats, the designer adds a touch of purple. The sunshine is reflected by the pale gray hues. It automatically makes the space brighter. Although the oak flooring seems out of place, it serves as the ideal base.

Add Depth By Creating A Paneled Design Below

The chair rail in this office space was modified by Karen B. Wolf, creative principal designer of Karen B. Wolf Interiors(opens in new tab) as follows:

Historically, chair rails were employed in traditional architecture to divide a room’s space into aesthetically acceptable proportions. There is a presumption that chair rails are no longer a popular design element. Of order to give the walls in this teen study space more visual depth, we modified the chair rail into a modern farmhouse design.

White and Pink

The placement and color of the chair rail can dramatically alter the perception of the ceiling height. A towering ceiling in this adorable little girl’s bedroom seen on @adamsfamilyreno is made to appear lower by a chair rail that is higher than typical, and the addition of pink trim that reaches onto the ceiling gives the room a homey feel. Drapes with a mustard color help anchor the style.

Color Block Living Room with Two-toned Looks

Check out this incredible living room layout. With a modern touch, it is a Nordic space. As you can see, the white contrast trim looks great with the two-toned walls. No chair rail is present. Therefore, it is OK to have the lower wall paint slightly raised.

The white trim stands out in contrast to the black furnishings, enhancing its presence. The room becomes lighter as a result. Neutral is the only color available. Although it may appear a little pale from this angle, it is actually rather calming.

It Can Be Used To Protect Kitchen Walls Too

It pays to protect your walls against dings and scrapes in a high-traffic room like the kitchen, especially if you have a young family. Here, the chair rail is higher and, for further protection, the paneling beneath it, commonly referred to as wainscotting, extends all the way to the baseboards.

Mustard Yellow and White

In spite of the fact that chair rails are a natural boundary for paint placement, stopping paint a few inches below or above the chair rail is a fun and novel method to highlight the architectural detail. In this home office, which was noticed on Farrow & Ball, a mustard-colored paint color stops just before the chair rail, where it is met by a cream-colored paint color that rises vertically to the ceiling. The end result adds a whimsical touch and highlights the tongue and groove wall treatment.

Navy Blue and White Dining Room Wall

It is distinct from the earlier concepts for two-tone paintings. The entire décor of this dining area exudes a strong personality. Although the upper side appears to be navy blue, it is actually covered in a charcoal-colored grass-cloth. The artwork in the centre intensifies its bluish hue.

The room’s finishing touches are the white wainscoting and trim. Reclaimed wood flooring offers a dark appearance that complements the existing deeper two-tone painting concepts. This is what gives this area a strong sense of balance. The use of harmonious color is quite essential.