Unique Towel Rack Ideas

Large fixtures like bathtubs, toilets, and sinks occupy the majority of space in most bathrooms. There isn’t much room left to express one’s personal style as a result. This obviously suggests that you should choose wisely. Make the most of the opportunity to match your decor when choosing products like your towel rack because you don’t get many chances to do so.

At the same time, when it comes to bathroom design, style is insufficient. Items also need to be useful because the area is small and constrained. Some bathrooms, for instance, are moist or humid. They require a towel rack with the most drying power in this situation. Space-saving is a great benefit in this situation because other rooms are crowded.

There is a towel rack on this list that can satisfy your requirements, regardless of your preferences or needs. We looked through some of the greatest racks on the market to compile this list of 20 creative towel rack designs.

Farmhouse DIY Towel Rack

Even for DIY beginners, this straightforward towel rack in the farmhouse style created by @sunshine valley wv is a terrific project.

Cut a wood board to size to create one of your own. (Any board will work, although they used a 14 pine board in this instance.) To give the wood a rustic appearance, stain it. You’re done when you attach the hooks and mount the board to the wall, preferably above studs.

Get a Golden Towel Bar Set

Get many when one is insufficient. One of every kind. a toilet paper holder, a hook, a towel bar, and a circular towel holder. And they all have stunning golden hues that contrast well with a teal wall.

Teal is a beautiful tint that complements a wide range of colors. Golden, for example, here. Additionally, the pink towels on the golden bar are strikingly beautiful.

The towel bar set’s components offer the bathroom an opulent, royal appearance. Ensure that all bathroom accessories adhere to the overall motif and are soft golden in hue.

DIY Towel Rack & Shelf

Although copper is the hottest metal right now, I believe this trend will continue. For a straightforward, Scandinavian-style towel rack and shelf, combine it with unfinished wood!

Driftwood DIY Towel Rack

Here is a DIY towel rack that you may create. To create this towel rack by @shemakes.art, all you need is a unique piece of driftwood from the beach. The wood’s sculptural form serves as both a functional towel rack and a stunning work of nature’s art.

A Tasteful Triangle Towel Bar

a triangle-topped towel bar with plenty of storage space and a stunning appearance. Place a house plant in one part and some extra toilet paper rolls in the other. In the other area, you can also put incense sticks to spruce up the restroom.

Naturally, the towel will be held by the bar below. The dark wood of this towel bar contrasts beautifully with the bathroom’s white wall. This towel bar is perfect for you if you want a mix of rustic and modern style.

Wire Basket Towel Rack

For a combined metal towel rack and storage basket, combine copper and chrome!

Ladder Towel Rack

This bathroom’s towel rack was made out of a blanket ladder that @kristinegraceinteriors recycled for towel storage. A leaning ladder gives your bathroom a boho-chic vibe while serving as a shelf for towels to be displayed and dried. In addition, it’s a perfect alternative to a big wall-mounted bar or numerous hooks for fitting multiple towels in a compact space.

Free As A Bird

When you don’t want to permanently mount a rack in the wall, freestanding towel racks are fantastic. Additionally, they have the benefit of portability. This is straightforward yet still adorable. It gives off a warm, carefree vibe. This metal rack is less sterile than metal racks with a more industrial appearance.

DIY Rustic Towel Rack From Pipes

For the components of this industrial towel rack, go around the plumbing section!

Triangle Hooks DIY Towel Rack

Here is another wood scrap hand towel rack created by @stinsonhomeonadime. It is delightfully modern and unique due to its straightforward design and triangle-shaped hooks, and it would go well with any bathroom design. If woodworking isn’t your thing, take a look at these simple wood hangers to get a similar effect.

Symple Stuff Curl Over-the-Door Towel Rack

This over-the-door towel rack is perfect for those of us who are always looking for little bathroom ideas because it easily glides over your door frame to maximize storage. This rack is made of steel and has a lot of space (5 rails, to be exact). It is powder-coated for longevity. It’s not the greatest choice for every bathroom, and you should only use it if your bathroom door can swing completely open; otherwise, with this attached to your door, you won’t be able to enter your bathroom without stumbling. However, rest assured that this rack is brilliant for those who can use it. This towel rack, which has a chic silver finish, is the ideal illustration of how style, simplicity, and utility can coexist.

Industrial Towel Rack with Oak Shelf

You like the industrial look, then? To create a hanger, all that is needed is some pipe. This one also has a pretty little oak shelf. Excellent project all around.

Leather Loop DIY Towel Rack

Cut two strips of leather to re-create this towel rack from @kiniesdesign. One of the strips should be folded in half before making a small hole through both layers of leather 1/2 inch from the ends. So that the strip forms a loop, thread a screw through the holes. Continue by using the second strip. To create the rack, first fasten both loops to the wall. Then, thread a wooden dowel through each loop.

Ebern Designs Brecker Free Standing Towel Rack

Although this slanting towel rack resembles a ladder and is not intended for loft access, it is unquestionably useful for holding towels, whether they are wet or dry. It has a slim black wooden frame and requires little area in your bathroom, especially if there is an unoccupied wall you can see it leaning against. It will undoubtedly ensure that your bathroom appears neat with its 4 distinct bars for hanging towels, all while giving a minimalist touch. A subtle choice for just the most fashionable bathrooms.

Wooden Towel Hook Rack

In any interior, more natural wood is never a bad thing. Mixing and matching materials is the key. So pair it with good metal hooks. This item has a lot of decorative interest.

Ceiling-Mounted DIY Towel Rack

This simple towel rack was made by @viidenkympinvillitys since she didn’t want to drill into the wall tile. It is suspended from the ceiling.

Install two hooks in the ceiling, and then use rope to suspend the wood rail. Because towels can be heavy when wet, it would be preferable to secure the ceiling hooks to a beam. Use a toggle bolt to fasten the hooks in hollow drywall or plaster if there isn’t a beam accessible. Buy straightforward hooks or make your own out of wire coat hangers.

Towel Rack Chairs

Bathroom furniture that serves many purposes is revolutionary if space is at a premium. For instance, the “towel rack chair” available on Amazon has a shelf hidden beneath the seat that may be used to keep clean towels in addition to a tall slatted rack for hanging towels. Genius!

Pallet Towel Rack

The pallets are an important topic. They make everything simple and fashionable. The current project is no exception. I adore the rustic comfort it exudes.

Barnwood DIY Towel Rack

This straightforward towel rack with metal hooks was created by @thehillcresthouse using a rough piece of wood to give the room a hint of rustic texture. The unpolished wood board contrasts nicely with the contemporary metal hooks.

Driftwood Towel Rack

Amazing chunks of driftwood may be found everywhere along the beaches around Seattle. I might bring one home to build this towel rack out of driftwood!