Unique Medicine Cabinet Ideas

Find A Simple Wood Style

Are you looking for a medicine cabinet that is as functional as it is attractive? A beveled mirror on an acacia wood-framed medicine cabinet is a classy way to upgrade a bathroom vanity setting.

DIY Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Finding the ideal medicine cabinet for your bathroom can be challenging at times. Recessed ones are good since they provide the wall a tidy appearance, but you must determine the correct measurements to fit the area. This do-it-yourself project will show you how to build a bespoke medicine cabinet that is the ideal size for your requirements. In addition to an original Victorian walnut mirror that gave this cabinet a shine with its natural wood tone, this example has two compartments for added storage capacity. There aren’t many options for bathroom storage, and DIY recessed medicine cabinets work best in compact areas. This night grays cabinet is a made-to-order fabrication that exactly fits the area between two studs. It’s a practical technique to increase medicine cabinet storage without drywall cutting.

Bathroom Medical Cabinets

Bathroom medicine cabinets should be designed so that they can be quickly and simply installed, take up little room, and provide additional functions.

Look For A Medicine Cabinet With A Curvy Mirror

Never undervalue the effect of a beautiful mirror in a space. Any bathroom, regardless of size or design, looks great with a frameless medicine cabinet and an arching mirror.

DIY Hidden Medicine Cabinet

With this do-it-yourself medicine cabinet, you can keep all of your prescriptions organized and out of the hands of youngsters. It blends perfectly with any design, is simple to install, and is small enough to fit between studs. Two inside shelves are provided for your organization and can be hidden behind a door that, when closed, like any other wall. You have the option of having a spot for your cosmetics or a location to store your medications thanks to the DIY cabinet. With this storage option, you may hide your merchandise from children, visitors, and curious eyes. It also has style! Medication, cosmetics, and toiletry goods are better organized in a recessed medical cabinet. The interior shelves can be adjusted to fit objects of various sizes.

Modern Medicine Cabinet Designs

Modern furniture stores with medical cabinets may accommodate various deployments. Some even have shelves that can be built into the bathroom wall as a modular shelf, providing more space than just a box with walls.

Consider Something Colorful

Think again if you believed that a bright medicine cabinet didn’t exist. A medicine cabinet with a strikingly colored frame adds a splash of color and character to a bathroom that is entirely white.

Medicine Cabinet With Mirror Door

This eye-catching DIY medicine cabinet is simple to create and a wonderful way to spice up any bathroom. Reclaimed wood, vintage screen porch balusters, and a mirrored door were used to build it. This beveled mirror creates a stylish frame for both itself and any additional wall art that you decide to place above it or close by. You won’t even be aware that this homemade medicine cabinet exists until you need it, which is an intriguing feature. The wooden cabinet, which is concealed as a framed poster that hangs on the wall (you can also use wallpaper! ), opens to expose a secret cabinet with shelves for keeping medications and first aid supplies. Watch it turn into a true toothbrush gathering spot in the morning after you install it!

Vintage Medical Cabinet Ideas

The key to creating a vintage medical cabinet design is to use textures and materials that create a vintage vibe.

Go Midcentury Style

An open storage shelf and a clean-lined walnut medicine cabinet instantly give a bathroom a mid-century modern feel.

DIY Picture Frame Medicine Cabinet

In search of a medicine cabinet for your bathroom. If you have some free time and are handy, this is the ideal DIY project for you. You will need wood, glue, screws, shelf pins, and a magnet to complete this simple project. Simply cut the wood to the appropriate size, add shelves as necessary, and paint everything with high-quality paint. Your personal preferences will determine how the cabinet is designed. It can be made using the existing handles or with new ones.

The DIY Medicine Cabinet is a project that may be easily customized. Use the bathroom mirror you currently have, or get a new one that matches the cabinet’s style. Additionally, you can make a clean appearance on the outside by using a magnetic closure. This project gains complexity from the cabinet’s small overhang, which keeps water from getting to the wood.

DIY Medical Cabinet Ideas

After all, a medical cabinet is only a box filled with goods that must be stored in your bathroom. Creating a lightweight product while ensuring its stability.

Try A Corner Medicine Cabinet

We have the medicine cabinet for you if you have to use a bathroom sink in a tight space. A space-saving storage option is a little medicine cabinet made especially for a confined corner.

DIY Wooden Medicine Cabinet

Use this comprehensive tutorial from realtor.com to build your own medicine cabinet. It’s simple to design your own space, and you can do it for a lot less money than it would cost to buy everything brand new. So gather your building materials and equipment, and get ready to build. This weekend project is fantastic. With your personal, distinctive wooden medicine cabinet, enjoy life! Creatively captured is this detachable wooden do-it-yourself medicine cabinet. This wooden cabinet has a sophisticated and appealing look. It has an innovative and elegant design, this DIY Wooden Medicine Cabinet. The cabinet’s front is a lovely hand-crafted pallet front with a natural brown and grey finish. The interior is all white and contains smaller shelves to accommodate objects of various sizes. Depending on the style you want, it may be put together in less than an hour and is readily portable.

Contemporary Medical Cabinet Ideas

The design of modern medical cabinets is seamless and complements the other modular installations in your house. The dialogue is fluid, and the furniture’s practicality is highlighted.

Search For A Beaded Style

Do you prefer medicine cabinets that have a little more flair? Any type of bathroom looks glam with a striking medicine cabinet with a beaded frame.

Reclaimed Wood And Plastic Medicine Cabinet

A boldly redesigned medicine cabinet will spruce up your bathroom. This design, which incorporates striped PVC wicker slats to create a stylish accent in your room, is made from sustainably harvested reclaimed pine. On the inside, it’s just as fashionable with three adjustable shelves, beveled mirrored surfaces, and magnetic closures. To retain the natural beauty of the wood, it is gently sanded after being kiln-dried. Makeover your bathroom completely. You can construct your own medicine cabinet out of recycled materials like wood and plastic for a fraction of the cost of one you would pay at the store. And it’s really simple if you’re just starting off with woodworking! These extra storage options allow you more space to showcase your favorite accessories and toiletries while preventing clutter.

Decorative Medicine Cabinets

The focus is on the product design with attractive medicine cabinets. An illustration of what to look for in attractive cabinets is provided here.

LED Lighting FTW

An eco-friendly replacement for conventional bathroom vanity lights is an energy-efficient medicine cabinet with integrated LED lighting.

DIY Recessed Medicine Cabinet With Oversized Mirror

Keep your medicine cabinet organized so you can quickly find what you need. The ideal bathroom cabinet for you and your family is the DIY Recessed Medicine Cabinet with Oversized Mirror. You can choose the ideal medicine cabinet to match your aesthetic from a range of sizes and finishes available for this medication cabinet. The medicine cabinet has a strong wood door that is fastened to a magnet and keeps your toiletries out of sight. It has a magnetic door with a beveled mirror and enables you to install the mirrored medicine cabinet by yourself. It is simple to assemble, and the lightweight Knoppäng mirror that is provided makes it possible for the door’s magnets to adhere firmly to the cabinet frame. The mirror can be surface mounted over doors or walls that already exist in your master bathroom, powder room, foyer, or guestroom.