Unique Curtain Tie Back Ideas

With so many possibilities, many of which are pricey, it can be difficult to choose the window coverings that are best for your space. However, window treatments have the potential to really complete a room (which is why so many people put off choosing curtains or blinds for months of even years). You’ve come to the perfect location if you’ve been thinking about installing tie-back curtains in your house. They enable light to seep in as needed and are a fantastic choice if you intend to regularly open and close the curtains.

Tie-backs are long and loose like other curtains when you need to block light, but as the name implies, they are tied back in the middle otherwise. They are a flexible choice for window treatments, and you may use anything you like to tie the curtain back, from fabric to a horseshoe holder to corded ribbon. For innovative methods to tie back your curtains for those moments when you want a little extra light, continue reading for tie back curtain ideas you’ll enjoy.

Felt Balls Curtain Ties

This vibrant felt ball curtain tie back adds a playful accent and looks especially lovely offset with white or other solid curtains, making it ideal for a child’s room or playroom. With a printed option, it might also look adorable.

Sweet and Simple Twine

By including a unique way to pull back your window curtains, you may give them a little extra flair. The majority of these brilliant ideas are created from repurposed household materials, so it doesn’t have to cost a penny. Here, some leftover craft twine gives a set of stunning white sheer curtains a basic yet exquisite aesthetic while drawing them back.

Wooden Beads on a Rope

Add some wooden beads to a rope as a base. You might go for a natural finish or paint the beads to match the color scheme of your room. Make sure the holes are big enough to fit the rope you decide on. The definitive curtain buying guide, from sheer to blackout.

Whimsical Curtain Ties

There is so much whimsical detail in these crochet curtain ties. They may be laced as loosely or tightly as necessary and are manufactured by women in Gaya, so you know they are well-made. You can notice wooden beads and pom poms in addition to the crocheted flowers if you look attentively.

Chic and Secure

These light pink curtains are the stuff of our interior design fantasies. Make your own tiebacks with white braided rope and a gold snap hook to achieve the effect.

Rose Vines

This curtain tieback resembles a lovely rose vine. Use these felt flowers or any other artificial roses you want. The flowers and a few leaves can be tied to rope to create a lovely curtain tieback. Take a look at these 10 fantastic window treatment suggestions.

DIY Curtain Tie Back

Do you own any outdated shower curtains? This tutorial is for you if you do. I adore how the maker came up with the brilliant idea of using the curtain hooks from his shower curtains as the ideal straightforward DIY curtain tie back. One of the simplest curtain tiebacks to construct is by far this one.

Windsor Knot Tiebacks

You might already have some old silk neckties in your closet, but they are a staple in secondhand stores. Use those worn-out ties as fresh curtain tiebacks to make a handsome statement.

Star Tieback

All you need for this easy DIY curtain tieback project is a ribbon and some star cutouts. You might create some out of poster board or use these cutouts of stars. If you’d like, you can paint the stars and add glitter glue decorations. These five window cleaning supplies have to be available to every homeowner.

How To Make Gold Chain Curtain Tie Backs

Here’s one that will live in luxury. I adore how the maker used a chain to create a do-it-yourself curtain tieback. Yes, it may not be genuine gold, but I still believe it looks fantastic. A curtain tie-back made of a silver chain would also look fantastic, in my opinion. Make sure the color of the curtain matches the chain before choosing gold or silver for your curtain tie back needs.

Grab a Glass Knob

Use a dazzling glass doorknob as the basis for a strong, fashionable DIY tieback that will support even your heaviest curtains. This strategy is one that we particularly like for formal areas like a dining room or home office.

Silver Ropes

This easy DIY silver rope tieback is unpretentious yet elegant. This silver rope, which has a 3/8-inch diameter, looks wonderful with a variety of hues and is simple to tie into bows or knots. Find out how to use your curtains as additional insulation.

Jute Rope Curtain Tie Back DIY

Another lovely one that you might enjoy is this one. You will need a jute rope, fabric rope, and steel pipe couplings for this curtain tieback. On the source page, you can find all the instructions for making one of them. Following the creating procedure is really simple.

Mix Styles

When designing custom curtain tiebacks, contrast is king. In contrast to the vivid salmon curtains, this understated, sleek black chain exudes casual sophistication. Use surprising combinations of colors and textures to achieve the same result at home.

Decorative Ribbon

Use ribbon in inventive ways! The combinations are unlimited; for a special DIY curtain tieback, consider a burlap and lace ribbon or even a beaded upholstery ribbon.

DIY Curtain Tie Back WIth Beads

The maker pieced together an incredibly exceptional curtain tie back using handmade beads. These are pretty simple to make, and the methods are straightforward. To make these, you will need a few materials. If you enjoy handmade beads, you will adore this DIY curtain tieback, in my opinion.

Braced With Bracelets

The correct sizes of men’s and women’s bracelets and cuffs can be used to cinch single-width curtain panels. Create tiebacks out of bracelets and cuffs by wrapping them around drapery panels and hanging them loosely, or create a more permanent look by Velcroing them to the wall.

Shell Tassel

Add some decoration to any curtain tieback tassels you have. Try using shells from your preferred vacation spot (or buy them) and hot-glue them to a string or tassel.

Belted Curtain Tie Back

Here’s one of those original concepts that you could adore. I was astounded when I saw this curtain tie back. I mean, I never considered using a belt to fasten curtains. Putting this together is a relatively easy process. Simply fasten the belt by wrapping it around the folded curtain. The belt can be punctured if it won’t buckle.

Cut the Cord

Using a soft, brown leather rope and a detachable hook, you can quickly make a set of straightforward yet fashionable curtain tiebacks. The gauzy, striped drapes and the neutral leather combine to create an airy, bohemian look that is ideal for apartment or dorm residents.